Imlie How the story should be (summary 1 part )

Well, I ‘m kinda not uploading the FFS due to lack of time , classes but will update from Monday everyday . As our vacation started . I thought to upload in parts ,but know what that will be lagging like other FFS , so I decided to write an short summary .(I don’t know meaning of os ,please tell in comment) 

Other info ,will tell after the story .

Meet Aditya, Imlie -(not like overacting ,simple) – Aditya Imlie marriage – Imlie lives in Tripathi house as servant (not like too much)-sundar entry – Malini entry  -aditya Malini marriage – Imlie sundar nok-jhok – Addmission – Dev learns the truth – feels guilty – (pagdandiya)Meethi heart attack – Imlie learns the truth and meethi dies – Dev tells the truth to Anu  -Anu accepts the truth -still angry – Aditya tells the truth to Malini – Malini gets shocked and confronts the family -All accepts Imlie – Imlie to became doctor – Imlie sundar love each other – marriage -The end 

It is just small ,I know it is similar to neelakuyil (something like that) . The end

I will update my other FFS from Monday and if I get time then ,I will upload earlier.

Stay safe

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  1. Tina03

    Aditya Malini and sundar Imlie together at end.

  2. Nice and short. Sweet summary of few words.

    1. Tina03

      Thank you ts

  3. Tina03

    From tomorrow , any updates I do will be in detail and longer one . The FF kapoor wala , will be friends forever , realising my Love , saat hai toh baat hai , simple beautiful Life Kaira will not end sooner like this 2 short FF . It will be continued and end on a perfect note with full story’ not half half

    1. Kapoor Wala is of Supriya R, right?

  4. Imlie and Prakash should be paired and Aditya should get stuck with malini

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