RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 29 . 2 days mystery – Part 1


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Episode  28– Read Here

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Episode 29 :

2 days Mystery(part1)

The episode starts

Scene – 1

Vansh and Riddhima are still hugging  .

Kabir : ( 😅🤭🤭🤭 laughs) . Will you both hug for centuries now 🤭🤭🤭 .

Riddhima and Vansh sighs .

Riddhima  : Kabir,  you killed my vansh but my vansh has returned.

Vansh moves his hand towards Kabir and gave a high – fy 👋 to Kabir.

Riddhima  : Vansh,  he tried to kill You and take your business…how could you be friend with him.

Vansh  : Sweetheart  , this was all my plan.

Kabir  : And ziddhima this was your surprise.

Riddhima  : (shocked) What  ! It was you both plan.

Anjali  : Both…no it was we 4 plan.  This was the plan of  Kabir  , Vansh, Angre and Mine ( Anjali) . We 4 worked together to know about your connection with Vaaz and Red Diary .

Riddhima  : Sorry  , Kabir I thought 😅you enemy but you actually helped my Vansh. But please tell me about the mystery of 2days mystery….

Vansh  : Ok , Riddhima,  I will tell you about the mystery of 2days.


Episode 21 , continution ( DAY 1) 

Kabir arrests Vansh.  Angre went away from there to search for that Drone sender .

Kabir puts Vansh in his car and take him to jail. 

Kabir  : Do you know Vansh we are now going in a long drive to jail 🤣🤣🤣🤣 .

Vansh  : I will handle the jail..but someone please save me from your boring Jokes . 

At Vr mansion. 

Angre went to Vansh room…..to search for that drone. 

Angre  : i will use the memory card in the drone and retrace it then i will be able to know the location of the sender . 

Angre checks ✔the CCTV footage of VR MANSION 😎,  and he saw riddhima spying 🕵️‍♀️on vansh room and downloading the information of Arrow man  .

Angre  : Riddhima is addressing that Arrow Man as ” Vaaz ” . It means the real name of Arrow Man is vaaz..but how she knows him and RED DIARY  . I have to tell this to Boss .

Angre gets the location of that drone sender.  He calls vansh.  

At police car .

Kabir  : Vansh,  shall i play music. 

Vansh  : No !!.

Vansh phone 📱rings .

Vansh  : Shall I pick call….

Kabir  : yes , but put it in Loudspeaker mode .

Vansh receives the call 📞and Kabir stopped the car 🚗. 

Angre : Boss , i come to know the location of that drone sender. 

Vansh  : Tell me everything in detail. 

Angre : Boss did you remember that day when a stranger entered our mansion and he threatened you to kill our family (Episode 12 , scene 1) . I came to know from cctv recordings that stranger activated the drone .

Vansh  : It means my doubt was true…that stranger entered Vr mansion not for stealing but to activate the drone and that stranger has been send by someone.  That stranger could be a spy to activate the drone in my mansion. And what is the location of that drone sender…?

Angre : Boss , the location of that drone sender is in Mahabaleshwar.  It is a hill station ⛰in India. Do you know any enemy of yours in Mahabaleshwar. 

Vansh  : Many secrets are there in Mahabaleshwar. 

Angre : Boss , i got to know from the cctv footage that riddhima is after the Red Diary.  

Kabir gets a jerk 🤣🤣🤣.

Kabir  : Do riddhima know about red diary. 

He looks at Vansh’s face and says ” Interesting very interesting 🤣🤣🤣😁😁” .

Vansh  : Only assassin  , espionage, spy or mafias knew about Red Diary. 

Kabir  : It means that riddhima’s past is connected with dark world 🌎.  

Vansh  : And she knew about Arrow man also… ?.

Angre : I tried to ask her but she didn’t replied me .

Vansh  : She won’t tell anything so easily…we have to remove everything from her mouth. 

Kabir  : Vansh sorry , I also want to know about riddhima and red diary and vaaz connection but you will go to jail with me .. Because remember.               “Criminals are not needed in this world and Leaving criminals alive is not part of my work  ”  and you have killed my friend Ajay.  So you can’t go easily. 

Vansh  : I understand the loss of dear ones…but i will proof you that i am innocent even if the evidences are against me . You have to give me one chance…just one chance.  We have to work together …kabir and Vansh have to be one . Are you with me … ?

Kabir  : I never trusted a criminal but i am Trusting you now……don’t let my trust on you go down .

Vansh  : Promise is a promise .

Angre sees some shadow outside the door 🚪

Angre : Boss i think someone is listening to our talk …

Precap – FLASHBACK continues.  Mr Basu got killed by vaaz and Vansh capture vaaz .

Episode ends. 

So how did you like todays episode.  Hope you like it .

We are now seeing the secrets of 2 days . I hope that secret is worth your wait .

1) Whose shadow Angre saw outside the door? Who was listening to them .

2) How was Kabir  – Vansh  – Angre  – Anjali teamup . Let’s see the half of 2days mystery .

3) How will Vansh proof that he is not innocent and he didn’t killed Ajay  ?

Are you feeling thrilled.  

Thanks  , bye , take care. 

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