Muh Boli Shaadi 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kathori taking Anmol and Nikhil’s photo. Nikhil senses something fishy and asks Anmol to come. Kathori sends Anmol and Nikhil’s pic to Neelam. Neelam smiles. Kathori tells that she heard them talking about their marriage. Neelam is shocked and asks them to keep an eye on her. Kathori says she is thankful to her as she sent money to her house and will do her work with sincerity. Nikhil brings her to room and asks her to drink water. Anmol asks for a kiss. Nikhil kisses on her cheek. Anmol insists him to kiss her on lips. Nikhil refuses and says he don’t want to kiss her in this condition. Anmol asks what he wants to say? Nikhil thinks to get her in consciousness and pours a bucket of water on her head. Anmol asks did I do anything wrong after drinking. Nikhil says you didn’t do anything wrong. You haven’t had even drink it all. He says your wishes have been fulfilled and asks her to return home before anyone sees them together. Anmol nods.

Nikhil drops her to Ratan Singh’s house through the balcony. Pratap is going to Anmol’s room, but Neelam stops him and says she is sleeping. Pratap says maa told him that Anmol cried a lot. Neelam says yes and says she slept. Pratap insists to meet Anmol, but Neelam stops him. Pratap says he will talk in the morning. Neelam sees Anmol entering her room and thinks Anmol’s truth shall come out at the right time. She says Ratan Singh’s respect should be ruined infront of all the neighbors.

Seema comes to Nikhil. He says he doesn’t want any disturbance. Seema gives him phone and says she didn’t know. Anmol calls her. Nikhil picks call. Anmol asks what are you doing? Nikhil says he is studying. Anmol asks him to get gold jhumkas. Nikhil asks you already have it. Anmol asks him to take her to watch film. Nikhil asks what are you saying? Anmol says we spent romantic time together yesterday. Nikhil says he is studying. Anmol asks him to romance with the books. Nikhil thinks he has to focus on studies. Anmol holds the pillow and dances……..while the music of Ishq Wala Love plays……………..She gets shy and falls on the bed after hugging the pillow. Ratan Singh calls Anmol. She says she is coming. Neelam gets Kathori’s call and asks why she is calling her.

Kathori says she is excited to know when she is exposing Anmol. Neelam asks her to add chawal to kheer. She says she will let Anmol’s relation with Nikhil get stronger and then she will present their relation infront of Ratan Singh after doing garnishing. She sees Ratan Singh hearing her. Bua ji comes and checks Kheer. She scolds Kathori for spoiling kheer and asks her to keep the flower pot on the terrace. Kathori refuses to do her work. Bua ji thinks this servant is useless. Ratan Singh asks Neelam to sit. Neelam asks what happened? Ratan Singh says you sent Kathori to Ashok’s house so that you can malign Anmol’s name connecting her to Nikhil. He says he did a mistake and he should have thrown her out of the house. He asks how dare you to malign my daughter’s name and asks her to get out. Neelam shouts at him. Ratan Singh looks on surprised.

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