I love you Mrs Maheshwari (Episode 1)

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Hi guys i hope some know me. Im Ifza writer of swasan ts i love you. I’m  back with another swasan story. Hope you will like it. Let’s  start………….

Uttara bought me to  Sanskar’s room…..!!!!!That room which is now mine. Where i havd to live for my rest of life. She made me sit in the bed and with my veil covering  my face. She left saying that sanskar bhai would be coming in few minutes. My heart started beating fastly . I could hear that lab – thab beating of heart. She left the room closing the door.

Today is our first night. My first night with my husband   sanskar. I heard that he agreed to the marriage on his parents insistence . But frankly speaking I fell in love with him at the very first sight. But I  couldn’t express him. Maybe because I was bought up in that environment .  I am a very traditional and shy girl. And I don’t know how will I manage my first night…….

My thought broke. With the opening of the door.  I saw him through my veil. He entered the room. And bolted the room . He came and sat beside me on the bed. And my heart started beating fastly.  My nervousness rose .
He started speaking for.

Sanskar – look… I know it is our first night . But if you don’t want then we can have it some other time.

After listening  to  him .   I gain fell for his behaviour .  But I wanted it to happen. I know that I’m nervous  but I wanted it happen………

He was about to get up from the bed but what happens to me that I caught his hand shooking my head in no from the veil and made him sit down….  Maybe he understood  my intention and sat down more closely to me…….


He came close to me. I started breathing heavily . He removed my veil from my head. I was seeing down. He made me look towards him. I understood that he was mermerized  seeing me. But I don’t know what happened next. It made me startled.

He was upon me kissing my lips. Though it was a sudden action  I enjoyed it. I also started reciprocating  to Jim.  He started kissing my lips, my mouth wildly…. I kept mourning ……. But he kissed me harder and harder. . He kissed all my mouth and pecked my upper lip which started bleeding …. but I enjoyed his sweet torture…..

But he didn’t stop while kissing. He was kissing me with his lips but his hands were trolling  all over my body.. He removed the choli from my body .  And start caressing my my belly. In fact he was pressing my belly harder And I was mourning get .. He was simultaneously  kissing me and pressing my belly…..

Later we broke the kiss.. keep looked at me .. I could see his love .. His love to make me mine… without wasting any more time he again smashed his lips on mine … And this time his hands were busy untieing  my blouse….

In no time my blouse along with inner were down. He also removed his clothes. .. and we both are naked now…..

He again jumped on me….. He continued his kissing my lips  and with one hand he was thrusting my bre*sts . … I was mourning his name continuously . …

Like this it continued for a long time …. then he saw towards me and asked for permission  to enter into me…..I gave him the permission ……….

Then he entered into Me…… I literally shouted ….  hearing my shout he came out … but I wanted him to Continue …… So I assured to him that I am fine and asked him to continue .. He then again entered into me… again I shouted … but I felt this time pleasure …

He then came our after some time nd slept beside me smashing his lips on me…. and I cuddled into him and slept there peacefully ……

But I forgot to introduce  myself na…….. Oops sorry …. Myself Swara  Sanskar Maheshwari ……..

Thanks DeekshaReddy23 for writing the romance


Swara came from washroom wearing a saree. She looks towards bed and saw her husband sleeping peacefully hugging a pillow. She blushes remembering last night incidence and move towards dressing table. When she was going to fill her maang a hand stops her. She looks towards him through mirror and find sanskar standing back of her . She looks down in shyness. Sanskar smiles and make her wear mangalsutr and put sindoor on her maang.
He back hugs her wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzling his nose on her cheek.

You are looking beautiful(he whispers)
She was not able to look towards him due to shyness

He make her turn and kiss her forehead

Dining hall

Sujata – all come fast today my bahu has made the food

Ap – sujata did you call everyone
Su – ha jiji
San – who is coming here
Utt – bhai dont you know what is tomorrow
San – what is it
Su – tomorrow is swaras muh dhikai rasam
San – tomorrow
Su – ha and you should be here
San – so sorry mom  but i cant offi…….
Ap  – no ifs and but sanskar
Su – yesterday only you got married and  you need to go to office . I will not alllow you. I think that if you get married you will be responsible but no you cant. (Looks swara) this girl married and came with you in the belief that you will protect her and  will always be with her but you are leaving her in the first day itself.
Ap – sujatha bas..
San  – maa, mom i am not avoiding her i know she is my wife and i need to protect her and i will always protect her but office
Su – if you atleast love or care for her dont go to office
San – mo..(looks swara who was clutching her mangalsutra and looking worried) ok mom i will not go to office .
Swara looks relieved
Ap – now stop all these lets eat food

Dp – swara this is your nek food is very tasty

Swasan room

Sanskar came and saw swara standing near the window looking outside.
San -( back hugs her) what happend
Sw – no nothing (hides her tears)
San -(turns her) why are you crying
Sw – wo something gone to my eyes
San – (cups her face) are you missing your family
Sw – (nodes)
San – come
He makes her sit on the bed and he also sits beside her
He calls somebody
Voice from the call – hello jiju
San – hi rahul
Sw –  (happily) rahul
San – how are you
Rah – i am fine jiju.what about you
San – i am good . Hearing your sound i dont think you are fine right rahul
Rah – hmmm missing di
San – do you want to talk to her
Rah – yes . Os is she there
Sw – rahul
Rah  – di how are you
Sw – i am fine
Rah – are you crying
Sw – no (wipes her tears)
Rah – you cant lie to me
Sw – ok ok sorry i was missing you all thats why
Rah – dont cry you know na  i dont like tears in your eyes.
Sw- hmm you tell me where is mom and dad
Rah – they are not here they went to temple
Sw – you didnt go
Rah – ? no
Sw – rahul and you didnt go to school also
Rah – no di i have reason
Sw – oh what is it

Rah – yesterday was my dearest sister’s marriage and i was the one who look after all the preparation and i was very much tired.so i took  leave.
Sw – cor how many days is this leave
Rah – just for three days
Sw – if you didnt go then what about your girlfriends
Rah- di
Sw – hahahha ok ok
After sometimes
San – now you are okay right
Sw – hmm thanks
San – i think you forgot one thing which i said you in our engagement. Dosti main no sorry
Sw – no thank you
San – let ask  you something
Sw – hmm
San – when i said that i need to go to office and mom was not allowing me that time why did you clutch your mangalsutra
Sw – wo (blushes)

San – (back hugs her) come on
Sw – wo i only know you and i new here and dont know…
San – (turns her) if you are having any problem say to me nd i will be there with you . I know it will take some time  for you to be comfortable here but dont worry i will be there okay.
Sw – hmm . Do you have any work in office
San – always work is there but i think its not important more than you.
Swara blushes and looks at him he slowly lean towards her  lips and she start to breath heavily . He captures her lips to a passionate kiss and she too reciprocates it. They broke it when they need air. He hugs her .

Precap : long drive

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