Reporters 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Reporters 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inebriated Ananya insults Kabeer in front of whole office staff. She tells producer Kishen that Kabeer can be his next film hero in and as reporter. She says he is a hero for all reporters and says news is a drug and they sell drug. She continues that he always warns and reminisces all the incidents where he repeatedly warns and says he is an expert warner. Malvika asks her to shut up. Ananya says one more word. she goes near Kabeer and says she is not inebriated and fully conscious and says he thinks she is in team manav, even she thinks same and wants to stay away from him. She thanks him and starts acting again as inebriated, being being taken out by Ronnie.

Khalid drops his drink glass and says breaking glass is good luck and restarts party. Tarot card reader Neha says Malvika she will leave now. Malvika apologizes her for Ananya’s drama. Neha says it is okay as it usually happens in party. Kabeer says he will drop her and leaves.

Malvika comes out and sees inebriated Manav who apologizes her and says he is world’s stupid person to lose a friend like her. Malvika says she will drop him home. He asks his or her hosue. She grins and takes him, signally her romantic side.

Ronnie drops Ananya on bed. Mom thanks him and asks if she did not do anything wrong. He says no. Mom goes to bring water. He reminsces Richa’s words to propose Ananya, goes near her face, removes hair from cheek, drapes her with bedsheet, and leaves.

In the morning, Ananya reads newspaper. Trisha tells her that Manav and Malvika have patched up and he sent her a bouquet. Richa hears that and says at least for some days, he will keep quiet. Richa says she taught kabeer a lesson yesterday. Ananya says she herself suggested her to attend party and speak out her mind. She is not regretting what she told Kabeer and he must be tensed now.

Kabeer meets Tarun’s son who asks if he told sorry. He says he could not as he did not get time. Son suggests him to give gift like he gives him. Kabeer says he did not bring choc for this. Son says he knows he came for his suggestion and says he took leave from office and is also spoiling him. Kabeer starts palying with him.

Malvika reaches her cabin and sees Manav’s bouquet on her table. Khalid calls Rohan and asks him to include Kishen’s film’s promo in his news.

Kabeer enters office. Everyone wish him good morning. He looks at Ananya and reminsces yesterday’s insult. Ronnie hopes they don’t messup again. Kabeer walks towards Ananya and tells Trisha she was looking most beautiful in party. Richa says Kabeer choses one of them each week and pampers them, he is so smart. Trisha asks Kabeer if she can take him for coffee. He smiles and leaves. Trisha jumps in happiness. Ananya says she is stupid.

Madhav nath calls Ananya and she asks why did he call her. He says he wants to give her an interview and asks her to come and meet him. She asks what he wants to talk. He says he is protrayed wrong in Kishen’s film, so he wants to tell truth to everyone, says he will call her in the evening and inform her where to come. Ronnie sees her tensed and asks why is she tensed. She says Madhav nath called her for interview.

Kabeer gives end of serial moral gyaan.

Precap: Khalid tells board members that Ananya got a call from Madhav nath. Malvika says she should take a someone with her. Ananya says no. Kabeer says she should go with Manav.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think Kabir is Slowly falling in love with Ananya because of his ego he doesn’t let his feelings grow.He was just smiling when she scolded him and after entering into the office he even thought about yesterday’s matter and was smiling and looking at Ananya,then he went to Trisha.I thought that Kabir will go with Ananya but he always put his ego in front of his love.That’s what I hate it.Pls directors and Producer and Writers don’t drag this at least let their feelings grow and we can watch their love story and hide and seek romance then it will awesome and love u ANANYA and KABIR.

  2. I don’t know where kabeer’s ego is coming here. Even Ananya has soft corner for him and it has been shown repeatedly that she does not like when Kabeer flirts with anybody or gives work to Richa. He wanted to say sorry at the party but did not get chance as Ananya herself took the initiative of hitting him directly.
    If Kabeer had issues with Ananya previously, it is not totally wrong. Because regarding ‘Mahi Malhotra’ case Ananya could have conveyed her concerns separately to Kabeer, instead she directly refused to share the story in front of every other seniors putting Kabeer in awkward position. Professionalism is also about integrity. Later it was Manav who took advantage of the situation. If Kabeer was an egoist, he could have misused his power against Manav or Ananya, b’cause post of ‘editor in chief’ is quite powerful.
    I am not saying Ananya is bad. She is very good, but a little inexperienced, impractical and she has feelings for Kabeer.

  3. kabir didn’t get angry!

  4. Kabir is falling for ananya..n his jealous that shes avoiding him & he cant stand to see her working with Manav…but his ego will not allow him to admit to himself or to ananya…..After Humsafar this is the only Show on Sony im enjoying it….

  5. I Agree with u kb.Both have feelings but due to little misunderstanding then don’t let their feelings grow.I hate that Manav who takes advantage of their misunderstanding and try to put more misunderstanding between them and main thing they accept what they c.

  6. This show is awesome……love Ananya and kbeer nok jhonk and their feeling for each other is making the show more lovable.. ….i hope soon we will see the romance of kabeer and Ananya….

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