Three Shot Competition (Level 3) Entry 7

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Story name : just I love you!

Happy reading.

Precap: riya to propose someone whose name start with ‘L’. Ragini doubts where is it Laksh?

At college.

“Laksh! Laksh! Laksh! ..where this duffer went? ” thinks ragini while searching him in the college. And finally she spots him with riya, who was holding his hand.
“Riya dont worry.. just open your heart out! ” says Laksh caressing her hand.
“What they are doing by holding each other’s hand? ” Ragini thinks annoyed and goes to them.
“Laksh come with me right now!” Says Ragini grabbing his hand.
“Ragini please.. there is something important, I need to discuss with him..!” Riya says holding his other hand.
“No! He’ll come with me..” says Ragini pulling him a little towards her.
“Nope! Laksh will stay with me.” Says riya pulling him.
“Will you both stop it haan!!” Laksh interrupts.
“Ragini you go to class, I’ll come after talking with riya..” says Laksh and turns to riya. Riya gives a victorious smile which irked Ragini.
She without paying attention to anyone just dragged Laksh to the parking slot.

“What the hell you were doing with her? ” asks Ragini gritting her teeth.
“Wait a second…why are you getting hyper? ” asks laksh confused.
“She proposed you na..and what did you say..?? Tell me..??” She asks holding his collar.
“Oh! Hello..who said she proposed me?” Asks Laksh.
Ragini looks at him confused while he continues.
“She’s going to propose lokesh…not me! She was just asking me tips..!” Says laksh as a matter of fact.

Ragini leaves his collar and looks down embarrassed. Laksh smirks looking at her.
“But why are you getting jealous?” He asks mockingly.
Ragini looks at him at once and turns to other side murmuring “I’m not jealous!”

Laksh smiles widely looking at her, who was trying to find some answer. Yup! It’s true that she got jealous. She was not able to digest that her Laksh will become someone’s else. But why? Whats the reason?
She’s hell confused and is trying to figure out what’s in her heart.
“Of course you are!!” Said laksh in a husky voice keeping his chin on her shoulder.
Ragink closes her eyes feeling his hot breathe near her neck. She clutched her kurta tightly and thinks.
“You are right Laksh. . But why? Why I’m getting jealous? Why your proximity with others is affecting me?”
“You wanna know why?” He asks as though he read her mind.
Ragini opens her eyes at once and turns around looking at him surprisingly.
Laksh smirks and pulls her to him wrapping his strong arms around her delicate waist and her soft hands were on his hard toned chest.
He moves closer to her and she closes her eyes gently. He says in a whisper near her ear
“Because you love me! ”
Laksh parts away from her with a wide smile. While Ragini opens her eyes and looks at him with mixed expressions. Her eyes displayed shock, surprise, confusion and many undescribed emotions.
Laksh starts to walk backwards facing her with a huge and contented smile murmuring “yes!!” softly.
(Now he was 15ft away from her)
“Yes! You love me! are in love Ragini! ! Ragini Gadodia loves Laksh Maheshwari. .!!” He shouts spreading his arms. He winks at her and runs
“I …love..him..??” She asks herself confused.
The morning bell rang bringing her back and also reminding her about the class she has to attain!

Ragini is seen sitting in the class, bitting her nails worried.
Laksh smirks looking at her and sits beside her. Ragini notices Laksh and was about change her place, but the professor entered the class. Ragini without no choics sits with him.
The professor starts the lecture and all were busy takinv notes including Laksh. But for Ragini, she was in her own world. She was continuously thinking “I love him??”.

“Ragini! ..!” the professor’s voice brought her back.
“Yes..sir” she replied in a trembling voice getting up from her seat.
“Where are you lost?? I’m observing you from the beginning” questions the strict professor.
Ragini looks down finding some excuses, Laksh winks at her making her hell shocked.
“Ragini!!!”shouts the professor.
“I love him???” Blurts out Ragini and shuts eyes tightly for revealing what was in her mind.

The whole class including the professor looks at her shocked. While Laksh was controlling his laughter. Though Ragini said it in a questioning way. Everyone concluded that she is in love with someone. The whole class knew she went on a date with Rohan. But looking at him badly plastered, they were kinda sure that it’s not him.

“What?? Whom you love???”asks the professor coming out from the shock!
“Hmm. .sir..wo..I..” stammers Ragini thinking what to say.
“Who?” Roars the professor.
“I love you sir!” She just said what was coming to her mind.
And later bites her tongue realising what mess she created. It was a double shock for the class while Laksh was giggling enjoying all these dramas.
“What?” Questions the professor still in shock.

And now she has to cook some stories to clear the mess she created. And she began her story.
“Hmm…yes sir..! Wo..actually what means..after coming hostel. .I really missed my dad.. but..but..whenever I see you…I .. I feel like seeing my father” she finished her story with so many gaps between each word as she was hunting words to built her story.
The whole class was giggling listening to her speech.

“Silence!!!” Shouted the professor.
The giggling stoped and all put on a serious face expecting what he would reply
“ know what I really wanted a daughter when my wife was pregnant. But instead a useless son was born.. but now I’m really that I got a daughter like you..!” Replied the professor caressing her hair.
Laksh who was controlling from the start let out a chuckle.
Ragini glared him.

“Ragini…beta if anyone say anything means come to papa ok..! I’ll deduce their internal marks..!” Says the professor to which she smiles sheepishly.

The professor evacuated the class when the bell rang but not before bidding bye to his new daughter. The whole class broke into roars of laughter.
Ragini just grabbed her bag and rushes out of the classroom, followed by a laughing Laksh.

Raglak were sitting in the canteen with Laksh continuously laughing like hell and Ragini shooting him daggers.
“If you don’t have any other job rather than laughing then you may please leave.!!” Ragini said with attitude.
Laksh wipes his tears – tears of laughter saying.
“Sorry baba.. and I want to tell you something… ”
Ragini looks on while he continues.
“Ragini we are always friends… just keep thay in mind… there’s no need for awkwardness between us..!” Laksh said with a genuine smile.
“And yeah.. I won’t be coming to college for 10 days..!” He.continued.
The smile is Ragini face vanished.
“10 days.. why!??” She questions.
“Did you forget..? My brother is getting married yaar..!” Laksh said excited.
“Oh..yeah..!” Ragini replied with less interest.

“Laksh ..can I also come??” Ragini finally asked after sometime.
Laksh observes her reaction as he wanted to know whether she was sure about what she’s saying or not. He saw the stark of honesty in her eyes and replied.
“No..Ragini. .we already counted the number of guests and we ordered food according to it! ” Laksh replied in a sad tone.
Ragini hung her head down sadly and then immediately she recalled his words.
“Oii..what do you mean? ? Am I looking like someone who eat 3 person’s food?” She asks his angrily.
“No..yaar..I was just kidding… but we booked the tickets too.. (it’s a destination wedding) so you cant make it up!” Laksh stated as a matter of fact .
Ragini nods her head disappointed.

10 days later.

Ragini was standing impatiently waiting for Laksh. The whole campus was silent and only the teaching sound was heard. Ragini bunked her class for the first time. And for whom? Her duffer Laksh! And the reason? Because finally she realized his importance in her life, his special place in her heart, and also the love for him. Yeah! She finally realized her love and she wanted to tell him immediately. She gazed her watch which striked 10:30. She looked up at the gate disappointed. She already skipped her breakfast and now she was really tired as she was standing under the hot sun who was sucking up her energy. She moved to the canteen thinking “it’s just me who’s waiting for him! Seems like he totally forgot me.. he didn’t even called me all these days. And even a single message either.”

“ Orange juice” Ragini ordered sitting in the chair and holding her head.

After sometime .
“Mam.. juice! ” said the waiter having a juice in his hand
“Keep it..!” Ragini said holding her head and her eyes closed.
The waiter keeps it.
Ragini opens her eyes and looks at the juice.
“What is this..I ordered an orange juice but you gave me..” she stopped looking at the person.
“Since you skipped your breakfast and moreover all your energy is drained. So apple juice is the best energy drink this Ragini!” Replied Laksh with a warm smile.
Ragini blushed a little looking at him and silently drinks her juice.
Laksh settles in the opposite seat. He gets a call and he smiles widely looking at the caller.
“Hello dear… !!” Laksh said lifting up the call.
Ragini’s eyed rounded in shock and she glares him. Laksh continued ignoring all her glares.
“Yup! We enjoyed a lot during the marriage.. I miss you a lot.. muahh..”
That was it for her cool. She grabbed his mobile and started shouting without giving a chance to speak
“Who the hell are you? ? You stupid girl.. and how dare you talk to my Laksh like that haan?.. don’t you have shame. .? Don’t you Dare to woe my Laksh..he is mine! ! You get it? ? LAKSH IS MINE!!” She blurted everything in one go and thus she was panting.
“Omg… how much you speak” she hears a male voice
She looks at the caller and reads “sanskar bhai” she glares Laksh who gives her I’m-not-responsible-for-this look.
“I’m.. I’m. . Sorry! ” Ragini said embarrassed.
“That’s ok.. I can understand..ok bye..” replied sanskar and ended the call.

Ragini glares laksh and walks to the garden. Laksh sighed and followed her.
“C’mon Ragini. .just say it..I’m hell desperate you know!” Said Laksh impatiently.
“No..I won’t” said Ragini with a smirk.
“Why? ” questions Laksh confused.
“Because you haven’t proposed me yet lucky! !” Replied Ragini crossing her arms with attitude.
Laksh chuckles at her and goes on his knee.

“Ragini I’m not going to say any lenghty speech today..I’m not going to prepare a candle light dinner to say what’s in my heart..I’m not going to say some filmy dialogues. . But I’m going to say something. .which I wanted to tell from the very beginning. .from our first day… that I..I LOVE YOU RAGINI! !..” proposed laksh.

Ragini smiled widely and hugged him tightly pushing him to the soft green grass saying .. “I love you Laksh…I really love you! !”.
Laksh rolls her down and comes above her. He supports his weight on his left hand while his right hand was on her waist. Ragini encircled her arms around his neck. Both shared a cute eyelock with a pleasant smile
“I love you too Ragini! ” confessed Laksh again.

Laksh slowly slids his hand inside her top and rests his hand on her bare waist while Ragini pulls him closer for a small liplock.

The end.

Sorry for any grammatical and spelling errors.

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