Rhythm of Life – Chap 3 (RagSan)

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Chapter 2

Recap: Ragsan fight

Chapter starts with sanskar getting in into a building named “Happy Home” “maa…. We came” ragini said to a lady around 40-45. The lady turned n her face revealed as Sumi.
Sumi: do u both remember what special tmrw is?
Ragsan looks each other with what?
Sumi: u both forgot really……. Tmrw is Ganesh Chadurthi…..
Ragsan gives oops reaction by extending n biting the edge of the tongue. Both cutely holds their ears….n says sry maa….

Sumi: ok…. U both go n bring ganesh idol for home. both nods n purchase pooja things for home as well for their home. they brought idol which was covered by chunari (holy red cloth)

@ Apartment (ni8)

Swa: di…. I’m very excited….. tmrw is my dear ganesh’s bday….. more than him I’m very excited….. rag throws small yet cute smile.
Swaragini makes mothags for pooja, while sanky n harsha doing arrangements in garden of apartment where a huge Ganesh idol was covered with holy cloth.
Swarag conversation & sanhar conversation
Swa: di u r ek dam perfect sanskari girl (traditional girl)
Rag: really? If I’m perfect sanskari girl then y u teased me that I’m worshipping god after breakfast?
San: she is not a typical traditional girl….. she loves to be modern….. a per her career she like to be fashion…..

Rag: yes fashion is my passion
San: but she sacrificed much for me n RoDi…. She proved that she is perfect maa n wife.
Rag: I didn’t sacrificed….. I’m being modern….. my thoughts r updated…. Ya I started worshipping god, keeping fast, trying to be traditional but it doesn’t burden for me…. I’m doing this all for my family…. When a girl gets married then she will change like this only …… its not burden…. It gives happy to her. I’m not so perfect…..
San: she cant control her hunger… on special day she can but not everyday….. she will justify that she is praying god b4 going out to save our outer obstacles…… so cute na…. she is most special… I love her to the core…. She don’t need to suffer with me….

Rag: haan may be if I didn’t marry sanky I’ll lead a rich life….. but not a happy life….
San: she accepted me after knowing that I cant give her…..….tears escapes from san’s eyes….
Har: jeeju…. Plz don’t cry…. Everything will be fine.
Swa: di plz don’t cry…..
Rag: I’m not crying…. I’m sure one day he will give me what I expects from her.
Swa nods her head in assurance.
San gives weak smile.

Rag: ok leave all these thing…. she shouted at Rodi, “ hey both go n sleep, time is 11:30 pm, enough of ur playing, morning have to wake up early….”
Rodi: maa…..
Rag: I said go n sleep with her raised strict voice. Both went quite n slept.
Just then swara noticed Vani maa (secratory of the apartment) standing near door.
Swara: come in maa….. is there any work?

Vani: voh…..
Rag: no need to hesitate…. Just tell us
Vani: I told to kamini to make mothags for pooja for tmrw but her father in law is in ill so she went… don’t know what to do….
Rag: don’t wry…. Now u want mothag na….. where is flour? We will make it….
Vani: that’s nyz beta but how can u make solo…..
Grp voice: we also exist in this apartment…..

Swarag n vani turned towards other ladies of apartment…….
All ladies went to garden where all the works progressing in rapid speed….. the ladies proved UNITY IS STRENTH. They all made all mothags for whole apartment pooja.

The apartment noise decrease at 2am….. all came to their respective rooms with stretching their body as they worked lot. It seemed like few seconds but the clock indicated 4 am with alarm sound.

Soon all got ready n wore new dress n came down for Aarthi which was fixed at 5 pm (muhurth time) everyone got ready n came to pooja but still surya dev not got mood to wake up but he have to do his duty so sprayed few sunrays….. lightings was beautifully decorated by our boys as per Ragini’s design.

San: ragini…… u r looking damn hot in this red saree
Rag was abt to scold something bad……: don’t u have masala in ur skull? In pooja time hot vot…. Go from here before i’ll say something worst…she left from there.
San pov: in this early morning do you want this insult…….?

Vani removed the holy cloth from idol and Ganesh ji gave darshan to his lots of devotee. Boys pouring colour powders in air n said GANAPATHI BABBA MORAYA in full throated voice. Elder of the apartment showed Aarthi first then all took aarthi…… vani instructed to issue the sweets. Swaragini n few other girls issued sweets to all. Then all chatted n ate breakfast arranged by society.

Ragsan does pooja in their home.

San shouted from car “ragini n rest all come soon….. we have to go happy home fast….. already its 7:30am….. we should be there b4 8am or else sumi maa will finish us…..” all went to happy home n attend pooja there n at last came to their respective home.

San: ah….. I’m very tired….. at last got free at 11am……
Rag: haan…. I’m too very tired….
Swa: di… y don’t we go outing? Now a days we r not going outing properly….
Rag came out of kitchen while holding juice to all…… Rodi chasing each other and abt to hit rag….
Rag: hey…. Cant u see I’m holding juice…..?

Rodi didn’t pay any heed took juice glass from her plate n run out…..
Rag sat on sofa: what did u said? Outing?
San: haan…. Now a days r very boring….. have to go out…..
Rag: ok we can but where is this Harsha?
Swa: leave him di….. he will be in street corner with his useless friends….
San gives a look which means all girls r same while scolding man who is with friends……

KKKKKKKRRRRRRRRRR……… (calling bell sound)

Everyone wondered who is there in this festival days?
Rag: I’ll open she was abt to stand
San: u sit I’ll see…. He went and opened the door n shocked…… with shock uttered YOU?

Screen freezes with shocking face of Sanskar

To be continued………………..


“GOD is like OXYGEN u can’t see him but u can’t LIVE without him”

Who is the one at door? Any guess? Tell me through cmnt……. I know this chappy is short next chapter will be long as usual
By urs loving Aastha.

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  1. Fairy

    Wohoooo amaznggg update dr..
    .its reallly a sweeet story!!!
    I loved it!!!
    rags is such a stong grl..
    i loved her charecter..
    .u reallly potrayed dere lyf superbly….
    I cn imagine dere state…
    its soo nyc dat dey r together for eo.. 🙂 ..rags said correct dat she may cn live a lavish lyf bt not a happy lyf ,whch shez leadng wid sanky 🙂 :)…
    aasthu u r jst fabulous 🙂
    ..keeep rockng n stay blessed dr…
    waitng to know whiz dere??
    ?post nxt part sooon!!!
    love u lotzz..
    .tc doll 😉

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much dear….u loved rags character….. U feel their emotions….. Its big success for me dear. Ya she can live rich lyf not happy which sanky only can. Guess the person at door. Thnq sooooo much for fabulous cmnt. I love u my doll. Keep smiling n rocking

    1. Astha

      Thnq lovely

    1. Astha

      Thnq akka

  2. Inu

    Superb epi.

  3. Crystal089

    awesome ragini is strong loved her bold chacter ur story is really cute and awesome superb loved it

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooo much crystal

  4. Sreevijayan

    It was awesome my sis…love the bomd everyone share..bt i dint understand one thing..what is dt thing which sanskaar cant give ragini..dt made me bit confused…

    Waiting fr ur next update dear…

    1. Astha

      Thnq so much akka…. Edha san kuduka mudila…. Its suspense may be in next epi u can knew it.

  5. Awesome

    1. Astha

      Thnq CUTE ashu

  6. nice astha.ty r perfect fo eo.waiting to see their love life.stay blessed

    1. Astha

      Thnq so much akaashi

  7. Moni_ragz

    Awesome one… whos the person?? Make the outing little long so it wil be funny with ragsan romantic nd funny family moments..

    1. Astha

      Yar anda person guess pannunga. Length Panna try panren…. Thnq so much moni

      1. Moni_ragz

        I think its laksh.. im nt sure… make it swara’s pair.. nd harsha kuda oru pair vei.. it wil be fun..

    2. Astha

      Laksh…. Nyz try but its not laksh…. Ya laksh will be exist not now…. After sometime he will come. Harshad I already introduced his pair. Next epi padicha clear aydum.

  8. It was splendid dear…
    Intresting…….u rocked it der…
    Eagerly waiting fr nxt part dear

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much my dear chellam

  9. Superb dear.i guess he is laksh

    1. Astha

      Thnq so much dear but its not lax. Keep guessing

  10. Awesome

    1. Astha

      Thnq so much niriha dear

  11. Asw


    1. Astha

      Thnq so much Asw dear

  12. Awesome….just loved it..

    1. Astha

      Thnq so much sherin dear

  13. Ragz_teju

    awesome dear loved it

    1. Astha

      Thnq so much di

  14. Awesome Akka but who is that person at the door… apro Sanskar naala ragini Ku enna kuduka mudiyala?

    1. Astha

      Thnq so much chellam. But ashu yaar…. Sanky ala enna kuduka mudilangaratha wait panni par.

  15. Nice episode…ragini character is good..ragsanswahar bonding is superb….I loved it…antha person yaarunu therla..waiting for next update…maybe ragsan enemy ah kooda irukkalaam…next update eppa….

    1. Astha

      Enemy….. Papom….. Patha teriya pogudu. Thnq sooo much for loving their bond. Next update tmrw morning akka. Keep smiling

  16. Asra

    awesome akka…i loved ragini character akka…Andha person yaru nu Paka and Sanky ala yeadha kuduka mudiyathunu Paka aarvama iruken akka.. .
    eagerly waiting for nxt one akka…tkcr akka…

    1. Astha

      Thnq so much chellam.eagerly waiting…. Sure u can see tmrw morning dear. Keep smiling n take care

  17. Awesome epi..first part was emotional… sanskar ragini ya hot nu sonnathukku scold pannathu semma lol….i think she is preeti…just guess not sure….waiting for next epi…keep rocking… take care….

    1. Astha

      omg…. at least neengalavadu kandu pidichingale….. its preethi only…. i told u na jillunu oru kadjhal effect future chap la terium nu… thnq sooooooo much akka.

  18. Jazzy

    superb yaar but who is tge person

    1. Astha

      Thnw so much my dear di…. Who I the person? Wait one more hour to know…. In 1 hour u can see next chap on wattpad.

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