RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 46. Why did Ragini backstabed Vansh ?


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Episode  45– Read Here

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Episode 46  :

Why did Ragini Backstabed ?

The episode starts

Scene – 1 .

Vansh wakes up and smiles..

Vansh  : Riddhima,  Smart..very smart..but not smarter than me . You thought that I would have drank the spirited 🥛…but no i didn’t.  I come to know that you had put sleep pills 💊in that milk.

Vansh takes that Shahnawaz’s letter..Vansh reads that letter written by Shahnawaz..to riddhima..


Vansh  : It means riddhima was the 3rd person who send vaaz to divert me . It means she is responsible behind ragini’s rape.

Vansh goes from there…

Scene  – 2

Riddhima  : Atleast i have burnt this CD..but only 1½ hours is left…to vaaz come here .

I have to stop vaaz also..before he reveal everything.

Scene – 3

Angre comes inside the room.  Angre gets shocked when he didn’t found that Evidence CD Rom. .

Angre  : Oh my boss ,!! Where the CD went ? I  have to find it because it contains evidence of that 3rd person who helped shahnawaz and Vaaz.

Vansh comes there ….

Vansh  : What happened Angre? Why are you looking tensed  ?

Angre  : Boss..that disk..It got stoled .

Vansh  : what , let’s find it out . Angre , bring me ” AMIDO BLACK ” chemical

Angre : Boss, what will you do with that “Amido BLACK  ” chemical  ?

Vansh  : Angre , amido black is a chemical which is used to detect footprint.  As the disc has been stolen by someone in this house . So we could use that chemical to detect the footprint 👣and then the person.

Angre : boss using footprint techniques is genius….

Vansh checks the cctv footage…Vansh finds that his laptop is not working.

Vansh  : Our computer systems are not working…every files..photos and documents are showing error….how could this be possible  ?

Angre checks the computer….

Angre : Boss , someone have uploaded a “bug ” in our computer and it got activated and our systems have been blocked 🚫

Vansh  : Who did this ? Who put a bug in our system . I think that person who stole our CD only uploaded this bug . Angre , find that person using footprint.

Angre  : Yes ,boss i am going to find that person.

Angre puts ” Amido black  ” chemical on the floor…then footprint starts appearing.  Vansh copies that footprint in a paper .

Vansh  : Whoever footprint will match this print…it will be the culprit ….

Scene  – 2

Riddhima  : I have burnt that Evidence CD and put that ” bug ” in Vansh’s computer systems..

Riddhima recalls of putting  ” bug ” in Vansh’s computer systems  ( episode 45 , scene 7)  .

Riddhima  : Vansh didn’t come to know anything about mine and Vaaz’s deal and i won’t never let him learn also…

Vansh  : Sweetheart,  what can’t I know  ?

Riddhima gets shocked…

Riddhima  : Nothing …

Vansh brings an anklet for riddhima..

Riddhima  : Wow , so beautiful anklet ? You bought this anklet for me ?

Vansh  : Yes , this is for you..

Vansh makes wear riddhima anklet….

Ishq Mein marjawan tu jo kahe wo kar jawan……aaram day dil ko mere tu sun ley jara …mar..mar key jey raha hu yahan ❤❤❤❤❤ .

While wearing anklet to riddhima…vansh notices that footprint.

Vansh  : ( In his mind) This footprint 👣matches with that footprint in my office..it means riddhima came to my office and destroyed that CD and  ” errored my computer  ” .

Vansh goes from there…

Riddhima  : Bye Vansh..

Vansh gives a flying kiss ….

Scene  – 3

Ishani was going down ..when she got tucked with Ragini

ishani : can’t you see .. you fool ?

Ragini : I am sorry….I didn’t saw you ..because i  can’t see small persons .

Ishani tries to slap Ragini…

Ragini blocks ishani’s hands..

Ragini ; Don’t you dare…

Ishani : I will kill you..

Scene – 4

At vansh’s office

Angre : did you got whose footprints were they ?

Vansh : Those footprints are of Riddhima …she stole the CD and blocked my computers .

Angre ; Boss , If we know the culprit and we have the evidences then why we are leaving Riddhima ?

Vansh shows the letter of vaaz to riddhima he got at morning   .

Angre : This letter was written by Vaaz to riddhima . In this letter he have written that riddhima is the 3rd person who was behind Ragini

Vansh ; Vaaz has also written that he knows some mystery about riddhima . I have checked this handwritting and it is really written by Vaaz . And shahnawaz’s men were saying true that day .

Angre ; So we have to wait for the right time .

Scene – 5

Riddhima is inside bathroom washing her face , Someone shoot at the washbasin mirror and the mirror broke .

Riddhima ; Who is this , Who shoot the bullet ?

Riddhima turns behind and sees Ragini standing there with gun in her hand .

Riddhima : why did you shoot at me ?

Ragini ; Thank to your luck , i didn’t done what you did with me ?

Riddhima : What did I done ?

Ragini ; Don’t act like innocent …. you also helped shahnawaz and Vaaz in raping me . You lost my self respect….my freedom . Because of you ..i can’t do anything ? You will get punished .

Ragini shows the call recording of vaaz telling about riddhima’s truth (episode – 45 , scene 6 )

Riddhima gets shocked ..

Ragini : Vaaz called me and told everything..how you helped shahnawaz . And i recorded the entire call as evidence .

Riddhima : You won’t tell anything to vansh .

Riddhima takes that broken piece and tries to attack ragini . Ragini holds riddhima’s hands and diverts her hand . Ragini points guns towards Riddhima .. riddhima threw threw mirroe piece on ragini’s hand . Riddhima pushes ragini and they both fall on bath tub .

Riddhima ; You think , you are good …You killed you ex fiance Ronit and the backstabbed vansh ..

Ragini : I told you…inorder to save my family ..i have to kill Ronit and you want to know why I backstabbed vansh , then listen..


Vansh and Ragini enters VR MANSION after their marriage at temple when vansh saved Ragini from shahnawaz clutches in past…

Vansh : Common , from today this will be our house .

Ragini ; Thanks Vansh , You married me…you saved me  from shahnawaz.  I can’t forget your help on me .

They both went to their room..for their nuptial night .

Vansh  : I am going to change the cloth outside..you change here .

Ragini  : Ok .

Vansh goes outside and ragini  closed the door.. Ragini gets a call .

Ragini  : Unknown number  ? Who would be calling me at night ….

Shahnawaz  : Jann, Ragini  did you missed me 

Ragini  : You didn’t stop..i will tell about your call to vansh  .

Shahnawaz  : Think before you tell Vansh  . I got to know that you had killed  CBI Agent Ronit  .  And if i tell vansh..then he will leave you . And if you tell anything more..then I will kill vansh  .

Ragini  : No don’t kill vansh or try to hurt . I will do what you want. 

Shahnawaz  : Good,  you should have accepted it earlier  . You have to steal the “Gold bricks ” and “illegal rifles ” from Vansh and give it to me . Once you complete this task…i will not hurt Vansh. 

Ragini  : Ok ..i will do it 


Riddhima  : So , You backstabed Vansh for his life .

Ragini  : Yes , Shahnawaz said that he will leave Vansh if i will give him the rifles and gold bricks.  So i stole those rifles and gold bricks and left VR MANSION  . And from that day Vansh thought that I backstabbed him .

Riddhima  : Then why did you again want to deal with Shahnawaz again that night   ( episode 42 , scene  – 1)

Ragini  : I wanted to leave this city..therefore I thought of ending the deal with Shahnawaz. But you snatched my freedom that night 😭😰😰😥😰😥 . I will not leave you.

Ragini goes from there…

Riddhima  : If Ragini came to know that i was responsible for her condition then she will tell vansh  . I have to stop her ..

Precap  : Kabir gets a call…from a passers-by.            ” Hello,  inspector Kabir..please come to road 12 , we have found a corpse here..wearing some type of hoodie . We don’t know who killed him ? ” .

Episode ends  .

So sorry i was late . But i will be regular now . So how did you like todays episode.  So today we got to know that Ragini cheated vansh…because shahnawaz threatened her that he will kill vansh..so inorder to save vansh life..ragini stole that rifles and gold bricks  .

1) How did you like the idea of using  ” Amido BLACK  ” chemical to detect footprint and  ” Bug virus ” To hack entire computer systems and cctv ?

2) Are you feeling thrilled  ?

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