Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 23rd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Babu’s skills surprises Baby’s family members


Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with baby asking Babu to have breakfast. Babu thinks how the Asura changed? Baby says sorry and says we shall not fight if you have to stay here till my marriage. She holds her ears and says sorry. Babu is shocked. Baby says we shall become friends and asks him to eat cake. Pintu tells that he is vegetarian. Babu steps back and says he has to take bath again. He asks Anuradha to get her married two days back. Anuradha asks baby not to trouble him. Baby says she can’t stay with him. Pintu says he is a brahmachari and taking rounds around the tulsi plant. Baby says she don’t like him. Lata teases her and says you are not going to marry him. Anuradha wishes baby marries babu and praises Babu to be one in millions. Lata tells Baby that Preet’s grand mother wants her to make Puri with Nimona. Anuradha says she wishes to have food made by you. Baby says she will not touch anything and will not make food. Bua ji says girl shall elope on engagement day. Nidhi asks if she wants to elope from marriage. Baby says no, and she will not stay in mayka after marriage like her. Anuradha asks what are you saying. Bua ji says your thinking is like her. Anuradha says sorry. Baby says it is not my work to make food and impress my inlaws. Babu comes there and tells that all girls and guys shall know cooking. He says his Amma taught him to make the food. He says it is not your cup of tea to make food. Baby asks who are you to judge me? Babu says I am the one who can make round and pluffy Puri by closing my eyes. He closes his eyes and makes puri. He asks Anuradha to tell her inlaws that baby can’t make food. Baby says she can do anything. Babu says he don’t think she can make Nimona. Baby says she will make good puris than you. Anuradha asks him to pack some stuff. Babu goes. Baby rolls the puris. Nisha and Tokyo come there and ask what Babu is doing here? Baby says he is my mother’s relative. Bua ji asks who is he? Anuradha diverts the topic. Bua ji doubts Anuradha. Bua ji picks Kaushalya’s call. Anuradha takes receiver from her and goes. Bua ji thinks to find out what Anuradha is hiding.

Babu tells Lata and Servant that he has done all the arrangements and can also make rangoli. He asks them to make baby calm down. He makes rangoli design in the hall. Beauty Maasi comes there. Babu closes his eyes. beauty asks him to tell how is she looking? She asks if he has old thoughts about dressing sense? He says no. Anuradha comes there and gives Kaushalya’s call to Babu. Babu takes the call and goes to talk to her. He says he was making rangoli as their daughter’s marriage is happening. Kaushalya asks if they asked you to do work. Babu reminds them of the girl who became Supanrakha. Kaushalya asks him not to take that mannerless girl name. babu thinks he can’t tell the truth to Amma. Later he sees Pintu troubled by some men. He comes out and lifts the jeep. He then lifts the bikes of the men troubling Pintu. Pintu smiles and asks the men to move their bikes now. Babu keeps the bikes on side and asks the men to go. Pintu appreciates babu for his courage. Babu asks him not to get scared of anyone and not to lose confidence. Nisha asks Baby if she is making puris for all the mohalla. Anuradha comes to the kitchen and finds the puri’s hanging on the rope in the kitchen. Lata asks did you make it? Baby says yes. Lata says she will taste it. Baby says only Babu will eat it. I will see how he eats all puris.

Precap: Baby asks Baby if he sees round puris before. He says salt, ajwain etc can be less. She forcefeeds puri in his mouth. He eats it and says one puri can be made round by the monkey too. Baby looks angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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