Research about Naags by Naagin (BeHir) Episode 2

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Bela is driving the car. Mahir sit beside her while others on back. They reached their college.

Yuvi: Bela, why you drive here?

Bela: this idiot ruined the research permission form. We have to get sign from Nikhil Sir(Sumeet Kaul)

Mahir smiles innocently. She look at others to join her. Except Yuvi and Adi everyone get down.

Mahir: you two

Adi: we not have mood to step into this college again.

They left them behind and went inside. Adi and Yuvi get down and took selfies near their car. Suddenly, someone punched their back. Both turns to see that person.

Yuvi and Adi smiles: hi sir, Good afternoon.

Nikhil: after college you guys became VIPs that i have to come and meet you.

Both smiled.

Nikhil: ok, listen. This research is private. Remember that forest is banned for humans.

Pratham and Boltu panicked: what?

Nikhil( ignored them): And your safety is more important to me. So, you guys enquire about forest to villagers and ensure about safety.

Anu: Sir, electricity will be there na?

Yuvi: haan, sir will we get tower for phone there?

Nikhil smiled: i not yet said whether there will be electricity are not. Yeah, Anu it’s not that much remote village. There will be electricity as well as tower. Moreover only 15 days research time. If you can’t able to find anything means also no issues. Bela, i can’t handle your mom more than 15 days.

Pratham: why?

Bela: I will tell you.

Nikhil: anyother doubt?

Boltu: where we will stay sir? You said it as village.

Nikhil: i arranged everything for you guys for food and shelter. Yuvi and Adi know the house where you are going to stay. All the Best, hope for good. Be safe.

Everyone get into car.

Mahir, Boltu and Pratham sit at back.

Boltu: Bela drive the car smoothly. I feel sleepy after eating full meals.

He yawns. While Yuvi gave a smirk towards him from driver seat.

Boltu rubbed his eyes: noooo. No Yuvi you can’t.

Yuvi: i will.

Bela, Suhani and Anu occupy middle seat. While Adi occupies front seat.

Pratham: Bela you can’t do this to us.

Bela: They only know the route Pratham.

Suhani: if you afraid that much, close you eyes tightly.

Mahir: or hug Suhani tightly.

Suhani and Pratham: Maaahirrr.

Mahir chuckles.

Boltu: by the way, Ooty is too far from here, going by car will take nearly one day. Then how this Adi and Yuvi know the route.

Anu: This is one good question.

Pratham: what is the answer?

Bela: You two will know soon.

Boltu: then everyone else know.

All others: ofcourse.

Yuvi: Boltu Pratham, pray your Favourite Gods. Let’s start our journey.
He drives the car 100km/hr. In urban road itself.

Boltu holds the front seat in fear.

Anu: Aaah…Boltu you are pulling my hairs.

Pratham little shakily: Yuvi drive slowly, What if anyone come in middle?

Mahir by mistake caress Bela’s feet when he lean. Bela felt ticklish. He suddenly take his leg back.

Bela text him: don’t you keep your feet away from me.

Mahir texts back: by mistake only. Now i will do it intentionally.

He caressed Bela’s feet sensuosly. Bela blushed. While Mahir smirks.

Mahir text: i know you removed your sandal for this only.

Bela text: rubbish, i removed it because if i keep on wearing it for long, it will be sweating. Then why you removed yours.

Mahir text: to play with your feet.

Suddenly Bela push his leg with hers, it hits Suhani.

Suhani turns back: Pratham already there is no space to keep my leg. Will you keep your leg back?

Pratham who is in half sleep: what are you saying?

Mahir: nothing, he will Suhani. Sorry

Suhani: Why are you asking sorry Mahir? It’s ok.

Bela chuckles.

Mahir text: laugh…laugh. you will be punished for this.

Everyone sleep. Adi and Yuvi drive alternatively. It is almost night fall when they reached Devdutta village (Village name is my imagination).

Adi: hey guys wake up. We reached.

Yuvi: Wake up guys.

Everyone opened their eyes tiredly.

Boltu: are you stopped for dinner?

Pratham: where we are? It’s so dark.

Yuvi: get down.

Everyone get down. There is only one house. They can see some more houses little far from there.

Boltu: it neither seems like hotel nor as inn.

Adi: we are going to stay here only.

Pratham: whether you two feel sleepy that you can’t drive. It’s for one night stay only na.

Mahir: no, this is where we are going to research. We are going to stay here for 15 days.

Both: what? See this house looks like haunted. There is no house near here.

Bela: that is because these villagers won’t allow us to get into forest. That’s why separate house.

Boltu: Why?

Anu: Beacuse this forest is occupied by icchadari naags and naagins.

Both: what? We will go back.

All gave ignoring look.

Suhani: Pratham, if you wish to go, you should go alone. Will you leave me and go, baby?

Pratham melted: oh..that… not…ok we will stay. But

Adi: chill dude, they won’t put a toe out of this forest.

Yuvi: what about you Boltu?

Mahir: he will, Yuvi. Otherwise he knows that we will tell to Kuhu about his fear on everything.

Anu: then she will ditch him.

Bela: hey what you guys are speaking? My Boltu will stay here. His love for Kuhu is more than his fear for fear.

Boltu realised that they blocked him by Kuhu. Without any option he accepted.

Suhani: how long we should stand here? Let’s go inside

That is little big house with three bed rooms and one living room and kitchen.

Anu: i am hungry.

Adi: i expect this word will come from Boltu.

Boltu glared at him. He realised that he is still in anger.

Bela: for tonight we will have Bread and jam. From tomorrow village boy will supply us with vegetables and other things for cooking.

Pratham: but you guys told us we will go to ooty? Why?

Mahir: yeah, why you lied to Sumi aunty Bela. I forget to ask.

Bela: actually if my mom knows she won’t allow me here. Because she promised to my dadi that no one from our family come to this place especially in search of Naags.


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  1. It’s an amazing one
    Just loved it alot

    1. Selsha

      Thank you Rizz☺

  2. oh my god its such a cute chapter. Travelling section i laughed a lot selsha .gud chap. By the way is anu is paired with adi or yuvi. Curiously waiting for their nxt fun filled thrilling upd8

    1. Selsha

      Thank you Anu?. Yeah, Anu will be paired with Adi. I will update soon

  3. Saniya fathima

    Amazing epi selsa.. Tat scene wen behir were romancing frm legs was fantastic u described it really well… Dont know y bela’s mom gave a promise 2 bela’s grandma hope tat there is some connection between them…. Waiting 4 d next one

    1. Selsha

      Thank you Saniya? You will get your answer in next part.

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