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Here it begins……

Vansh eyes welled up recalling that day happening.

Fb starts

Vansh was about to fall down when two strong hands held him. He turned to find Kabir behind him. He hugged Kabir and started crying. All were shocked to listen what doctor said. They were very broken to know that Ridhimma was molested. Kabir who was trying to calm down Vansh signaled them not cry as they need to handle Vansh who was already broken. After sometime Vansh calmed down . He went to ridhimma’s room. It pained him to see Ridhimma like this.

Vansh: I promise Ridhimma your culprit will not be spared . Once you wake up we will punish him together. Please wake up soon Ridhimma .

After some days Ridhimma was shifted to VR mansion. Almost most of the time Vansh used to sleep there in couch to ensure her safety.

Fb ends

Vansh was sitting beside Ridhimma while holding her hands. He was just looking at her. Suddenly he felt Ridhimma’s finger moving. He saw Ridhimma opening her

eyes. He was very happy and was about to hug her when she pushed him and started panicking

Vansh:(understanding) Ridhimma calm down its me Vansh , your best friend. You are safe here no one will harm you.

Ridhimma looked at Vansh and then hugged him instantly and started crying. Vansh was patting her back to calm her down. This all was witnessed by Angre Ishani and others who came after they got the news that Ridhimma woke up. Vansh looked at them and they understood that they need to be careful around her.

Vansh: look Ridhimma who all have come to meet you. (pointing towards them) now smile otherwise we all will get sad ( making a sad face)

Ridhimma saw this and smiled a little.

Vansh: now meet all your friends I am coming. Angre come with me.

Vansh and Angre went towards study. Vansh asked Angre to close the door.

Vansh: Angre did you find the culprit ??

Angre : boss our men are trying their best. Till tomorrow we will know the name of culprit. But boss why don’t you ask Ridhimma as she is awake now.

Vansh: I don’t want to stress her as doctor told to keep Ridhimma happy. She just woke up so its better not to stress her now

Angre: boss why do you want to do those things again?? You promised yourself that you will not do these things again.

Vansh: yes Angre , that time I promise not to do these things again as I lost my first love because of it. But I think people have taken this promise as my weakness and hurted my dear ones now they have to face consequences.

Angre: but boss…

Vansh:Angre no disscusion on this please . Now you get back to work.

Angre goes. There in the room Ridhimma and sejal were talking

Ridhimma: sejal he came back ( crying) he said he will ruin my life again.

Sejal( shocked) : what he came back ?? Is he the one who did this with you ??

Ridhimma nods

Sejal: we need to say this to Vansh .

Ridhimma: no sejal , I can’t afford to lose Vansh .

Sejal: he loves you Ridhimma , he will surely understand your past , tell him yourself otherwise he may get to know it from someone else and will get upset.

Ridhimma : okay I will tell him when right time comes.

Next day Vansh took Ridhimma to office as doctor him that he needs to divert her mind. Ridhimma with sejal had gone to café and vansh was working in his cabin when someone loudly said

” bonjour brother where are you ??”

Vansh went outside and saw Vyom standing there. His anger reached its peak . He went to him and held him by collar.

Vansh: what are you doing here Vyom you should be in jail right now??

Vyom: oh brother you broke my heart( making a sad face) I am out of jail and instead of being happy you are being angry very bad. A brother has come to meet his brother.( forcefully hugging him but Vansh pushes him away)

Vansh: I am not your brother Vyom.

Vyom: oh really lets see in future whether you are right or I am. And as you know my name is Vyom , shunya circle. And one who comes in this circle cannot get out. Right now you and your close ones are in this circle.

Just then Ridhimma came. Vyom saw her and Ridhimma Sejal were shocked. Vyom went near her and said

Vyom: especially you mon cheri

Ridhimma started shivering and held sejal for support . Suddenly she fell unconcious. Vansh ran towards her . He picked Ridhimma in bridal style and started towards his cabin ignoring Vyom who was smirking .

Inside his cabin he made Ridhimma lie down on sofa sprinkled some water on her face. Slowly she gained conciousness .

Vansh: Ridhimma are you okay ?? What happened why you fainted ??

Sejal who was observing Ridhimma suddenly spoke

Sejal: Vansh I will tell you …….

Precap: sejal tells about Ridhimma past . Vansh comes to basement and a man is tied there.

So here part 9 ends. hope you liked it. pls comment and let me know your view as they are the only way to know if thR readers are liking the story or not. pls tell if you feel boring.

What do you want me to do the the molester of Ridhimma .write in comment section.

Today Rrahul sir mother Sunita mam required plasma. fortunately he got help on time and and Sunita mam got required units of plasma. All my readers please take precaution and be safe . T care of your physical and mental health

May Sunita mam gets fine soon.

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