Swaragini 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ram tells Durga Prasad that other rival company got the tender and their company’s name will be ruined. Durga Prasad asks for company’s owner name. Ram says nobody knows about rival company owner. Sujata comes and asks Durga Prasad to kick the guard out from his job. She says she saw someone entering the house at midnight. When I asked him about the person, he is saying that he doesn’t know. Durga Prasad asks the guard, where were you? Laksh speaks up and says Chachi might have seen him. Sujata smiles and asks you came at that time. Laksh says actually and stops. He goes to Durga Prasad and says yesterday he went out to meet Swara and Ragini. Everyone is shock. Laksh says they needed me. Yesterday Shekhar uncle has married Sharmistha aunty. Durga Prasad looks on shockingly.

Sumi talks to Dida over phone and says she is fine. Dida says she is worried thinking about Parvathi’s doings. She asks her to call her if anything happens. Sumi agrees. Shekhar asks Sumi, why she is stubborn. Sumi keeps the stuff inside and asks him to make place for her clothes in his cupboard.

Durga Prasad asks about Shekhar and Sumi’s marriage. He recalls Dadi Maa’s threat. Sujata says they are shameless people, they didn’t understand even after being dropped from the community. She asks Laksh, why he has started lying again.

Durga Prasad says I am forgiving you this time, but don’t do it again. Laksh says he made Ragini understand that we can’t marry, but Swara and Ragini have become my good friends and I don’t want to break my friend ship with them. Sujata asks what was the need? Durga Prasad says only friend ship and nothing else. Laksh smiles and leaves. Ram tells Sujata that Durga Prasad has some plan in mind to deal with Garodia. Sujata says Durga Prasad is afraid thinking Laksh will leave the house. Why he is getting scared? Dada ji is angry as Sumi came to their house. Sumi brings tea for them and says it is made by Ragini. Dada ji says you have managed to enter, but you will not get acceptance by us. Sumi says I just need your blessings. Dadi maa says you will never get it. Sumi says one day you will bless me and I will wait for that day. Ragini hears and hugs her happily. She asks her to be happy and smiling always.

Laksh comes. Durga Prasad says he has taken a decision and says you are going to London. Laksh asks if it is for holidays? Durga Prasad says he wants him to stand on his feet and do MBA. Laksh says it is a 2 years course. Durga Prasad asks him to see the form and talk to Adarsh. He asks him when he wants to go.

Swara tells Ragini to make her learn sitar and she will make her learn guitar. She sees Ragini lost in thoughts. Ragini says she is making place in her cupboard. Swara says she is not like her and wants things to be messy. Ragini opens the suitcase and sees Ranbir’s photo. Swara says she will paste the photo on the wall. Ragini gets afraid of Dadi. Swara says she will paste it inside the cupboard. She says if you have any problem then I will shift to Dida’s house. Ragini says we are sisters, I don’t have any problem with you. Swara asks what you are thinking? Ragini says she is thinking about Laksh. Swara says I know that he is your first love and it is difficult to forget. Ragini says she wants to try for one last time and asks for her support. Swara says she will help. Her phone rings. Ragini sees Laksh’s call and gives to Swara. Laksh asks her to meet him in the park after 20 mins. Swara says ok. Sujata hears him talking to Swara. Ragini asks Swara to go. Swara tells that she will try to revive her love. Sumi asks Shekhar to drop her to work. Shekhar says he will drop her daily. Sumi tells that she will resign from her job as she wants to take care of her house.

Laksh tells Swara that he don’t want to go to London. Swara says you will get good exposure if you do MBA, and then your papa will not call you useless. Laksh says he don’t want to go. Swara asks for reason. Laksh says I……Swara says did you started loving Kolkata. Laksh asks her to stop talking nonsense. Swara asks why you don’t want to go. Laksh says nothing. He tells that he called her to talk about his friend. He says he has one problem. Swara laughs and says he is your friend. He says his friend started liking a girl. Swara thinks Laksh is talking about Ragini. Laksh says his friend gets happy whenever he thinks about her. He says if it is love or something else. Swara says it is a big problem and that’s why you are not going to London. Laksh says yes. Swara laughs and says it is your problem. Laksh says he can’t go as he wants to help his friend. Swara says your friend will understand his feelings.

A thief is being beaten up by the crowd. He enters Garodia house and puts knife on Ragini’s neck. Ragini shouts Dadimaa. Dadimaa, Laksh, Swara and other look shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice episode.

  2. uff again misunderstanding! y didn’t ragini accept that lucky didn’t luv her.

  3. im swaragini n lakshya fan

    I thnk d theif is dng ths 4 money which was gvn by durga prasad

  4. Nice episode! n lucky swara scene s so cute. I think may be the theif s lucky’s brother Sanskar.

  5. I think the thief is sanskaar

  6. I feel that the thief is sanskaar

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