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Hello Everyone!!! It’s Annie and Neha. Guess what is today? It’s finally the day of the results. It has been such an amazing experience with all our our dexterous authors who have given their absolute best. While judging it was arduous for us to pick a winner because all of the entries were awe-inspiring in their own way.

A big gratitude and appreciation towards all the participants because you have put so much time and effort into composing these 3 shots. All the participants deserves a round of applause because they took part and exhibited the power of love and life through their writing. Winning is not everything. Even if you didn’t make it to the top-3, you still had the nerves and you pulled off your entries beautifully and with confidence. Even though everyone was splendiferous there is always a victor, a champion. But we will get to that later.

Firstly let’s talk about the entries. We received 14 entries and each of them was written with disparate concepts and preeminent plot points. Thank you so much for making this competition run smoothly and also for giving us the chance to read such awesome writings.

Now let’s start all the revelation. We have talked a lot about our proficient authors and let’s shift towards the super judges who helped to make this competition fair, well judged and also contributed in its completion. So a big thank you, for your precious grading points.
So the fantabulous judges are:
1. Neha.love7873 (the wondrous organizer)
2. Anahitaannie (me ?)
3. Rishika
4. Baby
5. Anonymousaa
6. Dhruti.

These judges can give the winners and rewards or shouts outs if they want!
These 6 super people helped a lot!!! And they definitely deserves a prize!!! Their interview will be taken along with the winners.

And now, let’s reveal who were the talented authors of all of the entries! There were 14 entries in this competition.

Entry-1: Shikz
Entry 2:Priyu
Entry 3: Riana
Entry 4: Anee
Entry 5: Mona_2005
Entry 6: Fidato
Entry 7: Devihaa
Entry 8: Ruch23
Entry 9: A12345
Entry 10: Praneetha
Entry 11: Ananyagour
Entry 12: Aarti32
Entry 13: Niyati
Entry 14: Aamna

Thank you to all 14 of these amazing individuals for participating and writing such well composer articles. All of you did really great.

And now the big moment. We finally get to know the winners. The top scorers were decided based on the scores from Levels 1,2,3. The scores were a cumulative of votes of the audience and scores submitted by the judges.

So, the Second runner up is:
Entry-2, author is Priyu.

A big applause for this wonderful participant. Her interview will be taken and will be posted soon. She will get shout-out in TU activity section and one of my articles. She also has bragging rights.
Link to her entries:


Now, the first runner-up is:
Entry-14, author is Aamna

A big applause for this lovely participant. Her interview will be taken and will be posted soon. She will get shout-out in TU activity section and two of my articles. She also has bragging rights.

Link to her entries:


And now finally the winner! She had very creative and well written entries.

So the winner is:
Entry-8, author is RuCh23

A big applause for this dexterous  participant. Her interview will be taken and will be posted soon. She will get shout-out in TU activity section and three of my articles. I’ll write an OS on her favorite couple,(if she wants).She also has bragging rights.

Link to her entries:


Congratulations to the winners!! And authors  who could not participate due to exams or unfavorable time, there will be more competitions like this. And those who did not make it to the top three.You participated that is what matters!

And that is all for this Competition. Thank you to all the participants, readers, judges and Neha who organized this amazing event. We really appreciate everyone who made the smooth completion of this competition possible.

I wish everyone a happy summer and also enjoy your vacations if they started. It was a great experience and hope the next half of 2018 turns out to be great for everyone.

With this update I pull the curtains on this competition! Excellent work everyone!!!

With Loads of love,
Neha and Annie. ❤

Article courtesy : Annie ?‍⚖️

You can find all competition entries on THIS PAGE.

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  1. Niyati

    Congratulations to all the winners . Ruwani , Priyu & Aamna Congo to u all .Thank u so much all judges & Neha di for ur efforts ? ?

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Niyu ???

    2. Priyu

      Love you so much niyuuu ??

      1. Niyati

        Love u too both Ru & Priyu ? ?

  2. Riana

    Neha and other judges you guyz did a grt job ! And Congratulations to three of you (Ruwani, Aamna & Priyu) ???…Grt writings !…

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Riana ???

    2. Priyu

      Thank you so much Riana di ???

  3. Praneetha

    Congratulations all the winners

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you Praneetha ???

    2. Priyu

      Thank you so much ?

  4. Anee

    Awwww… ? ? ?…..My fav Author Ru won the competition I’m so so so soooo happy….Congratulations Ru and all 2 authors Aamna and Priyu…. Guys you did great work…..

    Nehuu, Annie (my princess) , Bebu, Dhru, Rishi and baby You guys did great work…… thankx for your efforts… Bye Guys… Stay safe and happy.

    1. RuCh23

      Thank you so much for your warm words dear ??? you’re entry was so beautiful I just loved it ???

    2. Priyu

      Thank you so much ??

  5. RuCh23

    Wow…. seriously… WOW!! ??? I’m still not believing this completely!! Thank you so much!! Honestly I’ve read all twenties and all of them were so beautiful. Don’t know how I managed to get this but thank you so much all of you for voting me ???. And dear judges, you too ???. Congratulations to Aamna and Priyu and all the other participants, you’re winners too ???. So about this OS reward, ??? is it from both Neha and Annie? Or from one of you? Either way your definitely writing that ??? it will the best gift ???. Last but not least, thank you Neha for coming up with this competition… I enjoyed it a lot. Both writing and reading. Love you all ???

    1. Priyu

      Thank you so much ? congratulations ????

  6. Priyu

    ??????thank you so much for conducting this competition ????? thank you so much all the judges ?? I didn’t think there will be so many judges?? ????thank you so much again ?? ?I’m so lucky to be a part of the fandom who voted on my story ??????? Bepannah pyaar hai thumse ? and Neha Didi I troubled you alot asking whether you received my email or not ???pardon me for that ? And you wrote a FAQ for this one ?I was Soo happy to read it. ?
    I wish that you will be able to conduct more and more competitions like this ? for all the judges ??
    Congratulations Ru Amna ? i really think that you guys deserve these awards by reading comments ? good luck for your future works.?

    And congratulations all who participated ?? your stories we’re Awesome ?

    Thank you everyone who made me aware of this place ? niyuu love you so much because of you I got to know about this competition ???????

    Annie ?you have written the article so well ?I must say , each and every competition you conduct become a super success ??

    1. Niyati

      Aww….Priyu,I want party & love u too infinity times ? ?

      1. Priyu

        ??? Sure ?? will give in weekend niyuuu ??

  7. Ruuu, Priyu, Amna congooo guys…. Party?????

  8. Fidato

    Heartiest congratulations to all the winners….

    1. Fidato

      Thank you Annie and Neha…

  9. Negisanyukta

    Congratulations to all deserving winners.U all have done a fabulous job.???

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