#RIANSH – LOVE, EMOTIONS & RELATIONS – Episode 62 – I Love You Riddhima/ Vansh!!!


Episode starts with….

Siya: Bhabhi …. Bhai…. Bhai… (panting)

Riddhima freaked and started running towards the office afraid something happened to Vansh. As soon she reached the office she was showered with confetti paper and flowers. Before she could understand anything, she saw Vansh standing near one end staring at her lovingly, she was confused and steadily started proceeding towards him while everyone was hooting. As she approached him, he bent on his knees surprising her

“I have no words for you, my dearest, – I shall never have – You are mine; I am yours. Now, here is one sign of what I said: that I must love you more than at first… a little sign, and to be looked narrowly for or it escapes me, but then the increase it shows can only be little, so very little now…

At first, I only thought of being happy in you, – in your happiness: now I most think of you in the dark hours that must come – I shall grow old with you, and die with you – as far as I can look into the night I see the light with me, and surely with that provision of comfort one should turn with fresh joy and a renewed sense of security to the sunny middle of the day.

I don’t know how to tell you just how much I miss you. I love you till my heart could burst. All I love, all I want, all I need is you – forever. I want to just be where you are and be just what you want me to be.

We get old and get used to each other. We think alike. We read each other’s minds. We know what the other wants without asking. Sometimes we irritate each other a little bit. Maybe sometimes take each other for granted. But once in a while, like today, I meditate on it and realize how lucky I am to share my life with the greatest woman I ever met. You still fascinate and inspire me. You influence me for the better. You’re the object of my desire, the #1 Earthly reason for my existence. I love you very much. I love you, sweetheart!!! Is it a coincidence or pre-planned that today is my birthday, it’s our Mensiversary and also Valentine’s day, I don’t know but I’d like to ask you if you’d be my valentine forever? Will you be my love until my last breath?”

Riddhima was stunned and couldn’t believe what she was seeing, with tears in her eyes she bent onto his level and hugged him tight expressing her happiness and was weeping like a kid in his chest. Recovering from, the hug, he wiped her tears and kissed her forehead when she started speaking

I can no longer think of nothing but you. In spite of myself, my imagination carries me to you. I grasp you; I kiss you; I caress you, a thousand of the most amorous caresses take possession of me.

As for my heart, there you will always be — very much so. I have a delicious sense of you there. I feel foolish and happy as soon as I let myself think of you. I whirl round in a delicious dream in which in one instant I live a thousand years.

 I want to bury myself in you, hold you tight in my arms, make you feel the intense love of mine. You are my very life. I wish I could tell you of my love for you, of my fear, my delight, my jealousy, my pride, my anger at you, at times. Most of all my love for you, and whatever love you can dole out to me.

Each day in my life begins and ends perfectly. It starts with rolling over to see your face, and it ends when you wrap your arms around me in the evening. More than anything else, I love being with you.

Every beat of my heart belongs to you, every ray of sunshine comes from you, and every air that I breathe, I breathe for you.

You are a warm cup of coffee on a rainy morning, a soft blanket in the cold night, the rainbow following a storm, and the sauna at the end of a difficult week. You are all of the love, passion, and comfort of my life.

Your love for me is flawless, your commitment impeccable. Your only concern is my happiness, you make me feel so special. I love you Vansh!! I regret not letting myself fall for you before and I delayed it even you are aware. Only if I realized my feelings for you long back, then maybe our marriage would have been a fairy-tale wedding. I missed it. But I don’t want to miss the beautiful days and nights without you by my side. I just want you and nothing else. Happy Mensiversary Mr. Hubby!!!”

She kissed his forehead and saw tears forming in his eyes and she gently wiped them before he hugged her tight!!! Embraced themselves in each other’s arms engrossing the moment, relieving their love, and immersing each other in their souls, they found solace in their wandering souls. He kissed her cheek without breaking the hug and she was weeping in his arms unable to handle the happiness which was back in her life after almost 3 and a half months. Their hug was broke by constant hoots and cheers, and that’s the moment they realized the surroundings. It was a reality check that they were in front of their staff, Vansh composed himself as she wiped his tears and he stood and then helped her by lending his hand.

Riddhima: Am sorry Vansh! Your day has been ruined because of me. I didn’t mean to ….. I just hope I didn’t ask you to hide our relation from them, if only I didn’t do that then today your day wouldn’t have been ruined!!! (making a face)

Vansh: Shhh… sweetheart you aren’t alone responsible for whatever happened, we are all equally involved and vaise bhi now everything sorted so stop thinking about all that.

Riddhima: One second!! What was all this? And Siya, why did you run to me as if something happened to Vansh?

Vansh and everyone was chuckling while she was raising eyebrows

Siya: Bhabhi, actually what happened is ….

Kabir: Oh come – on Siya, you’ll not elaborate, I’ll tell her

Aryan: Kabir you just forget it. You’ll tell only one side story, so I’ll tell

Ishani: You guys forget it I’ll tell

Sejal: Yea!! Yeaa you’ll bore us. So, better I’ll tell

Riddhima (pissed): SHUT UP!!!! Enough now!!!

Vansh (laughing): Riddhu I’ll tell you what happened… and you all aren’t going to blabber anymore

Vansh: So, Riddhu what happened is after you left the celebrations, everyone else too left towards Kabir’s cabin and after a while, Ritu came into my cabin

(Flashback starts)

Vansh: Riddhu if you are here to back Ritu then please leave me alone

“It’s me, Sir!!!”

Vansh was shocked to listen to the voice and turned to find Ritu, he was filled with rage, and giving her dagger looks he spoke

Vansh: Now what are you here for?

Ritu: You …..

Vansh (shock): What the heck!!! (anger) Have you lost it?

Ritu: Sir let me complete my sentence…. I meant I need your forgiveness. Sir I know I have created much more fuss than anyone can ever expect and am ashamed of myself for all this! Sir, I didn’t know that you were married, if I had then I’d have never done these madness stunts. I hurt you and Riddhima Ma’am too by my antics and am guilty of all that! I can never ever even think of doing such a stupid mess! I know am not worth forgiveness but sir I cant live with the guilt that I hurt Ma’am & you and the thought that I was behind a married man. I can never face myself sir please do forgive me!

Meanwhile, Kabir barged into the cabin along with others and they heard her asking forgiveness and shocked to hear that, when she turned around to face them, they were clueless about what was happening

Ritu: I want to seek forgiveness from you all too. I know I hurt you all by my behavior but trust me, my intentions were not to hurt you, I thought sir was unmarried and you all aren’t allowing me to get close to him so I crossed my limits for that. But my character isn’t that, it was just that…. I was being immature and now I realized my mistake and seek your apologies.

Turning towards Vansh, who was yet to recover from the shock she gave him as he didn’t expect her to realize soon

Ritu: Sir, I wanted to ask forgiveness from Ma’am too but I think she’s angry with me because of which she left, maybe she doesn’t want to even look at my face!! Sir, can you ask forgiveness from her on behalf of me! I cant live with this guilt and I cant even face Ma’am! She is the one whom I hurt a lot and now it’s up to me to ask her apologies without which I can never live peacefully.

Vansh (smiling): Ritu you haven’t understood her yet, she isn’t angry with you neither she needs to forgive you

Ritu: Sir then why did Ma’am leave in haste! She might be upset over all that happened because of me!

Vansh (smiling): Ritu she isn’t upset with you; I know her now she’s blaming herself for all this mess and if am not wrong then she might be now thinking about how to convince me as am upset over her for taking your side even when you hurt her.

Kabir: Bhai is right, she can never be angry with anyone. She forgives everyone in a split second even if they hurt her.

Ritu: Sir but still I want to ask her apologies because all this happened because of me and am responsible for this. And I have a request too sir if you don’t mind …

Aryan: And what’s that? (raising eyebrows)


Hope you like it.

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