#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 69 – Is Riddhima safe?


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Episode starts with…

Riddhima: Who are you! Why did you bring me here! What do you want!!

Unknown Person: Woahh!!!! Many questions in a go!! I thought you might have understood that you are kidnapped and how could you expect a kidnapper to answer your questions?

Riddhima: Why the hell did you kidnap me?

Unknown Person: Good question! But you don’t have the right to expect me to answer your baseless question!

Riddhima: You have done a grave mistake by kidnapping me. Just wait! Now in few hours my Vansh and my bhai will reach me and take me from here

Unknown Person (evil laugh): Few hours!!! My Vansh and My Bhai!!!! Do you have any idea what the time is and from when you are here!

Riddhima (suspicion): What do you mean!!

Unknown Person: I’ll tell you. It’s been 12 hours since you are in my clutches and till now they couldn’t identify who kidnapped you, where you are, and the reason for kidnapping! They have no idea who they are dealing with. You are talking about few hours and they’ll take you away from here! (hahaha) It’s been half a day and yet they couldn’t reach to any conclusion.

Riddhima (shock): Half a day!!! What the heck! How did this happen! And why!!! Why did you bring me here! Leave me

Unknown Person: Ha-ha do you think I bought you here so that I can send you when you ask me? I have my motive and this time my motive isn’t going to be left incomplete.

Riddhima: Motive? What motive? And what do you want from me! I have no enmity with you so why me!!

Unknown Person: You are so eager to know about my motive so soon! But am who I am! Am not going to reveal anything. But one thing I’d like to say that if you clearly observe those pics then you may get a clue (evil smirk which Riddhima couldn’t see).

Riddhima tries to have a clear look at the images but in vain. Her mind isn’t cooperating and her heart is struggling! She was weak! She was about to faint due to shock. She wanted some water to drink. Her eyes turned moist, her nose was sniffing with difficulty she wasn’t able to catch her breath; her lips turned dry and pale, her throat had a lump, her body was shivering, hands and legs turned numb. She could feel lifeless. She was trying hard to catch her breath but was unable to. She desperately wanted some water and fresh air. The person was still standing there seeing her struggle but wasn’t helping her. He was having a smirk on his face seeing Riddhima struggle. She was choking.

Its 12pm, Unknown place,

Vansh was driving around searching for Riddhima and constantly was even checking his phone with some hope to get some information. He reached a secluded spot and started asking the passer-by’s if they have seen Riddhima! He asked them if they identify the person on his phone. But he didn’t receive any positive response! He was shattered! He was devastated! He cursed himself for being the reason for Riddhima’s state. He could sense she being in danger

Vansh: Am sorry Riddhima. I can sense you in danger and see my helplessness am unable to find you! What’s the use of being the Great Vansh Rai Singhania if I can’t save you! If I can’t protect you! Why am I getting negative vibes! Riddhima please stay safe! Please! Your Vansh can’t live without you! Give some clue of where and how you are.

Breaking his thoughts, he received a call. It was Angre

Vansh: Angre tell me you received a piece of good news! Where is my Riddhima!

Angre: Vansh am sorry! I have something important to discuss. Please reach home asap!!! (worried and upset)

Once he cut the call Vansh worried for the safety of Riddhima. He didn’t feel like delaying and rushed towards home.

Its 2:30pm, AR House,

As soon as Vansh reached home, he saw many police personnel and Angre’s aides discussing something. The worry on their faces was freaking him and he was being reminded of the unfaithful incident which occurred 3 years back. The environment there was giving him negative vibes. He was expecting his thoughts to be proven wrong and with shivers, he was entering the house. As soon as he entered the house he saw Siya running to him and hugged him and was continuously weeping freaking him out. He stared at others who were having tears and worry was visible in their eyes. He couldn’t understand what was happening or what happened! He was confused and afraid. He couldn’t see Angre, Ishani, and Sejal among them. That confused him and the eyes of the ones present were freaking him. He gathered the courage to speak

Vansh (worried): Siya! Siya what happened!! You are scaring me. Can anyone tell me what happened!



Vansh: Your silence is freaking me! Please speak up! What happened! Where are Angre, Ishani, and Sejal? Any news about Riddhima? How’s she? Did you find her? Is she ok? Did Angre and Sejal go to bring her? Why isn’t anyone answering? SPEAK UP!!!!! (shouts)

“Vansh!!!” Vansh turned around to find Angre entering along with Sejal and Gagan. He ran towards Angre to seek answers!

Vansh: Angre! Angre tell me what happened! Is Riddhima safe? Where is she? Did you find her! Is she ok? Angre speak up!! Sejal you tell me! What happened and why is silence everywhere!! Where is Ishani? Guys speak up!!!!!

Angre: Vansh first calm down and listen to us!!

Vansh (anger): Shut up Angre! Here Riddhima is missing for 14 hours and you are asking me to calm down! Have you gone mad!! Don’t lag the matter and come to the point now!!!

Angre: Actually….. as per some information received from sources, we have searched many hideouts and …..



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