Is life all about betrayal? (Episode 10)

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The episode starts with…..

(Vansh and Riddhima are still at the hospital)

Vansh: (thinks) how can this be possible, how is Riddhima pregnant

Riddhima: Vansh!!! Vansh!!! Vansh!!!

Vansh: huh, what happened?

Riddhima: Vansh what are you thinking

Vansh: umm, nothing

(They left to go to their various houses)

(At VR mansion)

Vansh: Kabir,can u believe?

Kabir: I just can’t believe it

Aryan: so bhai, are u gonna accept the child?

Vansh: do I have any option, anyways guys it’s late go and get some sleep.

Kabir: okay bye

Aryan: bye bhai, hope you dream about your future wife and my lovely niece/nephew

Vansh: Aryan!!!!!! Please stop it and go to your room and sleep.

( At Riddhima’s home)

Riddhima: Ishani, I just don’t get it, how is it possible I can’t be pregnant.

Ishani: maybe, you have wronged somebody nd he or she is taking revenge

Riddhima: no sister it can’t be possible because I didn’t wrong anyone but maybe it is the Raisinghanias.

Ishani:oh maybe a close one because this days I heard that close ones betray more than outsiders.

Riddhima:no, no one can do this to me.

Ishani:ok then, I am going to sleep so good night

Riddhima: sweet dreams

(Ishani leaves)

Riddhima:I have to go for another test tomorrow but in a different hospital.

(Riddhima received a text and she reads it)


Person:I know what u have been up to


Person:so u are trapping Vansh Raisinghania, well stop it or else I will release the evidence of what u did 2 years ago.

Riddhima:who are u?how do u know what happened,I don’t believe you so send an evidence


(The person sends a video and Riddhima hangs up to watch it)

Riddhima:how is this possible?I thought me, Ishani and Siya destroyed the evidence.

She goes to ishani’s room and sees Ishani awake)

Riddhima: Ishani, din’t u sleep?

Ishani:umm di,I was about to sleep but I couldn’t sleep so I decided to play a game with someone

Riddhima:who is that person? someone very close,she is my friend

Riddhima:oh, okay good night (she leaves)

Ishani:(typing)she almost caught us so we have to be careful, bye and good night ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

(In the morning, Riddhima talks to her friend)

Riddhima: someone is blackmailing me so can I meet you

Friend: sure Riddhima, meet me at VR enterprises

Riddhima: Vansh Raisinghania’s company


Riddhima:okay, I am coming there before I go for work.

Friend:okay bye

Riddhima: bye

(At VR enterprises, Riddhima comes down the building and sees people gathering around Vansh)

Riddhima:what happened

A man:he fainted

(Riddhima takes him to the hospital as he was bleeding)

(At the hospital)

Riddhima: doctor, what’s wrong with him?

Doctor: don’t u know that he has cancer?



Riddhima:is he going to be fine?

Doctor:I don’t think so

Riddhima:is he awake now?


(Riddhima enters the room)

Vansh:u are hear?

Riddhima: yes and Vansh


Riddhima:u have c… cancer

Vansh:I know

Riddhima:so everyone knows

Vansh:no,I am the only one who knows

Riddhima: seriously, well one day they will no about it

Vansh:I only have two months to live

Riddhima: two months (she doesn’t realize when she hugs Vansh and starts crying)

Vansh:hey,at least I have two months left

Riddhima: stupid ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Vansh: thanks

Riddhima:(thinks)I was so hungry for revenge that I couldn’t see Vansh’s pain

Precap-Ishani:Kabir, u really love me right

Kabir:of course so did u do what I asked you to do


Kabir:(thinks) foolish girl, u will be the reason for your sister’s destruction.

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