Three Shot Competition (Level 3 ) Entry 2

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Shot 3: last shot.

Zoya was about to finish her coffee but she realized that it has been 15 minutes since Aditya went outside.

So, she thought of checking on him as to why he takes so much time.

She went towards the front door, opened it and looked around. She saw Adithya still engaged on phone. She went towards him, and at the same time he ended his call and turned back.

He saw Zoya and started speaking, “Zoya I was attending a very important call. I have to leave now for a important work. Let’s have a chat tomorrow ok? I hope you don’t mind.”

Zoya was disheartened at first but felt a bit of happiness as Aditya himself said that they will talk tomorrow.

She nodded her head, and said “Sure, no problem” Adithya looked at her, gave a smile and went after greeting. Zoya stood there watching his steps and after that she too headed home.

Noor opened the door for her Appi who was standing in front. She expressed her complaints, “Appi where were you? Why did you get so late? Did anything happened on the way?”

Zoya smiled and got inside. “Yes something happened.” Noor was quite anxious now. “What happened Appi? Is everything alright?”

“Everything is alright more than before” She was smiling. Noor understood her happiness. “Appi, won’t you share your experiences with me?” “Of course why not” then both the sisters headed upstairs.

Zoya narrated the whole story to Noor. How she called Aditya, how she went late to restaurant and how they had a small conversation. It was a big thing for her. Noor was also happy because her Appi was happy too.

After narrating the whole story Zoya and Noor were about to leave, but surprisingly Zoya’s phone started ringing. Noor grabbed the phone while Zoya payed no attention.

“Tomorrow evening at same restaurant” Noor spoke loudly. Zoya was surprised and happy too. They both shared a wide smile thinking about the next evening.

“Appi , you always go out and have many foods . I also want some ? take me with you tomorrow please please”

Zoya looked at her surprised. “Let’s go in the morning. Why should we wait for evening”

Noor was about to say something but Zoya interfered and said , , Ok done final ”

She went from there and Noor got upset . ” I thought of spying on Appi and Aditya but what happened now”

“No problem. Noor will find out a way ”

That night Zoya went to sleep early thinking of Aditya and her talks. She was too happy. And Noor was busy thinking of a plan to spy on her Appi.

Next morning………


Zoya and Noor were looking at the menu. “Why don’t we order hot chocolates?” . Noor was deeply thinking so she didn’t hear what Zoya was telling her.

“Noorrrr?” Zoya called her little loudly which made Noor come to her senses. “Ha Appi anything you like”

“But we came here to have what you like. So you should select”

Noor noded her head and grabbed the menu to find something.


As it was a Saturday Zoya didn’t have office work. So she went to the same restaurant which Adi and she met yesterday directly from home.

She reached there and got seated on a chair near the window as Aditya was still not to be seen anywhere.

This time Aditya was the one who came late. He came to Zoya and apologized for being late while Zoya said it’s fine. He got seated in front of Zoya. Aditya was quite nervous today. Unlike other days he was looking here and there instead of looking at the menu or talking with Zoya.

Zoya noticed this and asked “What happened?” Aditya was numbed for a while and , “Actually wo……” He was about to say something but noticed that someone who was sitting on a near by table was secretly looking at them. She was Noor. Aditya noticed that it was Zoya’s sister and was excited.

He stood up as if he was so happy , Zoya looked at him surprisingly. “Adi where are you going?” Then Aditya realized that he was not giving much attention to Zoya . He felt bad of course. But still he said, “Zoya look there , ” he showed Noor, who was looking at them hiding her face behind the Menu. Zoya looked at the direction where Aditya pointed.

She also noticed that it was Noor. Noor understood that she got caught and started to explain but was stopped by Aditya, “You are Zoya’s sister right then why are you sitting on another table? Come and join us” Zoya was quite surprised to his gesture. Aditya noticed this but didn’t change his decision.

Noor came there with much hesitation thinking that her Appi will blame her. Zoya was continuously glaring at Noor who was standing in front.

Aditya spoke ,”Get seated here, after all I have an important question to ask you!” Noor was afraid listening this thinking that he will question about her presence there. Zoya also nodded thinking the same.

Now the three of them were sitting around the table. Noor was looking down. Zoya and Aditya were glaring at her. Aditya started speaking.

“Your name is Noor right? You are lucky to have a sister like Zoya”
Noor looked at him from a split second and smied still in a disbelief of his questions.

“I want to ask something from you” Aditya said. Noor nodded and said in a bit sad voice, “Ask please” she was still looking down.

“Will you give your sister to me for the rest of her life?” Noor became a statue as well as Zoya. She was overwhelmed because Aditya didn’t question about her presence.

“Of course of course take Appi with you. No problem” she said. Aditya was relieved now. Zoya was still shocked at Adi’s question to Noor. Now she looked down. Aditya now moved his eyes towards her and said, “I got permission” ?

Zoya was blushing hard. ?


– The End –

Thank you everyone who read this story

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