Daayan 2nd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi Captures Asha Daayan In Magical Mirror

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Daayan 2nd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Asha Daayan walks to Jahnvi room and with her black magical powers finds out where magical mirror is. She opens cupboard and tries to pick it, but gets shock, thinks how can one have so much powers, she needs someone to break this mirror. She sees Prachi passing by. Prachi cries reminiscing Veer slapping her for Jahnvi. Asha as human walks to her and asks what happened. Prachi explains her ordeal. Asha tries to brainwash her against Jahnvi and says Jahnvi is becoming a problem for whole family. Prachi says she is wrong, Jahnvi is good. Asha continues badmouthing against Jahnvi and says Jahnvi has to pay for her sins. Prachi asks how can she badmouth about Jahnvi while Jahnvi trusts her so much, she does not want to talk to her. Asha hypnotizes her with her superpowers and makes her slave. Jahnvi angrily tells Brijesh chachu that she will not spare Asha. Brijesh asks her to calm down and first try to end Asha’s daayan’s powers and get mani and then she can end daayan. Prachi walks in and acts as apologizing Jahnvi. Jahnvi tries to calm her down and goes to get water for her. Asha watches from window. Prachi picks magical mirror from cupboard and hides it. Jahnvi returns and gives her water. Prachi drinks water and silently walks away.

Satrupa shows 7 colored water bottles to Aakarsh and says before suhagraat he needs to bathe with them as per her family rituals. Aakarsh agrees. Satrupa these these are magical water bottles and Aakarsh will be mad behind her after bathing with them and will forget Jahnvi. Prachi gives magical mirror to Asha. Asha asks her to break it. Prachi obeys. Asha smirks saying Jahnvi cannot harm her now. Brijesh returns to Jahnvi and asks where is Prachi. Jahnvi says Prachi went back and feels sad that Aakarsh betrayed her and hid the fact that Asha is his mother. Asha Daayan walks in and says face her first and then think of her son. Brijesh warns her to stay away as she cannot harm them. Asha says she has broken magical mirro and they cannot harm her now. Jahnvi agrees to accompany her and requests to let her carry her wedding veil; though Aakarsh betrayed her, she loves him. She picks mirror in lieu or picking veil and points it at Daayan. Daayan shouts in pain. Jahnvi says she knew Daayan would trick, so she had changed mirror, reminiscing the incident. She captures Asha Daayan in mirror and happily hugs Brijesh chachu congratulating him. She then says she will go and meet Aakarsh first and confront him.

Satrupa dances around Aakarsh on Ang Lagade re….song… and seduces him. Jahnvi knocks door and asks Aakarsh to come out. Satrupa walks out and says Aaakarsh is married to her now and will not meet Jahnvi again. Jahnvi requests. Satrupa asks to decorate her suhagraat bed, then she will let her meet Aakarsh. Jahnvi agrees. Satrupa asks her to decorate bed with 7 color flowers as she and Aakarsh will unite today. Jahnvi sadly decorates bed. Brijesh walks to Prachi and slapping her in front of whole family scolds if she knew they would have lost Jahnvi of her and she was helping Daayan. Prachi says she does not know what he is talking about and she never met daayan. Brijesh says Daayan hypnotized even her like she hypnotized Prithvi and Vishakha and Asha is daayan who was around them always. Family is shocked to hear that. Veer walks to Prachi and asks what is Brijesh chachu talking about. Prachi says she does not really know how Asha hypnotized her when she met Asha. Veer consoles Prachi. Daayan under mirror bangs walls. Brijesh says his phone is vibrating and walking aside takes out mirror with great difficulty. Asha Daayan asks him to let her out, she will give him black magical powers with which he can control anyone he likes. Brijesh says he does not need her superpowers and keeps mirror back in.

Jahnvi decorates Satrupa and Aakarsh’s suhagraat bed. Satrupa praises her skills and shows Mohpash cloth saying if Aakarsh wears it, he will be mad behind her. She demonstrates it on Harsh who speaks to hear romantically wearing it and then gets angry once she removes it from him. Jahnvi requests to let her meet Aakarsh now. Satrupa denies. Jahnvi insists and reminds her promise. Satrupa agrees and thinks even now Jahnvi’s love magic is on Aakarsh and she needs to be careful. Jahnvi meets Aakarsh. He asks what she wants to speak. She thinks she should not reveal about capturing daayan in mirror, else he will try to free his mother. He holds her hands and asks why she behaves weirdly, sometimes comes very near and sometimes goes far away. Jahnvi says she trusted him blindly, but he betrayed her and did not reveal that Asha is his mother. He says if she has finished, she can leave. She walks away saying she decorated his and Satrupa’s bed. Brijesh locks mirror in cupboard while Jahnvi returns and asks what is happening. Brijesh says they captured daayan in mirror, but how will they hide mirror. Jahnvi says let us burn this mirror and end daayan for once. Brijesh agrees. Jahnv i burns fire and drops mirror in fire. Daayan shouts Jahnvi is doing a mistake. Jahnvi sees mirror not burning. Brijesh says this mirror cannot be broken so easily. Jahnvi says they should take mirror to temple as Daayan loses powers in temple. Daayan pleads not to take her to temple. Brijesh pours water on fire and asks Jahnvi to take out mirror from fire soon. Aakarsh returns to Satrupa and informs what Jahnvi told. Satrupa asks to ignore her. She serves him liquor and says she will serve him whole life and will be his forever. He says even he will do same. She hears Daayan’s voice that Jahnvi has captured her in mirror and is taking her to temple to kill her, she should break mirror and save her. Satrupa ignores her. Daayan continues that if Jahnvi succeeds, she will snatch back Aakarsh from Satrupa. Satrupa excuses Aakarsh and walking out creates protective barrier around door thinking nobody can meet Aakarsh now.

Precap: Aasha kidnaps Jahnvi and says she will sacrifice her now. Brijesh informs Aakarsh that Asha has kidnapped Jahnvi and wants to sacrifice her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This show is a sheer nonsense. It started with Pavitra Punia as lead Daayan and then everyone is being made Daayan. No sequence, no connection… sheer mindless programme. Pavitra should leave the show and should stop acting in Ekta’s mindless programs.

    1. SsiyAa

      it’s trp is not even 0.2 still on-air

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