RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 45. Riddhima Burns the Evidences.


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Episode  44 – Read Here

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Episode 45  :

Riddhima Burns the Evidences.

The episode starts

Scene – 1 .

Angre goes outside of vr mansion to collect the evidences of shahnawaz and riddhima from that girl

Riddhima  : (in her mind) Vansh starts doubting about mine and Shahnawaz’s deal…and what evidences he come to know.  I have to get those evidences before he comes to know.  And i have to stop vaaz..only 4 hours is left …

Riddhima goes to her room .

Scene  – 2

Vaaz is talking to someone in phone.

Vaaz : Time has come for revealation….

Reciever : Yes , tomorrow we will get lots of family drama .

Vaaz : Vansh,  riddhima and Kabir..no one came to know you are with me ..everyone thought you were in their team . Poor them .

Scene  – 3

Kabir reaches the place to catch Adrian ( thief ) .

Kabir goes and sees Adrian with a bag of money 💰going to somewhere…

Kabir : You cannot run..from here . You are surrounded from all 4 directions and 4 sub directions 🤣🤣🤣 .

Adrian  : Really ! But only you are standing infront of me. ..so how come i surrounded from all side..

Kabir  : I am using double teen attacks 🤣🤣

Adrian  : Did you come here to play chor-police or pokemon..

Adrian runs from there.  But kabir throws a knife 🔪on his leg and he fell down .

Kabir  : Criminals are not needed in this world and Leaving criminals alive is not my work.

Kabir arrests Adrian and takes him to police Headquarter.

Adrian  : You will need my help in future…

Kabir  : If i will ever need your help..then i know where can i find you..so i will come.

Kabir lefts Adrian there and goes .

Scene  – 4

Riddhima  is in her room.

Riddhima  : I have to stop Angre from getting any evidences.

Nice scent fills the room.

Riddhima  : Wow Rose 🌹scent..who did this .

Vansh enters the room with a magician getup.

Riddhima : What is this vansh.

Vansh  : Sweetheart,  i will show you magic..magic of love.  I will make my Sweetheart more sweetier  . You had challenged me to proof my love towards you.  So let’s the contest begin .

Riddhima  : Vansh,  I am busy now…We will do it afterwards..

Vansh  : No..every time is for romance..

Vansh closes the doors of vr mansion. Riddhima cannot go .

Vansh  : Only you and me is here ..

Vansh removes a card.

Vansh  : This is a plain card like me..but when a fairy like you entered in my life ..then my life changed like this card..

Vansh enchants some spell…makad..kukkad..badal ja card.. and the card changed into rose.

Vansh  : i am this card..you are the magical spell and then this plain card changed into rose and my life changed after you…

Riddhima  : Wow !!! So beautiful…

Vansh removes a hair from riddhima and turned it into a butterfly…

Riddhima  : Wow ! This butterfly 🦋is so..cute..i will name this butterfly Mrini ….

Vansh  : Take your mrini here and give me my reward..

Riddhima  : What reward..

Vansh  : Jadoo key Jhapi 🤣🤣🤣 Kiss of love.

Riddhima tries to kiss vansh but instead kisses Mrini the butterfly 🦋..

Vansh  : You cannot kiss mrini…

Vansh transforms that butterfly 🦋into a heart ❤shaped balloon .

Riddhima kisses Vansh…..

Ishq mein marjawan ..tere ishq pay hadd say agay gujarnay laga tujhay chaha kar ab toh mera junun bangay ..Aankhon Ki Hai Tu Talab Ka Khuda Mujh Mein Hai Tu Beintehaa…

Ishq mein marjawan tu..ishq main marjawaan kuch bhi KASAMSAY KARJAWAN Oh oh oh …..

Scene  – 5

Angre reaches Shahnawaz’s hideout to meet that female helper of vansh..

Angre : Evidences…

Girl : Take this..but remember Vansh shouldn’t forget his deal…

Angre : He Won’t…I promise…

Angre takes the CD which contained the video of ragini’s rape and shahnawaz- Riddhima’s deal…

Angre goes from there…

Scene  – 6

Vaaz Calls Ragini…

Ragini  : Who are you?.

Vaaz : It’s me Vaaz…We meet that day ( episode 34,scene 4)

Ragini  : I remembered..but why did you call me ? And who gave you my number…

Vaaz : I called to tell you something about the person who is responsible for your rape….and i got this number..from My men. In mafia world..getting contact number is not a big deal…

Ragini  : How could you know..Who was responsible for my rape ..?

Vaaz  : The third person with me and shahnawaz was Riddhima.  She did all this..because she felt that it you will enter in Vansh’s life again..then vansh will leave riddhima…

Ragini  : How can I believe that you are telling truth..

Vaaz  : Believe me..i have evidences.  I am sending you now

Vaaz shares that video of “Shahnawaz and riddhima’s conversation about ragini’s rape “…

Ragini sees the video.

Vaaz : Did you saw..Riddhima was behind your this condition.

Ragini  : She did so much disgusting things with me..she have to pay for this…

Vaaz : Anyway I wanted to know..why did you backstabed vansh ? Any reason  ?

Ragini  : I never wanted to say this anyone..but i will tell you..please don’t tell anyone..

Vaaz  : I promise..I won’t tell anyone..

Scene  – 7

While vansh and riddhima were romancing..vansh eye fell on a CD and a letter. .

Riddhima  : ( in her mind ) Vansh shouldn’t see this letter and that CD..that vaaz had send me to blank mail me ( episode 43  ,scene 4 )

Vansh  : What is this letter…?

Vansh takes that letter near to him..but Riddhima snatch that letter ✉

Riddhima  : This letter is not important than me..

Vansh  : Yes, you are important..they hugged each .

Vansh’s phone starts ringing

( enemy of romance- Vansh raisinghania khandani phone 🤣🤣🤣🤣)

Vansh  : Hello , Did you got the evidences..

Angre : Yes boss, i got the evidences..

Vansh  : I am coming

Call ends.

Vansh  : Did i pass in the test of love..

Riddhima  : No ..not yet ..

Riddhima  : ( I think vansh had got the evidences about mine and Shahnawaz’s conversations…i have to stop vansh..from going )

Riddhima Brings a COW 🐄 milk 🥛for vansh..she puts some medicines in it . Riddhima makes Vansh drink that sprited Drink . Vansh drinks it ..

Vansh  : I love you Riddhimaaaa ! Don’t go..

Vansh sleeps..

Riddhima  : I have to take evidences from Angre….

Riddhima reaches Vansh’s office…

Riddhima makes a vase fall..that vase fell down.. Angre hears that noise..he goes outside the room.  Riddhima enters the room and sees the CD 💿with “Evidences ” Written above it…Riddhima takes that CD and goes outside….

Riddhima  : Neither this CD will remain nor..my Truth will come out.  Riddhima breaks the CD and Burns it..

Riddhima  : No proof..No nothing.

Riddhima goes from there…

Scene  – 8

Vaaz : Tick – Tock..Tick-Tock..only 3 hours more…It’s nice to play like this…

Precap  : Vansh “5 din Ke Bazi ab Suru hogi “( 5 days game will start now ) ..Ishq main marjawaan..5 din ke baazi khel jawa 😎😎😎😎”

So hello guys..how did you like todays episode. Tge next episodes will be more thrilling..Let’s see what we could expect from  ” 5 din key Baazi ” except thrill , revealation and tension…

1) Who is the person with whom vaaz was talking in scene-2

2) How could Adrian be helpful for Kabir  ?

3) How did you like vansh’s magical romance?

4) Are you feeling thrilled  ?

Bye,  take care and thanks.

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