RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 28 . Vansh’s Returns


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Episode 28 :

Vansh Returns

The episode starts

Scene – 1

Riddhima  : my past what do you mean ?

Angre : You wanted Red Diary,  but only a person involved in dark world knows about Red Diary…and why can’t it be possible that you killed Vansh boss for that diary  ?

Riddhima  : please 🙏😢😭try to listen… i didn’t know anything about vansh.  And moreover Vaaz stole the diary .

Riddhima stopped for a minute to think what she said about Vaaz .

Angre : i know you can’t kill vansh boss….i just wanted to hear the name”vaaz” from your mouth.  Tell me who is he ? Tell me  ?

Riddhima  : sorry Angre , i can’t tell you  ?

Saying so….riddhima went away .

Scene  – 2

Riddhima was going to guest house…when she heard Kabir speaking 🔊to someone.  Riddhima started eavesdropping ( listening to someone’s private talks) .

Riddhima  : What is kabir doing now ?

Kabir  : What are you saying  ? How could you let riddhima take away Vaaz ?

Riddhima  : How could this kabir know that today …i resued Vaaz . It means Kabir knows that kidnapper.  I have to find out.

Kabir sees shadow outside the door .

Kabir  : (says to himself) I know ziddhima you are listening my talk outside…and i did this talk in loud voice for you to hear 👂only .

Kabir opened the door 🚪riddhima get scared 😨and hide.. kabir went outside and riddhima went inside the room where kabir was staying.

Riddhima  : i have to get the number of that person with whom kabir was talking now…because that person could tell me about 2 days secret.

Kabir sees Riddhima going inside his room .

Kabir  : ( in his mind) Ziddhima  , if i wanted i could have deleted that number but i want you to trace the number and get your surprise 🎁🤣🤣🤣.

Riddhima opened kabir’s phone and searched for the number in recent call history

Riddhima  : strange,  Kabir shows he is very smart but he didn’t put any lock or password in his mobile nor deleted the number . But atleast i got the number.

Riddhima get the number and went outside the room at very fast speed  .

Scene  – 3

Riddhima  : thank , God,  i got this number.  Now by tracing this number i will get the location  .

Riddhima put that number to trace and gets the location  of the Vaaz kidnapper .

Riddhima  : This number location shows that it is near VR MANSION. So it means the person who helped kabir / who kidnapped vaaz and kabir is talking…is living here in vr mansion.  It means someone in the family also knows about 2 days secret. I will find that person till evening.

Scene  – 4

Kabir was knocking Anjali’s room.

Anjali  : Why are you knocking my door 🚪?

Kabir  : I want to drink  .

Anjali  : So What? Will you drink my 🤣🤣🤣 ?

Kabir  : no..no i am not naughty boy 🤣🤣🤣

Just let’s drink orange 🍊 juice 😋i have bought .

Kabir offers the juice to Anjali.

Anjali was removing her shower 🚿cap . Kabir went near Anjali..

Anjali  : Why are you coming near me ?

Kabir  : To remove yours ….?

Anjali  : Remove mine….what  ?

Kabir moved his hand towards Anjali’s Shower 🚿cap . And removed the shower cap . Anjali’s cold hair 😍fell on kabir’s mouth….

Song plays 

Main Dekhoon Tujhe,

Din Mein Sau Martaba
Ye Agar Ishq Hai
To Hai Beintehaa

Tu Agar Mang Le
Jaan De Doon Abhi
Tu Agar Bol De
Khud Ko Kar Doon Fana

Aa Tujhmein Khatm Kar Doon
ye Shashein Meri

is Ishq Mein Marjawaan
Tu Jo Kahe Wo Kar Jaawan
ho oo… 

Song ends ….

Scene – 5

Riddhima gets that kidnapper location.  She went to the location in vr mansion.  The location is in Hall of VR MANSION  . Lights were off .

Riddhima  : where are you.  Tell me about the mystery of 2days…

The lights open up . Kabir was standing there.  ( His romance with Anjali ended 🤣🤣🤣🤣) 

Kabir  :  Ziddhima  , i will tell your Answer but tell me why you wanted to kill me and Vansh  . Did i ever wrong with you ….. If i am wrong i will kill myself  

Riddhima  : no..😢😢😥😥 kabir.  I am sorry…i thought you and Vansh wrong  . I will tell you everything about my past and how i meet Vaaz  .

Kabir  : please tell truth 😭😭😭 .

Riddhima  : 19 years ago when I was just 6 years old . A bomb 💣explosion happened…it took my parents life and many of my locality children became orphan like me . That bomb has the name of manufacturer company” Raisinghania ” . I and many other children were taken to orphanage…they told us that it was orphanage but in reality i was at “Assassin School”. I was trained there to become emotionless Assassin.  I have killed many persons..destroyed many family  . I spent my life from 6 years to 15 years in Assassin school just doing murders….. then when i escaped from there….i started living in A hostel at Mahabaleshwar  ( a hill station ⛰in india)  . But somehow i spent my life there untill i became 23 years old and now since 2 years i have been studying 📖with seejal.  And i meet Vaaz in my Assassin school..we befriended each other…joined our aim to get Red Diary  .

Kabir  : i understand your problem…it’s difficult to live in such a condition  .

Riddhima  : but i want to change my life and live with my vansh…but i lost him .

Kabir  : do you really loved vansh.  If yes…then call vansh  . Real love has various powers just expose your feelings. 

Riddhima  : Vansh 😢😥😥😥 please come back  . I love you  .😭😭😢😢😭😭 please come back  .

The door 🚪of vr mansion opened up and a sound come 

” If my life sweetheart called me…then i have to come ” 

Riddhima moved back and she saw Vansh standing behind  . Riddhima hugged Vansh  🤗♥❤💖.  

Precap – 2days mystery revealition. 

Soooo how was todays episode.  Sorry it was long episode  . So how did you like todays episode. 

1) Are you happy with Vansh Returns 

2) Yes , it Was Kabir and Vansh and Angre and Anjali’s plan  ? 

3) How did you like riddhima’s past  ? Did you felt emotional  ?

4) How was Riaansh small reunion ? 

5) And how was KaAnjali ( kabir and Anjali) romance  ? Was it cringy ? And do you want me to ship KaAnjali …tell me ? 

And thanks , bye , take care. 

  1. Prabhleen 😊

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    At the last Awsome Bro

    1. Abhay

      Ok .. kal dal dungi….i mean by kal daldunga 🤣🤣🤣🤣 . Read my previous ff episode

    2. Thebhooth18

      Yes i have readed from starting 😂
      And and kya bolo me😂

    3. Abhay

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    4. Aare vv is a.good actor nahi maregi chappal y fir alishapanwar k bana do.fir arjun.b aayega😂

    5. Abhay

      They are in imm1 so i will not make them characters to prevent confusion

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    I’m very happy, Vansh is back! And Riansh’s reunion was beautiful. KaAnjali was an unexpected moment but you should know that I liked it and I think it’s worth it to ship them
    Ridhima’s past was really emotional, unexpected and how strange, does Raisinghania produce bombs? I think someone wanted to slander the name Raisinghania!
    I look forward to the next episode, this was awesome! ❤❤❤

  13. Priyanka Thakur

    Awesome episode Abhay sorry to say but I didn’t felt emotional while revealing her past i felt like something is missing in emotions sorry I can’t lie to you yeah I liked Riansh small reunion and also kabir’s and Anjali’s love story go forward with their love story also

    1. Abhay

      Thanks . Any suggestions to put emotions . And thank you…thank you for your truth . It will help me . Because as a boy it’s difficult for me to put emotions so ….your suggestion will help me

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    but I am sure you will definitely try..
    I like the Riasnh reunion…..

    1. Abhay

      So could you suggest me what to do for emotion or such . Please tell

    2. 1234Aayu

      What can I tell..try to live in that situation, Try to explore what must be a character feeling, put your leg in his/her shoe..I know it’d difficult but I think you will be able to..I toh add emotions like this only…u can also take help from google aunty😅

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