Thirst For Revenge #Riansh #IMMJ2 (Chap.3)

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The episode starts the next morning

KS Mansion; Servant quarters:

Riddhima: Dad, Good morning.

Abhay: Good morning, beta

Riddhima: how are you feeling, last night mom told me you were sick

Abhay: I am okay, let me go to work and your mom told me to tell you that your breakfast is in the fridge, and remember to wake up your lazy sister

Riddhima: but you are sick dad

Abhay: but I have to go, you know how strict they are.

Riddhima: Yes, I know, and I will wake her go

Saying so her father left and she went to wake her sis

Riddhima: ish, wake up your lazy pig

Ishani: ridz I already told you not the call me that (she said in a sleepy voice)

Riddhima: I will not stop

Ishani: stop or else I will not spare you

R: you will try to hurt me if you can catch me

I: is that a challenge

R: of course, after all, a lazy pig like you will not catch me

I: Youuu.. Let me show you

Saying so they started to run while running Ishani was about to fall but was caught by someone

I: thank you, Aryan. But what are you doing here

A: I just came to meet riddhima

I: ridz, come here Aryan came to see you

A(POV): how I wish, I could tell you that I always come to meet you but say that I came to meet riddhima. I know you only consider me your friend.

R: Hey, Aryan, how are you yaar

A: hey, I am fine what about you and your family

R: we are good. Why did you come here?

A: Of course, I came to meet you.

R: are you sure

A: oh ridz, don’t start pls

R (POV): I know Aryan how much you love Ishani, but you do not want to tell you. Wait and watch how i unite the two of you.

R: Aryan, sorry yaar today is my first day of college but yaa you can talk to Ish, she is at home completely day.

I: yes Aryan come, we will talk of some important things

R: what important things, tell me. Even I want to know

I: oh shut up, go or else I will tell mom how you got later

R: ok, I am going

I: let’s go Aryan

A: ok

After that the two of them left and riddhima for college.

She was waiting for a taxi from the 5 minutes and when she found it, another man stop it at the same time

Riddhima: you go I will wait,

Man: no, you can go. I am a gentleman so ladies first

Riddhima: no, you go

Man: no I said you will go (he said in a commanding voice)

R: are you commanding me

Man: hmmm, maybe

R: who the hell are you to command me and I do not think you are in a position to command me

Man: I am no one but I am in a position to command you, understood

R: Yes, you are right, you are nothing. Are you trying to scare me?

Man: Maybe

R: then listen I am not scared of anyone

They fight continued for the next five minutes that the driver was tired and said.

Driver: ma’am and sir, first tell me where you want to go

R & Man: KS College (they said at the same time)

They were shocked that they want to go to the same location and they have been fighting for the last five minutes, while they could have just asked a simple question, which would have ended their fight.

Driver: see, the solution is easy but you have been fighting like children. Now do you want to hope in or should I go.

R & Man: No

Driver: then sit

The two of them sat and the silence was ruling there but then the driver said

Driver: now you people are quiet while some minutes ago you were screaming like lunatics.

The two of them were ashamed so decide to apologize to each other

R& Man: sorry (they said at the same time)

R: sorry, I should have asked the location, and then we would not be late for college

Man: no, it is my fault; I should be the one apologizing

Before they could answer, the driver said

Driver: don’t fight again while apologizing (he said laughing at me)

R: By the way, I am Riddhima Trivedi. What is your name?

Man: I am Vansh Raisinghania. So which class are you in?

R: I’m starting this year in Decorating classes and u *sorry guys I don’t know much about college classes so just adjust with me

V: I am starting this year too in the same class as you

R: so you are in for decorating class

V: yes,

After some time, they arrived at their college and attended their lectures and after they finished they went home.

Vansh’s home:

Manish: so how was your first day?

Vansh: superb dad,

Uma: did you meet my DIL

Siya: Yes, Bhai did you meet my Bhabhi

Vansh: mom and siya please do not start with your questions

Manish: beta, listen to me, it’s an advice

Vansh: what is it dad?

Precap: Woman: you, stupid what did you just say

So that is it for today, do tell what you think about it. What is it that Vansh’s dad is going to tell him?

And who’s that woman and who is talking to.

Big love from me and stay safe you and your families

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