Santoshi Maa 19th November 2016 Written *Maha* Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi seeing Santoshi and laughing. Santoshi asks a boy for the classes. The boy helps her and takes her to classes. The man asks Santoshi about her child’s age. She says I want to learn english. He says I m sorry, till where did you study. She says I did not study, can I learn language soon. He says you can learn in one month, you can take admission by paying fees. She thinks Dhairya will be happy with this. She goes to pay fees. Tinu runs to Sharmili and says something imp.

Sharmili says promise me you will not tell this to anyone. He agrees. The kids in the class fight and throw papers. Santoshi goes to class. Kids think she is teacher and greet her. She goes and sits with them. The kids look on. The teacher comes and explains them. He asks Santoshi not to worry, he will teach her after the class. The kids laugh on her. Devi Paulmi says every day Santoshi will be made a joke. Santoshi thinks she will succeed if she work hards. She tries and reads. Everyone clap.

Santoshi Maa says Santoshi’s determination will make her succeed. Dhairya and his client are on the way talking. Dhairya says I stay busy in work, driver will get my car. His friend compliments him about his wife, and asks what does she do. They get stuck in traffic. The man drives from other route. They see english coaching classes kids. Santoshi leaves from classes. Dhairya thinks what is she doing here. Santoshi gets shocked seeing Dhairya. His friend sees Santoshi. Santoshi greets them. Dhairya asks what are you doing here, sit in the car. He lies that Santoshi would be teaching english here. The man asks her to teach his son also. Santoshi thinks Dhairya is trapping me in lie. Devi Paulmi says Dhairya’s ego will hurt Santoshi so much that she will choose to lose.

Dhairya and Santoshi come home. She asks why did you lie, I want to learn english. Madhu hears them. Dhairya insults Santoshi. Madhu hides and hears their arguments. Dhairya asks Santoshi to shut up and not give me lecture, what will I tell my client, take rest at home. He goes. Santoshi thinks what is happening to Dhairya and prays to Maa to show him the way.

Santoshi Maa and Gaumata talk. Gaumata says there is hurdle in Santoshi’s success. Santoshi Maa says every person going towards success has to bear hurdles. Sharmili does puja arrangements alone. Daksha and Madhuri try to make hurdles and add sour things in prasad. Sharmili understands their plan. Daksha says if Sharmili doubts us, it will be big trouble.

Dhairya and Santoshi argue. He asks her not to bother him, he has many problems in his life. She asks him not to lie, its not good. He asks her not to take tension as it will affect baby. She tries to explain him. He asks her to go and sleep. Seshnath asks Sharmili to serve them food fast. Dadi praises the food. Sharmili gives the food plates to everyone. They cough. Dadi says food is fine, there is nothing sour. Sharmili confronts them for adding sour things in prasad, so they have to eat sour things now. Daksha and Madhuri say we will go and make food. Sharmili scolds them.

Its morning, the client Amar’s son comes home and greets Santoshi. She gives him the prasad. Amar comes and says you have to teach my son. Santoshi says I m very glad meeting the boy. Amar says I want my son’s english to get better. Madhu thinks whats the mater going on. Dhairya says don’t worry, Santoshi will teach him. Ujwal thinks why did Dhairya lie to Amar. Dhairya asks Amar to send his son to room, Santoshi will manage. Amar says I m sure of that. Dhairya asks how to manage this situation.She says i m trapped by your lies. He says I have to go for meeting, else it can be problem. Santoshi asks Kaki to explain Djairya, not to lie.

Santoshi tell them everything. Madhu smiles. Kaka asks why did you go there. Santoshi says I wanted to study, if I studied before, I would have not seen this day. Santoshi goes to the little boy and thinks what to do. She sees Dhairya teaching him. Devi Paulmi laughs. Dhairya asks Santoshi to go and rest, he will teach the boy.

Gaumata says Santoshi will be hurt by Dhairya’s behavior. Santoshi Maa says truth is not afraid if anyone. Dhairya asks Santoshi to go, he will manage. Madhu is in market and says I m seeing this day because of Santoshi. She thinks to do something. She sees a mother scolding her son for not studying well. She asks her to send kid to good tutor, I know someone who teaches kids for free for kids’s future. The lady gets interested. Mddhu smiles. The lay takes the address. Lady says thanks, I will tell this to everyone, Santoshi I will teach you a lesson. Gaumata says Madhu is trying to increase troubles for Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says its because of Dhairya’s deeds, she is ideal wife and knows if she says truth, Dhairya will get insulted and can make lie his basis of life, don’t worry, Santoshi believes her husband, he will say truth, else he has to lose name. Santoshi worries that Amar’s son will be coming now. He gets coaching class teacher’s call. He asks why did you not come. She says I was busy, I will come. He asks her to come and take fees back, be sincere if you want to learn, else I will remove you from school. She says i will tell truth to Amar ji today. Devi Paulmi says its impossible to join shattered pic. Dhairya has lied a lot of times and now even Santoshi Maa can’t save you. She laughs.

Seshnath and Madhuri refuse to have sour food. Sharmili says fine, I will get good food, tell me who added sour thing in the prasad. They blame Daksha. Sharmili doubts and says if you do any mistake, I will see you and Daksha. Santoshi Maa says its not good to revenge reply for a revenge, Sanoshi will make problems away, you have seen it, Dhairya will value her soon. Madhu goes to Ankur and talks in riddle. He asks her whats the matter. She says you will be glad knowing this, i did something that Santoshi’s state will get worse. Ankur gets excited to know.

Everyone get shocked seeing so many kids. Dhairya says its good, the more the merrier, go. He asks the parents to go home. Amar also leaves. Dhairya asks Santoshi why did she overreact. Madhu and Ankur laugh seeing this. Madhu says this is called feeling shame. He says superb mom.

The kids jump on the bed and play. Santoshi says I was saying….. till when will this go on, why don’t you tell truth. He asks how to tell truth. Amar’s son asks them to leave him home early. Dhairya and Santoshi start arguing, Madhu asks Ankur how did he like her game. He says mind blowing. She says we will see what Santoshi does now, Amar can cancel business deal knowing the truth. Madhu says poor Santoshi.

Dhairya asks Santoshi to manage. Amar’s son understand she does not know anything. Devi Paulmi laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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