Indiawaali Maa 10th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Mr. Murti recognizes Rohan-Cheenu’s love

Indiawaali Maa 10th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheenu confirms that her medical reports will be out today on phone. Vasu was concerned, but Cheenu says it is just medical tests for new job.

Rohan arrives with his family. Hasmukh was reluctant to come to their house and wondered why they did not meet outside. Meenu hurriedly opens the door. Inside, Vasu says their Pandit ji has given them date of engagement after two days, and then wedding in next three days. She wanted some time. Meenu interferes that earlier is better, because then Meenu can also join the wedding. Cheenu reluctantly replies, it is good that she will also attend the wedding then. Mr. Murti passes by. Vasu invites him to join in with the guests. Mr. Murti shouts he does not like sitting with such betrayers. He suffered great loss in business because of Rohan, still he will have to accept Rohan as his son in law; only because of his daughters.

In the room, Cheenu comes to Abba and asks why he does not understand how wrong he is. He has always loved his business since their childhood. Until their mother was alive, she did not let them realize that he had no time for her or Meenu. After mother, he should have realized important dolls and dresses are not important, love and affection is. Meenu used to cry badly when he never came to their Annual functions in school. She wished to get another Abba, who would have time for them. But now she is tired of all this. He behaved so badly with Rohan’s parents, wasn’t it enough? Mr. Murti says it seems Cheenu still likes Rohan, what she saw in that loser. Kaku overheard this conversation. Cheenu confesses that she still loves Rohan. But Rohan does not love her. Now, she has accepted that Meenu is marrying Rohan. Abba place a hand over her shoulder. Cheenu jerks his hand saying she is not here to gather sympathies, she does not want him take a single step against Rohan’s marriage with Meenu. Otherwise she will be dead for him. Cheenu leaves.

Kaku comes inside the room. She says sometimes even parents are at wrong. She heard everything. She would request Mr. Murti to save his family from scattering. His daughters are his grace. This money, business and luxury is no use, if there is no one to return home to. He should share love and affection with his daughters, which he couldn’t lend them in their childhood. He should grace his children with his back. It will be his decision only, to bring the two beloveds Rohan and Cheenu together.

Mr. Murti cries while thinking of the love bond he missed with his daughters. Vasu comes to console him. Mr. Murti says it feels he lost his daughters. Vasu assures him that they will agree if he speaks to them, they are just angry. Mr. Murti was in a hurry to go and talk to his daughters. He stops by and thanks Vasu for still standing with him, and joins his hands for forgiveness of all his torture. It is said that parents show a way to their children, but his children brought him back to the right path. Vasu sends Mr. Murti to speak to Cheenu.

At home, Kaku tells Rohan that Cheenu loves him. She is doing all this for Meenu, being an elder sister. But Cheenu does not realize that he and Cheenu are made for each other. They must marry. Even if Cheenu gets a job abroad, she can go there; infact Rohan and Cheenu both should settle abroad and fulfil their dreams. Rohan was delighted.

Mr. Murti comes to Cheenu and speaks to her how she can sacrifice her love. She has a huge heart. He is not worthy of forgiveness, but there is no game plan in this now. He truly apologizes her. Cheenu at once holds his joint hands, hugs him and cries; requesting him not to do this. Mr. Murti says Meenu is young, she does not realize she only holds affection for Rohan. Actually, Cheenu and Rohan are meant for each other. He, as a father realizes that she and Rohan love each other. She will speak to Meenu herself. Meenu stood at the door, and cries. Cheenu follows Meenu. Mr. Murti thanks Kaku on a phone call. He tells Kaku to make arrangements, they are coming for Cheenu’s proposal.

PRECAP: Vasu and Mr. Murti bring sweet to Rohan’s house and were ready to perform the ritual. Cheenu stops them, saying she changed her decision and cannot marry Rohan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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