Ek Deewana Tha 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyom and Sharanya say I love you to each other

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Ek Deewana Tha 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radhika is walking in the corridor when Doc and nurses wheel Vyom outside. She thinks of their past. Title track plays in the background as past moments flash before her eyes. She runs up to him and says his name with emotions. She holds his hand. Are you alright? He nods. She is relieved to hear it. Doc says it is no less than miracle that you survived after that injury. Vyom says irrespective of my wounds, I am fine now. That’s what matters. He asks Radhika if she will take him to his room. She happily agrees. Vyom remembers overhearing Radhika and KK’s conversation. Even though 25 years have passed, I finally heard what I have been dying to hear it. I would have been better if she would have called me Vyom instead but we will reach there very soon. Vyom’s Sharanya and Sharanya’s Vyom. Radhika keeps thinking of the past.

She brings Vyom to his room. He thinks to act sad. Let me play the character. Radhika asks him if he is still upset. He says I have nothing left to be happy about. Everyone left me one by one. shivani left me and even my parents left me when I was a kid. I don’t understand why those, who I loved with all my heart, broke my heart. I am only left with this movie now. I just hope that this movie completes. Radhika tells him it wont be possible. Krish left.

KK angrily breaks stuff in his room. He thinks of his and Radhika’s verbal duel. A song is playing in the background. Her refusal towards him echoes in his head.

Vyom asks her why everyone is leaving him. Now Krish also left. He acts to be in pain. She asks him how it happened. When did you come to the basement? He says I don’t know. I did not find you in your room and came to basement absentmindedly. I saw a rod which was coming towards you. I simply stepped in between. She asks him if he did not think about himself even once. He says I did not even once think of that. I only thought that I only have to save your life. She demands to know the reason.

Vyom says I never told anyone this but I always felt a special connection towards you. Since I am here, I want to marry Shivani, I love her very much but I never got the answer about this connection that I feel towards you. Everyone left me except you. Why? She says it is the same reason for which you risked your own life and saved mine. You were right. There is some connection between us. I also felt it always but I never said this to you. He asks her if she also feels that ways. She nods. She keeps the glass aside and holds his hand. Now I feel this relation is age old. He lies that he does not believe in reincarnation. She says neither did I but now I believe it! She shows the photos to Vyom. He thinks Sharanya believes whatever I want her to. These photos are the reason why Shivani lost her life but they are only bringing Sharanya closer to me. They are our photos. She nods. They are from the previous birth when we loved each other. We even got married to each other. Vyom is happy to have hit bull’s eye. Radhika shares that she could see some blurred memories when she stepped in that house. I can now see them clearly. I can tell you what could have happened in the past. You used to sing while I used to write. We became friends, very good friends and we fell in love. We decided to tell our parents but met with an accident. You got me out of shock with your love and we got married. He asks her if they are bound to be together. It isn’t a mere coincidence. She nods. We took birth to complete our incomplete love. Our journey was very tough. We had many enemies – Rajan Uncle and Madhvi Aunty. They only separated us in the last birth which is why we met again in their house in this birth. Maybe they recognized us and sent Shivani away. They only are behind her disappearance. Vyom thinks it to be the magic of his true love.

Radhika says you might find it strange but he calls it right. I used to dream of us being together lately. I thought it was an illusion but now I realise it was our past birth. She walks away a little. He stands up and walks up to her. Don’t cry anymore. You have cried enough. Now we will achieve everything in this birth that we couldn’t do in last birth. Vyom says I love you Radhika and she says I love you Vyom as they hug. Vyom heaves a sigh of relief. Everything is fair in love and war!

KK wonders why Radhika fails to understand that he loves her truly. I cannot even die without you! You chose Akash over me. I don’t care if that story of rebirth is true or not but I wont leave you! I am coming.

Precap: Vyom tells Freddy that Sharanya too loves him. Doc tells KK that Vyom is 52 years old. He has done a lot of surgeries and stuff to make himself look fit. KK thinks if this is true then Radhika does not know what danger she is in.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Poor kk. It is very clear that radhika is lying. Especially the scene when she said that she and vyom were going to talk about their marriage to Sharanya’s parents. But that scene was between shiv and sharanya. But it is confusing why she got scared of thinking shiv’s ghostly appearance. Maybe they are trying to fool us.

  2. Poor kk. It is very clear that radhika is lying. Especially when she said that she and vyom were going to talk about their marriage to their parents. But that scene was between shiv and sharanya. Toh phir usne aise kyu kaha? And it’s confusing why she got scared of thinking about shiv’s ghostly appearance?

  3. i felt really bad for shiv a.k.a kk,happy that he is not ready to give up on his love so easily.i dont know what is radhika upto??if she is planning something than she should involve kk otherwise i dont think her plan would be successful.i just want a happy ending for ShivAnaya a.k.a KriDhika.

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