#RIANSH – LOVE, BETRAYAL & TRUST – Chapter 12 – Wish Fulfilled

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The Episode Starts with….

“Riddhima yaar!!” It was Vansh! Poor he!!

Riddhima: Vaaanshh!!!! Am sorry! I thought it’s some intruder. You could have spoken right! (worried). Now show me your eyes

Vansh (writhing in burning sensation): Seriously Riddhima!! Will I get any dream that you’ll attack me this way! And now you are scolding me.

Riddhima: Acha am sorry!! Now try to open your eyes

Vansh: Am unable to!

Riddhima (worry): Is it hurting?

Vansh: What do you think am enjoying!!

Riddhima: Cant you stay calm for a while!! Is it necessary to bring sarcasm in every discussion?

Vansh: Yaar Riddhima will you just scold me or treat my pain! It’s hurting

Riddhima: Sorry, sorry!!! Come with me I’ll apply ice cubes it’ll soothe your pain.

She took him to her room and she ran to get ice cubes from kitchen and started applying it steadily, she was blowing air to soothe his burning sensation. Vansh was adoring how worried she was for him even when she says she doesn’t love him. Her breath was relieving him from all the pain he was in. He was adoring those cute little black eyes which were carrying tears for him, her round pink lips were blowing air and he was staring at her in admiration. Riddhima backed out after applying the cubes and stared at Vansh

Riddhima: Vansh you ok now?

Vansh: Yes don’t worry am fine. There’s yet some burning sensation, I think it’ll fade away no issues.

Riddhima: How will I not worry! Look at yourself, your eyes are swollen and you are speaking you are fine (anger)

Vansh was mesmerized in her care when she inched closer to her and then was applying ice cubes to relieve his burning feel. He wanted her to get much closer to himself and placed his hand on her thighs. She could feel his breaths falling on her, his eyes were struggling to be half open, she could feel his touch on her thighs and was lost in that touch for which her heart was waiting eagerly. But then reality played its move and she backed out realising she was close to him. Vansh realised that she’s uncomfortable, he decided to give some time to her and

Vansh: Riddhima, I’ll leave

He was about to go when a hand stopped him and he turned to see Riddhima holding his wrist with anger in her eyes

Riddhima: What do you think of yourself? Cant you understand you are hurt and how would you drive back with these swollen eyes. You aren’t even able to open your eyes completely and you’d go home in this state!! Like seriously Vansh! Have you lost it???

Vansh was smiling seeing her care for him.

Vansh (thinking): You claim you are broken and yet you cant see the person who gave you pain in pain. You are a pure soul Riddhima. Am a fool to hurt you. I was an idiot to hurt you, to break you. I know you love me immensely yet I hurt you. I am a beast right!! I’ll get you back sweetheart this is your Vansh’s promise but this time not to hurt or break you but instead to preserve you. You are precious to me and I’ll make sure you get all the happiness you deserve.

Riddhima snapped her fingers to get Vansh from his dreams

Vansh: …. Ha….

Riddhima: What ha? Am asking you to stay back for tonight

Vansh: Its ok Riddhima I’ll leave. I can manage

Riddhima: Am not asking your permission but am declaring my decision (stern)

Vansh glared at Riddhima but she didn’t back from her decision. Vansh gave up and she asking him to make himself comfortable in the room she went to change and when out she found Vansh talking on phone

Vansh: Angre take care of everyone. I’ll be back in the morning.

Riddhima (thinking): You care of everyone but why did you give pain to me in return of my love Vansh! Didn’t I deserve love, respect? You hurt me Vansh. I even know you are repenting but the pain isn’t letting me to move on. Its reminding me the insult I had to bear in that house. Am unable to forge that Vansh!

Vansh turned around to find Riddhima lost in thoughts, he went closer to her and snapped his fingers to bring her back to reality.

Riddhima: … ha

Vansh: Where were you lost?

Riddhima: Nothing

Riddhima: Vaise you can sleep on that bed (pointing towards a bed)

Vansh: And where will your friend sleep?

Riddhima: Who? (confused)

Vansh: Arrey am speaking of Sejal. Where will she sleep?

Riddhima: She stays in another room; you can sleep freely there none would disturb you. And stop using electronic gadgets your eyes need rest.

Vansh: And who are you to boss me around (smirk)

Riddhima: Vansh if you forgot let me remind you am your wif….

Riddhima realised what she was about to say in anger while Vansh was smirking pissing her.

Riddhima: Just sleep there Mr. Rai Singhania (smirk)

Vansh: Interesting Very Interesting. Am impressed Ms. Riddhima.

Riddhima: Whatever!! You can use washroom to freshen up

Riddhima adjusts herself on her bed and covers herself in a duvet and tries to sleep while Vansh uses washroom and by the time he’s back, he finds Riddhima sleeping (or at least he assumes)

He takes the side bed and was about to sleep when his eyes fell on his sleeping beauty. He smiled at her innocent face

Vansh: After all these sleepless nights maybe today, I’ll get some sleep Riddhima. Today I’d be sleeping staring you but the day I’ll once again cuddle you to sleep, the day you’d be in my arms, the day I could caress your cheeks while sleeping would be the day I’d get peaceful sleep. My heart is sinking without you by its side. And I know am the reason but now my only motto is to relieve you from the pain I gave and that’d be done only with love which I’d be giving you till my last breath. But for that I need to convince you for my love. I know you love me but the pain I gave you much pain which is stopping you from moving on I can understand. Isliye am not forcing you. I’ll wait for you. Good Night sweetheart. He caresses her hair and cheeks and then places a peck on her forehead and sleeps on his bed eying Riddhima, he has a small smile crept on his lips and then he dozed off.

Riddhima opens her eyes with tears

Riddhima (thinking): I know Vansh you are repenting but what do I do!! My heart isn’t letting me move on. Whenever I think of moving on, the pain is being an obstacle. I love you Vansh! I love you. How do I let go of my fear! How do I move on! How do I be your Riddhima!!!

She too dozed off thinking of all the moments they spent. They had a small smile on their faces after long, they had to because they were sleeping along their love after long.

Its 7:30 am, Hostel,

Riddhima woke to find Vansh missing from his bed. She panicked and was trying to find him in washroom but no trace of him. She tried calling him but it was not reachable. She opened the door to find Vansh with a bag in his hand in corridor coming towards her with a smile. This pissed her and she

Riddhima (shout): What do you think of yourself?

The hostel mates who were in their respective works turned their gaze towards Vansh and Riddhima and this made Riddhima conscious of her surroundings and dragged him into the room and closing the door, she stared him with fierce eyes

Vansh: Good Morning Sweetheart

Riddhima (angry): What’s so good in the morning Vansh? Why the hell was your phone not reachable? And where did you leave? Who leave such without intimating? You have any idea how worried I was! I was having weird thoughts. How can you be so careless Vansh!! Now why aren’t you speaking!

Sejal who was about to go into Riddhima’s room saw many hostel mates gathered in front of her room. She was confused yet worried. She asked one of them and they revealed a man is in the room. Sejal was worried and barged into the room to find fierce Riddhima staring at Vansh and then their glance fell on Sejal. Sejal was relaxed to find it is Vansh and none else and then she realised she’s supposed to act to be angry on Vansh in front of Riddhima. So, she once again closed the door and staring at Vansh

Sejal: What the hell!! How dare you enter her room! And what the hell are you doing here? Who let you in!!!

Vansh: Hold on Ms. Sejal!! Ask your friend who let me in (smirk at Riddhima)

Sejal stared at Riddhima and then Vansh who was smirking at her.

Riddhima: Sejal last night he was injured so I bought him here.

Riddhima: And you Vansh! Will you speak something? Why did you leave without intimation and if you left why did you come back again?

Vansh: I’ll speak if you stop questioning

Riddhima rolled her eyes

Vansh: Acha ok. Actually, I have an important meeting tonight so can’t meet you to wish you. So, went to bring something for you and that’s available only there and so went early in the morning so that I can be back before you wake up.

Sejal: What? I mean can you elaborate!

Vansh bought a box from the bag and forwarded it and they were Grandeur – Exotic Chocolate Hamper

“Chocolates many finish from the box in a day, week, month or year. But true love never finishes. Chocolate day isn’t complete, without chocolates just like, life isn’t successful without you by my side. My love for you is similar to chocolate, filled with sweetness. Let’s fill sweetness in each other’s lives? Happy Chocolate Day”

Riddhima (thinking): You went all the way from here in the morning to get my favourite chocolates!! You know my choice? But how? And what was the need to go. But still thanks Vansh! I wanted to have them since long but today I can just because of you.

Sejal (excited): OMG!!! Riddhima aren’t these your favourite exotic chocolates. But one second… why did you get for her? (eyeing Vansh)

Vansh: Ms. Sejal I don’t know if your friend informed you or not but I proposed her last night, but ha she didn’t reply though, this is valentines week and so ma fulfilling all the days. And today being chocolates day, I had to present her with her favourite chocolates.

Riddhima: Mr. Rai Singhania, how did you know about my favourite chocolates when I didn’t spill about this?

Vansh: I have my sources Ms. Riddhima and vaise bhi I know these are your favourite because these are the favourite of a person close to my heart. Vaise bhi when I started loving you, I had to know about your favourites to surprise you (wink)

Riddhima was blushing and was trying hard to hide her smile and Vansh being Vansh caught it and smiled at her. And then forwarded her the box. She was thinking if she had to accept or not.

Vansh: I bought for you from long distance, cant you accept it for that sake (making a face)

Riddhima smiled and was about to take the box when he pulled the box towards him pulling her

Vansh: Am sorry! But I want to do something

Riddhima gave him a puzzled look. He opened the box, took a chocolate and approached Riddhima

Vansh: I want to feed it to you

Riddhima (puzzled): Mr. Rai Singhania don’t you think you are over expecting & crossing your limits?

Vansh (smirk): Ms. Riddhima, everything is fair in love and war. And this is the beginning of my love. You’ll get to see many expectations from me and you’ll be amazed. (wink)

Riddhima just brushed his blabbering and was about to go when he held her and pulled closer to her puzzling Sejal and Riddhima

Riddhima: Vansh!!!! What’s this behaviour? What do y…..

Before she could complete her sentence, she found Vansh feeding her chocolate. She glared at Vansh with anger and then gulped the chocolate while Vansh was smirking and laughing. He receives a call

Vansh (stern): Hello….


Vansh: Fine, I’ll reach there. Arrange everything

He cut the call and saw Riddhima staring glances at the chocolate box which he held in his hand. He smiled at her innocence and then he forwarded the box and Riddhima without the knowledge that he was teasing her, she was about to take then she realised and he was still glaring with a smirk on his face and she pulled her hand back and gave him an arrogant look. He pulled her cheeks and gave her the box and

Vansh: Ms. Riddhima, may be will meet tomorrow most probably. I’ll take a leave now. Bye!!!

Riddhima: Whatever!!! (attitude)

He smiled at her cute arrogance and left bidding silent bye to Sejal. Riddhima got ready to go to hospital and was about to go when she saw the chocolate box on the bed, making sure none is seeing she grabbed few chocolates and left. But she didn’t know that Sejal was observing her and seeing her do this she smiled.

Sejal (thinking): Till today I felt may be you hate Vansh and his family so you are avoiding but since 2-3 days I understood you are in pain. He is the one who gave you pain yet he’s being the medicine to your pain. Am now not letting go unless you both patch up.

Riddhima was busy in her patients while Vansh was busy in his meetings. Riddhima came back late in the evening and was staring the night sky sitting near the window and was thinking

Riddhima: I hope your that meeting has gone well. Because of that you didn’t meet, call or message me since morning. Since few days am used to your constant stalking, irritating and not so flirty character and today there’s silence and this silence isn’t that preferable. Am I missing you? Maybe yes!!! Will you come tomorrow? Will you meet me tomorrow? (eating his chocolates) These chocolates are reminding me of you. You travelled all the way from here for almost 2hours just to get it for me! Am I special to you? If that’s true, why did you hurt me Vansh? You love me, you cant see me in pain, you cant see me broke yet you hurt me!!! I know you did all this for my safety but yet those words are tearing me apart! I want to give you one chance for the sake of our love. But then the thought that you’ll break me again is hurting me! I can see the pain of losing me, the care, affection and love in your eyes. I want to trust your those eyes but what if am fooled around!! I cant take it!! Yet I’ll give you this chance but I won’t let you know. I want to see till which extent will you go for my love!! But message or call me, am missing you!!! (making a face)

Vansh was in his room going through his files when he received an attachment on his phone and it was from Sejal. He quickly opened it to find Riddhima’s video which Sejal shot when she was speaking to herself about missing him, her pain and giving him a chance. Vansh smiled and was happy to learn that she wants to give him a chance but he decided to behave as if he isn’t aware of that. Just then he got a call from Sejal

Sejal: Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania sorry if am disturbing you, I wanted to ask something

Vansh: Sejal first of all stop calling me with my whole name, you can call me Vansh or I prefer Bhai. Even you are my sister so you can call me bhai

Sejal (happy) (moist eyes): Thank You Mr. Vansh….. oops I mean Bhai!!

Vansh (smiling): That’s better. Now tell me what happened?

Sejal: Actually, I have seen her missing you and is sitting idle in your memory why don’t you message or call her?

Vansh: I wanted to know her state of mind if am not around for a day and today I understood she misses me and is even deciding to give our relationship a chance and that’s the best news I have got. Even am eager to meet her, speak to her but then I don’t want to because the glow, the surprise she’d get after meeting me almost after 24 hours would be something which I’d never miss. So, am just waiting for tomorrow when she’d meet me and then the happiness on her face would show the love she has for me.

Sejal: I’ll never understand this love!!! (confused)

Vansh (smiling): Acha don’t tell her that you recorded the video and sent me

Sejal: Am I mad that I’ll tell her! She’ll kick me for helping you and then sending th video too. So, spare me

Vansh laughed and they cut the call. Vansh dozed off with his sweetheart’s thoughts.

Its 9:30am, Hostel,

Riddhima was in hurry to go to hospital when she saw many women of the hostel surrounded in a place, as if some thief was caught or something happened. She was curious so paced towards them only to find Vansh with many teddies on him being cornered by her hostel mates. Riddhima was puzzled, shocked & surprised. Vansh saw her expressions her eyes had that glow for which he was eager, her lips were uttering his name and the voice soothed his pain. And then her expression turned to jealousy seeing many women pondering her husband. Vansh saw that fierce look in her eyes as if she’s killing them with her dagger eyes.

Riddhima: What the hell! Why is everyone surrounding him? As if he’s a thief!!!

Sejal too reached and was worried as she heard Riddhima’s voice, she made herself reach Riddhima clearing the women. And to her shock she found Vansh cupped in teddy’s while Riddhima was angry. She absent – mindedly

Sejal: Bhai what’s all this!!

Riddhima and Vansh glared her in shock and Vansh was gesturing her about what she muttered and she realised her blunder and before she could react, Riddhima reacted

Riddhima (raising eyebrows): Bhai?

Sejal (angry): Ha Riddhima, Oooo Bhai what’s all this?

Riddhima relaxed and most importantly Sejal and Vansh sighed a relief.

Riddhima: Vansh what are you doing here?

Hostel Mate 1: Riddhima isn’t he your husband Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania?

Vansh was smirking and Riddhima saw his smirk and she’s aware that if at all she needs to clear the gathering then she had to accept but if she does then Vansh would fly high. She had no choice

Riddhima: Yes!!! He’s my husband, so, if you guys excuse us.

Saying she caught his had and dragged him towards her room followed by Sejal.

Riddhima (anger): What the hell Vansh!!! What’s this new mess now? Can’t you let me live peacefully!! And what were you doing among the girls gathering? (jealous) And what are you doing in my hostel at this hour?

Vansh gestured showing the teddy’s cupping on him (making a face) –

“Presumably, there is nothing as good as getting a hug either from my favourite teddy bear or from my loveliest partner. Teddy bears, whether old or new, always look cute and adorable. Similarly, a relationship always remains fresh no matter how many hurdles they face when their partner is together.  Teddy is a stress buster, a tight hugger, no complains and demands; in case if you don’t find me, you know where to go… Your teddy (wink). A breathe is a sign of love, a beat is a sign of heart, a teddy is a sign of love, and your love is the sign of my life. Happy Teddy Day”

Riddhima stood motionless and Vansh was glaring at her to respond and Sejal was adoring his love for Riddhima.

Vansh: Ms. Sejal, can you please help me in getting me out of the teddy’s covered.

Sejal smiled and unloaded all the teddy’s he had on him. He mentally thanked Sejal and proceeded towards Riddhima who was having a smile crept on her lips.

Vansh: Riddhima…

Riddhima glared him

Vansh: Oops!!! I mean Ms. Riddhima, I wanted to surprise you by bringing teddy’s as you always wanted to have many during your childhood and because of staying in an orphan home you couldn’t get them. So, now I want to fulfill your that wish. These teddy’s are for you. I hope you like it..

Riddhima (tears): How did you know my that long lost wish?

Vansh (wiping her tears): Let me remind you am Vansh Rai Singhania and there’s nothing which I cant find out. And why are you crying? Are these less? I have arranged many at home so that when you come, you’ll have many. In fact, a room is being set for your teddy’s. Please don’t cry.

Riddhima was smiling at his childish act and was staring with adoration and Vansh assumed it to be for him and thought she’d hug him and closing his eyes he was waiting but then she approached him and …. And as if foiling his expectations, she went and hugged a teddy which was behind him. Sejal who saw Vansh in his dream land, jerked him and gestured him to see Riddhima behind. He was amazed to see her hugging the teddy as a kid. Though he mentally was hurt as she didn’t hug him, but he was happy to see happiness in her eyes which were as if a child got his favourite toy. Sejal who’s aware of Riddhima’s fantasy for teddy’s since childhood was overwhelmed to find her happiness for her childhood wish. She had tears seeing Riddhima’s happiness and

Sejal (whispering): Thank you so much for fulfilling her this dream. You don’t know how desperate she was to have this but being an orphan, she could never get that. Today you relieved her lost childhood. I don’t know how do I express my happiness!!

Vansh side hugged her. She smiled at him with her happy tears and breaking their thoughts was a knock on their door. Sejal went to open the door and found Angre with many heavy bags and Vansh gestured him to come while Riddhima & Sejal were wondering

Vansh: So, Ms. Riddhima he is my brother, my brother – in – law Angre.

Riddhima rolled her eyes and he chuckled

Riddhima: What’s happening? Now what are these bags?

Vansh: Control your curiosity Ms. Riddhima

Vansh approaches Sejal and

Vansh: I don’t know what you feel of me Sejal but the day I got to know that Riddhima has a best friend, I considered her my sister. And today being your brother, how can I not fulfill your childhood wish. Even you had a wish right! Today this brother will fulfil your that wish.

Vansh gestured Angre and he bought the bags towards him and Vansh got doll house from the bag and Sejal along with Riddhima stood there motionless shocked. And then Angre got many dolls from the bags and decked up the bed. Sejal was crying and Riddhima too had tears in her eyes,

Vansh: I want you to accept these gifts from your brother because I know even you had a dream of a family, a doll house with many dolls in them. So, here you go!! Your wish is fulfilled now.

Sejal glared at Riddhima and she nodded yes, Sejal glanced Vansh who was waiting for her to accept his gifts and suddenly hugged him. Vansh and Riddhima were smiling and Riddhima gestured Vansh thank you and he smiled at her. Sejal broke the hug

Sejal: Am sorry!! I was over excited so hugged in emotions.

Vansh: Arrey will any sister ask forgiveness for hugging her brother?

Sejal: Am sorry for asking sorry!!!

She then rushes to check out her dolls while Riddhima was smiling at her. Vansh gives a smirk to her and then she realises she was supposed to be angry on her

Riddhima (angry): You didn’t answer my question

Vansh (confused): Which question?

Riddhima: What were you doing outside with the girls? (anger cum jealous)

Vansh understood her jealousy and was smirking mentally

Vansh: Riddhima you need not be jealous of them because no one can take your place in my life.

Riddhima: Shut up Vansh! I have seen you the way they were surrounding you and laughing. You are just …… !!!!! Forget it!!! Sejal am getting late. Am going. Take care.

She stormed out the room with much anger and jealousy while Vansh, Angre and Sejal glared at each other to understand what happened!

Sejal: Bhai I think you need to sort this out.

Angre: Yes boss

Vansh: You guys relax, I’ll handle it

He went in search of when he found her trying to get a cab. He took his vehicle and stopped in front of her

Vansh: Riddhima, I’ll drop you. Come

Riddhima: Thank you Mr. Rai Singhania, I can manage.

Vansh: Ms. Riddhima, you can consider it as lift.

After much persuasion she took his help as she wasn’t getting any cab and was getting late. All the way there was awkward silence and whenever Vansh started speaking something, she turned the radio and increase the volume. Vansh understood the intensity of anger and stayed calm and once dropped her near the hospital and bid her bye for which she didn’t even pay heed and left towards the reception when suddenly everyone heard a crashing sound as if an accident and all rushed towards the place while Riddhima was trying to see but due to the crowd gathering she couldn’t see what exactly happened. Somewhere in her heart a question popped and her eyes widened and she rushed towards the accident spot to find……



I hope you like it!!! Am working on further story and will post soon! I tried to give some different touch to the story! I Hope I didn’t disappoint anyone! Am open to suggestions on any part.



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