Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th February 2021 Written Episode Update – Morya brings back his wife & are blessed with a child.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganesh telling that Morya was entering into deep devotion of his Prabhu Ganapati Bappa while his wife expecting happiness from him but was facing depression from his side hence one day.
Morya’s wife asking permission from his parent’s that I wish to go to my parent’s house & won’t return but they ask her why & she expresses her depression towards Morya that inspite my parent’s had warned me then too I married him but never knew that he was so devoted that he never cared for me but they try to convince her that they’ll explain him & once his father tries to explain him when he was doing Pooja for his Prabhu that this devotion is good but other devoted responsibilities are also to be performed but he feels otherwise & tells him that I understand that I will sit to do meditation for Prabhu’s expectation of coming to bless me & hearing this his wife leaves him.
Morya sits for meditation while his Brahman in form of his Ganapati Bappa itself comes to tell him that you have achieved your blessings of becoming Goswami ahead but after completing your duties & he asks how I’ll see my Prabhu blessing me & he suggests him that like Prabhu Mahadev also who is ultimate god but performs his duties towards his family too that’s what you also have to do the same & his eyes are opened.
Ganesh tells that ultimately he brought his wife convincing her & along with his parent’s they reunited happily to lead their life.
Morya & his wife gave birth to a child named Chintmani who grew up along with his father who kept doing his prayers & one day Chintamani he also got married having two children’s.
Morya becomes old along with is wife & he like regularly keeps praying for his Prabhu while everybody use to tell him some other work but he unknowingly could not perform those duties due to deep meditation hence all use to wonder on his behaviour.
One day he tries to visit the temple of Ganapati Bappa but falls down due to old age & he is helped by his family while his son tells him that tomorrow will be auspicious day of temple but instead you going there I’ll go as you are not in proper condition to walk also & makes him sleep.
Morya wakes up from sleep thinking I also have to go to the temple but gets up slowly holding the stick & sits in front of his Prabhu’s idol crying for help saying that when all will go to have bath & visit your temple than why not me as I also wish to come or is it I have become aged but cries for help & he sleeps on his feet but Ganesh emerges telling him that you’ll also go tomorrow having bath in the river & then you’ll be blessed to join within me & he hears waking up immediately saying happily that his Prabhu told me he’ll come & I’ll go there too while his family gets up & makes him sleep.
Morya the other day is left to have bath in the river near the temple while his family does not find him & wonder saying that he has left to temple it seems.
Ganesh tells Pushapdant that the day had come to happen which I told him.

Precap: Morya enters the river for bath while all villagers & his family are trying to stop him & his friends are joking about him but after entering in deep sea water he flows up again with Ganapati Bappa’s idol in his hands.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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