Reporters 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Reporters 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohan taunts Manav that Kabeer’s idea of depicting truth via a drama is very good. He praises Ananya for getting truth out. Kabeer comes out of news room. Khalid and everyone start clapping for him. Kabeer goes to Ananya and shakes hands with her. Ananya feels on top of the world and shakes hands smiling. Ronnie feels dejected. Kabeer thanks Ananya. He gets Taruni’s call and tells he will come and meet her and will stay at home for 3-4 days. Malvika happily comes and hugs him. Ananya gets jealous seeing that. Kabeer leaves.

Kabeer in his home reminisces social worker alleging him, Mona and Malvika confronting his idea, etc. He also reminisces his wife telling she is tired of his failures and cannot see him having an affair with another girl. He gets Ananya’s message that he does not need to thank her and he is a rock star. He picks alcohol bottle. Taruni enters in and asks if she can keep the bottle in. She says she does not care what people say about them, only her and his opnion matter. He reminisces Ananya telling he is framed in Taruni’s case and is innocent. He smiles. Taruni says god bless a person who made him smile. She tells he wants him to get back to normal. Kabeer says he will leave now and says she wanted to know if she can go out and says she can and walks out of house.

Ananya enjoys meal with her friends and says Kabeer sent him smiley. Richa says it is obvious as she got Kabeer’s job back. She asks where is Trisha. Richa says she went to manav’s cabin. Trisha comes back and tells Manav is jealous seeing Malvika running behind Kabeer. Ananya gets angry. Trisha says Taruni has a child and her affair with Kabeer must be true. Ananya say she does not believe it. Richa asks her to keep away from Kabeer. Ananya says she will prove Kabeer is not wrong.

In the morning, Ananya gives details about Kabeer to Richa. Trisha asks Ananya to find if Kabeer is married, has a child, etc. Rest of the staff throw a question each. Richa questions if Ananya is in love with Kabeer. Ananya says she does not want to know about all this and walks towards printer room to get her printout. She sees Kabeer taking printout and says she will get it to his cabin. He says she helped him yesterday, that does not mean he will tolerate her more. She says sometimes one has to do favor. Kabeer leaves. Ananya thinks she should have added one more question if Kabeer is always in an angry mood. She gives printout to Sunny and asks to get them filled by all his staff friends. Manav sees more printouts on printer and thinks this idea is very good. He gives prints to peon and asks to distrubte to everyone and says he will give one to malvika personally.

Ananya gets a call from her khabri Tinu who says he got info about model Mahi malhotra who was missing. Ananya says even her family members are searching him. He asks her to come to a spot right now. She picks her bag. Sunny asks where is she going. She says even she is coming with her and takes him along.

Ananya reaches a house with Sunny and Tinu where a few men are seen taking drugs and in subconscious state. She sees Mahi also unconscious due to drugs. Drug peddler says he has kept Mahi alive with his drugs and needs 5 lakhs to free him. He says if she makes any mistake, he will vanish Mahi. Tinu says Ananya will get money at any cost. Peddler asks to get money today itself.

Khalid reads Ananya’s questionnaire and laughs that each question is a news. Malvika comes and aks why is he laughing. He asks if she saw this questionaire and asks if she has an affair with Kabeer. He asks what does he mean. He says it is a question. Malvika angrily leaves to her cabin, sees paper on her table and gets irked.

Kabeer gets a call from his khabri who informs that Manav leaked his and Taruni’s news and he should teach him a lession. Peon gives him questionnaire. Kabeer reads it and tells Khabri he will punish Manav.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Malvika asks whole staff who made this Kabeer questionnaire. Kabeer comes out and angrily looks at Ananya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. manav! hw culd u do tis. vry bad.

  2. Nice episode.

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