Three Shot Competition ( Level 3 ) Entry 8

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Deceiving You… My Love!

Sanchi and Kabir met through an accident. Later they met again in an orphanage where SDCH had held a free medical camp for children. Kabir’s dad Anand Kapoor find out Sanchi is his long lost best friend’s daughter and the said best friend and his wife already passed awaySanchi and Kabir got married with everyone’s blessings. After some time to the marriage, they fell in love. Sanchi revealed a truth that shocked everyone and left Kabir in pain.


A bright light, powerful morning sun rays was what dragged Kabir out of his slumber, next morning. Groaning about having a bad headache, he opened his eyes. Seeing his wife sleeping peacefully making his chest her pillow, his face instantly broke in to a smile forgetting all about his headache. He took his time to admire her but suddenly last night’s incidents hit him like a painful shock wave. His smile took a 180° turn making sadness engulf him. She opened her eyes, adjusting her vision to the light and saw her husband who would greet her happily in the morning was lost in thoughts. His features screamed the pain he was feeling and she was the reason for it.


Without letting her say a complete word, he got off from the bed and disappeared to the bathroom.

Within an hour all family members sat around a table to discuss what to do next.

“Ok then everyone remember what you have to do?”

“Haa Anand”

“Yeah dad”

Kabir was the only one silent. “Hmm when will they come?” He asked in monotone.

“7 p.m. sharp” Sanchi replied knowing his question was directed to her.


The clock striked 7 and around 10 men in black appeared all over the house. The Kapoor’s were tied to chairs in their own living room with Sanchi tied in the middle. A man walked around them holding a gun.

“Wow!! Dr. Anand Kapoor!! The owner of SDCH, one of the best hospitals in the country! And his wife… Namaste Mata ji..! Remember me? I’m Vikrant Chawla! I must say Dr. Anand Kapoor, I’m so delighted to see you tied up like this!! Sorry Mata ji, it’s your husband’s fault that you are here too.” He said holding Savitri’s hand.

“Don’t you dare touch our mother!!” Both Veer and Kabir yelled angrily.

“You’re tied up and yet you have the nerve to shout at me like this? Hahahahaha as expected from Dr. Veer, and… Dr. Kabir… my Sanchi’s so called husband!” He said throwing a wink at Sanchi.

Sanchi cringed at his words. Kabir’s head snapped towards her in question.

“Oh ho!! Sorry meri jaan! I forgot to untie you!” Vikrant untied her quickly. He noticed Kabir’s eyes were still on her and smirked evilly. “Kabir Kapoor…, do you know why I untied her? Because she’s my beloved!”

Kabir’s eyes widened as well as the others. San chi took out a gun and pointed it towards Kabir.

“Haa… you didn’t know did you? I’m her boyfriend!!” Vikrant smiled triumphantly while Kabir tried to analyse his wife’s reaction. And she looked completely disgusted.

Not noticing any of it he continued. “She was your wife but never yours. Look how beautiful she is pointing a gun to your head. My Sanchi..!!”

Kabir took another glance from Sanchi and chuckled. It made Vikrant angry. “Is it funny to you? You’re tied to a chair and a gun pointed to your head! That’s funny to you?”

“Hahaha are you sure she’s your Sanchi? And what did you say? ‘She was my wife but never mine’. Hahaha”

“Why are you laughing?” Vikrant was enraged.

Kabir smiled at Sanchi and continued to provoke him. “Because Sanchi is mine and mine alone!!

Veer chuckeld and Anand and Savitri tried to hide their smile at their son’s open possessiveness. Sanchi looked at him in disbelief as if to say, ‘Why are you provoking him?’

“What did you just say?” Vikrant was about to shoot him but someone kicked his had making the gun fall. “Baby what are you doing?” He asked from Sanchi who was pointing her gun to his head now. Just then, a group of 4 masked people entered and started to beat his henchmen and tie them. And they untied the Kapoors and instructed them to stay away not going closer to Vikrant.

“This, Vikrant is… the truth!!” She smiled sweetly. “Girls!!”

4 masked people removed their masks.

“Your friends?”

“Yeah Vicky, Pragya, Isha, Riya & Ayesha!! My childhood friends as well as… CBI officers!!”

“What are you saying baby?”

Stop calling me baby!! It’s Sanchi!! CBI officer Sanchi Mishra! And you’re under arrest Vikrant Chawla!”

“For what? And what’s this drama?”

“It’s not a drama. You’re arrested for murdering my parents!”

Kapoor’s had another shock. She had told them her parents died in an accident but now it’s a different story. Yesterday Sanchi told them that Vikrant is trying to take revenge from them because of how his parents died. Not about how her parents related to the story.

“Sanchi are you out of your mind? What did these people do to you? They killed your family!! They took your childhood from you!! It’s all this Anand Kapoor’s fault!!”

“No, they didn’t do anything, it’s all your fault!! You took away my childhood!! You killed my parents!!”

He stood there stunned.

“Hahaha what? You didn’t expect me to know the truth did you?”

“What truth? This is all a lie!”

“A lie? Hahaha you’re saying what I saw with my eyes is a lie? My dear so called cousin… how stupid of you? Did you honestly thought that there was no one else in my house the night you came? You came there and got in to an argument with my papa and maa hid me inside a cupboard getting scared of you. And then you shot him!! You shot him when my maa pleaded you not to!! Then you shot her too!! I was there inside that cupboard, witnessing all of it. You killed them because of few thousands of money he owed. A 16 year old brat killed them. You took away my whole life from me because of few thousands!!” Her words overwhelmed everyone in that room. Other than Sanchi’s friends, Kapoor’s couldn’t comprehend what she might’ve been through all these years.

“Imagine what kind of trauma an 8 year old little girl would go through when she see her parents getting killed? Then I saw sent to the orphanage and dad adopted me. Rakesh Singhania… your uncle. Dad was a wonderful person even if he was doing all these illegal things. He tried to give me a family. He tried to give me what you took away from me. You were jealous when he adopted me. You thought I’ll take away his property that should be yours. But when you realized I was such a kind and innocent girl, you pretended to accept me. You fooled dad well but not me. You did all that for your own selfish reasons to get Kapoors killed!”

“So you played a love drama with me?”

“Love drama? I never let you even hold my hand. You assumed all that and I didn’t corrected you. Besides, it’s not like you really love me. You were just using me.”

“I did love you baby, I still do. Now explain how you’re a police officer!” Vikrant wanted Sanchi to keep talking until he figure out a way to escape from the trap she had gotten him in to.

“Oh that! I went to college in Mumbai remember? You thought I was studying to be a software engineer but I was actually in police academy. I did my degree too so no one would suspect me. There I was trained along with my friends. Any more questions?” She asked sounding bored.

He quickly picked up his gun and pointed to Kabir.

“Vikrant, put the gun down or I’ll shoot you!!”

“You have you story Sanchi. I have mine. My parents died because of Anand Kapoor!!”

“Your father died because of a cancer. Dr. Anand Kapoor who you’re blaming so much, did everything he could to save him. But he died and your mother took her own life by suicide!! How is it their fault?”

“No!! Today he will lose his child. Then he’ll understand!!” Vikrant looked like a maniac and he pulled the trigger. Sanchi came in front and got shot instead of Kabir.

“Sanchi..!!” Both Vikrant and Kabir yelled. Kabir tried to run to her but she surprised him by shooting Vikrant’s leg.

You dare to shoot my husband? I wanted to kill you but I stopped because of dad and these people. One good thing that came out of this recent is this family. I got the family I never had!! If I had killed you, they would see me in jail and dad would be sad. He knew you’re a killer yet he loved you. But if you dare to harm anyone I love, it will be the end of you!!

Not taking her warning seriously, he tried to shoot again. This time Sanchi shot his hand. More police came and took Vikrant away. Everyone came to their senses when Sanchi fell to the ground.


She saw Kabir holding her just before she lose consciousness. She smiled seeing his concern. “I love you Kabir…” he cried hugging her.

“Why are you doing this now Sanchi? Now your revenge is over. Vikrant is in jail. Your parents got justice. Why can’t you and Kabir solve the difference between you two and stay happy?”

2 weeks later Sanchi got discharged from the hospital and came home. She gave divorce papers for Kabir to sign. Now she’s packing her clothes.

“Maa… I lied to you!! I deceived all of you!!”

“But you never did any harm to us na beta”

“It’s all complecated maa. I can’t come back in your lives…”

“What about Kabir? Don’t you love him?”

“It doesn’t matter anymore… my decision is taken”

Savitri stood and walked slowly to the door. She stopped in the middle of the entrance so she could see what’s happening in both Sanchi’s room and outside. “But can you see him with someone else?” Sanchi looked at her with tear filled eyes. “Can you let him go, Sanchi?”

“I’ll die….” her lips escaped those words as her tears roll down her cheeks.

Savitri’s lips tugged up in a gentle smile. She glanced at the figure that was leaning against the wall outside the room. **I knew you would listen Kabir! I gave you a closure. Now it’s up to you to stop your love from leaving…!!**

It was her indeed her son. He had been listening to his mother’s and his wife’s conversation. He had been hopeful when his mother asked Sanchi whether she loves him. But her answer left him in pain. But the answer she gave to her mother when she asked is she could see him with another, brought him a ray of hope. He’s clutching his chest to stop his raised heartbeat with closed eyes.

Her voice came again. “I have already decided to leave from his life…”

This time Kabir appeared on her vision, beside his mother. “What if I won’t let you?” He asked.

Savitri disappeared without them realizing.

Sanchi looked away.

“Hey… I’m talking to you!”

“I don’t have anything to talk with you” she ignored him and started to close her suitcase hastily.

He took a hold of her hand and stopped her. “Don’t ignore me when I’m talking… look at me!” He turned her face to him. “Look. At. Me!!”

She met his eyes unwillingly, knowing well that she can’t go anywhere from his eyes. “There! I am looking at you! Now let me go!!” She tried to sound irritated.

“I didn’t accept these hands in mine to let go…”

She couldn’t pretend anymore when he said that. She cried. He wiped her tears and touched her forehead with his.

“Do you know the last thing that you said that day before you’re taken to to the hospital? You said you love me. Do you have any idea how I felt? I thought I lost you!! I lost my life!! I have yelled at you for hiding things and lying to me. I wanted to stay angry with you… hate you… But I couldn’t. I love you too much to hate you. You’ve been through so much bravely. My brave Sanchi… I’m sorry for not understanding earlier, if I was in your place, I don’t know what I’ll do. But now all that is over me. I can’t let you go… please… don’t go… don’t leave me…”

She hugged him crying more mumbling “sorry” and “I love you”

He replied saying “I know you love me, but I love you more!!

A little bit of arguments about who loves whom more and sweet word later, both came down to meet others, Savitri, Anand, Veer and her friends Isha, Pragya, Riya and Ayesha. All welcomed them happily as they stepped down hand in hand.

Right now, it was the happiest moment in Sanchi’s life. She had a caring mother and a father, I stupid brother-in-law, a loving husband and a crazy group of friends who can’t stop teasing her about Kabir managing to change her decision to stay back. Getting annoyed by their constant teasing, she put her tongue out at them and hugged her husband wrapping her arms around his waist. Others laughed at her antics while she looked up to meet Kabir’s eyes who wrapped one arm around her shoulder with a smile.

They both have a long journey ahead in their life, but for now, they will savour this moment with their lives ones without worrying for the troubles that would come in their way. Just like the first day she met him, it’s another bright day….

That’s how their story continues….


So that’s the end of the story. Hope you all enjoyed it!! If you like it please press the like button and if you have time, don’t forget to leave a comment!! Love you…!!!


So that’s it ?. I must say I really enjoyed participating in this competition!! ? anyway… I’ll stop now. Good night ??

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