Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Nalini asks Amrit to sacrifice her love

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Uday saying I had gone to the temple to pray. Amrit says Vashma will be fine soon, don’t worry. Randhir says you wanted a hockey coach for Manak. Bindu says yes. Randhir says if Uday teaches him, then it will be good. Uday says Vashma isn’t fine, how can I… Amrit says you should keep yourself engaged, Uday will teach hockey to Manak. Bindu says everything thinks a lot for her, she will also get her happiness. Randhir asks what do you mean. Bindu says Nalini will tell you. Nalini worries. Kaveri says arrow has hit the target this time. Vijender asks do you think she will change the marriage decision. Kaveri thinks she will change. Its morning, Uday says I have to eat curd and sugar myself, look here. He sees Vashma. He comes to the palace and meets Manak.

Manak drinks milk. Uday asks him to do sit ups. Manak asks servant to do his work. Servant says fine. Uday says you will do the sit ups if you want to play hockey and win. He does it and shows him. Manak says I have a condition, you close your eyes and sit now. Uday does it. Manak says say that Manak is the world’s best kid. Uday recalls Vashma. He says yes, Manak, you are the world’s best kid. Manak says teach me hockey now. Amrit smiles. Nalini comes to her and says I have decided, I have no problem with Randhir and your marriage, I got this gift for you. She shows the white cloth and says its for Randhir’s happiness dying, doctor said you can never conceive, if Randhir marries you, then Randhir will never get his child. Amrit cries. Vijender and Kaveri smile. Amrit asks what are you saying. Nalini recalls doctor’s words. She says I can permit you to marry. Kaveri says I have added medicines to faint down Amrit, then I have bribed the doctor, now Amrit and Randhir will get away, its impossible that they unite. Vijender says no, Randhir is stubborn, he won’t leave Amrit so easily. She says I know, Nalini will tell the truth to Amrit and ask her to leave from the palace. Nalini says if your love is true, then Randhir shouldn’t know this truth, he will have more sympathy for you, you have to give this sacrifice.

Kaveri says Amrit will get away from the palace forever, we will see Randhir. Vijender says you gave many sacrifices, you will get back everything. Nalini says you have to prove your love now. Amrit goes crying. Randhir comes to Nalini and discusses some imp matter. He says I wanted Amrit to write your speech. Nalini says fine, maybe people listen to me unlike my children. Randhir says you should decide, if you care for your family respect or son’s happiness, Amrit and I love you a lot, she respects you a lot, let us unite. Nalini says give me time to think, trust me, I will not neglect your happiness. Randhir says fine. Manak comes and says play hockey with me. Randhir says I have some work. Nalini asks him to go. Randhir says fine. Nalini says I will wait to get my heir. Amrit runs on the road. Naman meets the doctor and bribes her. Naman says if anyone knows that Amrit’s matter is a lie, then you will not be spared. Amrit comes there. Naman worries. Doctor asks her to wait outside. Naman leaves. Amrit asks doctor what happened to her. Doctor says you got hurt when Veer had died, you can’t conceive now, sorry Amrit, you have to keep courage. Amrit leaves and thinks Randhir has a right to know this truth.

Amrit leaves from Randhir’s life. Randhir stops Amrit and says I want to marry Amrit right now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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