Shakti 11th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh and Preeto get emotional seeing Heer

Shakti 11th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto pleading infront of Parmeet to tell them where did she see Heer and tells that they will bring her right now and gives Virat’s promise. Parmeet says I have a condition. Preeto says your all conditions are accepted. Parmeet says Virat’s condition is such that all the doctors refused to treat him and tells that only Heer can treat him. She says you got your grand daughter and now we want our son back. She tells that Heer shall come infront of Virat first and tells that she will give that house address, and Heer shall be in her house within 24 hours, else she will make Heer’s condition more worse than Virat. Sant Baksh asks them not to think their threat blank. Heer asks Beeji to try something which she made. Harak Singh and Preeto come to the address given by Parmeet. Tere Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat plays…..

Harak Singh asks the gardener if the kinnars came here. The gardener asks him to ask inside. Preeto and Harak Singh are walking inside, when Heer senses Preeto is near her. She thinks she made Pulao of Preeto’s recipe and feeling her. She serves Pulao to everyone. Harak Singh and Preeto come on the door and see her inside, serving food. They get happy and emotional seeing her alive and fine. Harak Singh says our Heer…Preeto takes Harak Singh out, before Heer or anyone look at them. Heer looks at the door. Beeji asks Heer to come and have food. Harak Singh is about to go inside, but Preeto says not now. Beeji asks Heer to sit and says I will feed you today. She says you forget to take care of yourself, while taking care of us. Servant comes there and brings Amla ke murabba. Heer serves it to Pinky. Pinky says I like it. Preeto and Harak Singh see through the window, Beeji feeding pulao to Heer. They get emotional and happy. Archana tells that she has gone shopping and brought earrings for Heer. Preeto and Harak Singh gets tears in their eyes seeing her. Archana says it is looking lovely on Heer and asks her to keep it safe. She asks her to eat food and serves it. Preeto says they have kept her as their daughter and says she is getting happiness here which she didn’t get in our home. Harak Singh says you said right. Archana asks Heer to tell her if she needs anything. Harak Singh says we shall thank this whole family for taking care of her. He is walking to go inside, but Preeto stops him and says we will not go inside. She says she is getting happiness here and tells that she didn’t know that these people know her truth or not, but if they go inside then her happiness will be destroyed. She asks him to come with her. They see Heer eating food.

Harak Singh says Parmeet gave us 24 hours time and says if you don’t go inside, then Parmeet will come to ruin Heer’s happiness. Preeto says nobody will come to ruin her happiness, we will not let anyone come near her. Dr. Akshay says I have finished food and says I have to go. Heer asks him to have lunch properly. Beeji taunts Akshay. Dr. Akshay says he has to go to hospital and goes. His phone rings. Heer says I will check his phone. Harak Singh and Preeto recall her childhood. Shakti song plays…….Heer is coming to the window to attend the call. Preeto and Harak Singh sits down. Heer picks the call. Dr. Akshay’s friend tells that he will take him to hari mandi to enquire from kinnars. Heer gets shocked and says Angel’s house is there. Dr. Akshay comes there and takes his phone. Harak Singh and Preeto gets shocked.

Parmeet tells Isha that Heer is alive. Isha gets happy and says Heer is alive. Virat hears them in semiunconscious state and says I knew that you will come. Parmeet says we are trying to bring her back for Virat’s treatment. Heer gives medicines to Beeji. Dr. Akshay comes to the Kinnars’ basti with his friend. Heer thinks how to stop him.

Precap: Heer faces a car accident.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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