Last Breath – Last Wish (Horror Stories By Samayra) Episode 6

Hi everyone….
Here is a new episode of my fan fiction….
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Dr.Aryan tells Shanaya about a paranormal activist Rehaan and tells that he is the only one who can help them in this matter….and they both decides to go to Rehaan’s house,next morning…Shanaya kept the asthi-kalash with her at her home and Dr.Aryan leaves for his house…. Shanaya at her house is about to sleep and suddenly she feels someone beside her,she turns to check, but there’s no one…she goes to kitchen to bring some water and she found that kitchen’s switch is broken… She thought to get it repaired by tomorrow morning.. She goes near fridge and than suddenly lights gets on….Shanaya wonders that how is this happen ,because she checks that switch was broken…. She checks it again and suddenly lights goes off….She thought that it’s because of any electric connection issue….

She goes to her room and She closes the windows and goes to sleep…She turns off the lights…. Suddenly winds flows and passes by her and windows knocked and Shanaya wakes up…She checks and found the windows was closed… She goes to sleep again and she saw a dream , in which She met with a person, it was real Dr.Suneel and Dr.Suneel tells her that he was real Dr.Suneel, and the fake Dr.Suneel was a bad spirit of a clerk of his college,named Mahesh…He tells….

Dr.Suneel got to know about the Mahesh’s involvement in paper-leak and he asked about it to him and inquires about the other culprit,Mahesh denied to tell them and goes from there and met with the mastermind behind all and tells that Dr.Suneel got to know about them….Mastermind told him to kill Dr.Suneel and show it like suicide….Dr.Suneel got killed and Mahesh goes to tell mastermind about Dr.Suneel’s murder while mastermind kill him too, in order to destroy all evidences against him….
Flashback ends….

Dr.Suneel tells that mastermind got to know about that I’m back to prove him misdeeds.. he takes help from some tantrik baba and prisoned him in his garden under a plant in that asthi-kalash and also controlled Mahesh spirit with his evil powers….and when you touch Mahesh’s watch he got to know about you and also that you can help me so he planned Mahesh as me, to distract you from right path….and I just want to reveal the real culprit, that mastermind and that’s my last wish… meanwhile someone’s hands comes and tries to press Shanaya’s neck and she wakes up from her dream and suddenly her mobile phone rings…..

To be continued….:)

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