Tu Mera Hero 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Titu sitting as Kanha in the temple. FB shows Golu and Titu meeting the temple manager. He asks him to sit for two hour without moving and pays him 5000rs for 2 hours. Titu says he will manage. The man says keep our respect and people’s devotions. Titu apologizes to Lord. He signs Golu. Manorama says the idol is very beautiful. She tells Rachna that she feels lazy seeing Titu’s face. Sundar asks Bhagwati for water. She serves Sundar before Keshav and he gets annoyed. She asks him to have food and they start arguing over Sundar. Rekha smiles seeing them argue.

Manorama comes forward to pray. Titu winks to her and she says this is miracle, he is Krishna Lord. Rachna stops the crowd and says Lord did not do anything, she is my mum in law and came from mental hospital, she is not mentally fine. Manorama says she is fine. Arvind asks her to come with him to home. Manorama says no, I m saying Lord really moved. Golu takes tiffin for Panchi in remand home. A lady tells about mango man and the girls laugh. Golu looks for Panchi. The lady takes the tiffin and falls on him. She sees the mangoes fallen out of the tiffin.

Rekha likes the food. She asks Sundar to have food. Sundar is upset. She asks did you see your parents fighting, leave it, have food now. He says no one’s parents fight. Rekha says you are right, you know they will fight till you are in between them, I mean to say, you can go out for few days and then see they will be happy and not fight. Sundar says where shall I go, I can’t sleep without my mum.

She says but you want to see them happy, so get habitual to sleep alone, go to hostel for some days. He cries. She asks him not to cry. She asks him to come after few days and he can be happy. She makes him have food. The lady pulls Golu’s cheeks and goes. He says what will I give Panchi now and sees Panchi. He greets her and says Titu has gone for work. She gets glad and asks what work. He says you ask him and leaves.

Gulgule comes near Titu and prays. He wishes that he wants to meet Titu. He goes near Titu and says he is winning comic show since two years and he wants to win this time too, he has burden on him, he wants to meet Titu, please make me meet Titu, the poetry has become old now, I want new talent, I want good for Titu, he will get job and some money. Titu thinks people are finding me for job. He winks to Gulgule. Gulgule says Titu, is this Titu or Lord. Surekha is sad and sees a pic. Govind asks her to stare at Titu’s pic when she should worry for Titu. Surekha cries seeing Panchi’s pic, not Titu’s.

Panchi sees Surekha, Govind and Titu’s pic and smiles. The warden asks everyone to get ready and come to become friends. Cheeni says she will come with them. Gulgule is shocked. He says he has seen Titu here. Arvind calls Gulgule and asks him to come, crowd will increase. Gulgule says I will manage to come. He asks his helpers to find Titu. Panchi plays the game and people comment on fat Cheeni. Cheeni falls down and everyone laugh that Cheeni can’t play Kho Kho.

Gulgule’s men looks for Titu in the crowd. Titu comes there and sees them. They are shocked seeing the Lord standing and pray to him. They run from there. Titu tells Gulgule that they have seen him, he will go and change fast. Panchi supports Cheeni and thinks what to do to help her. She thinks what would Titu do being here. She stops Cheeni and recalls Titu’s words. She talks like Titu and says the advantages of being fat. Panchi asks them to see hearts. Cheeni smiles and says friends.

Gulgule talks to Titu and says he will give him 15000rs cash. Titu thinks.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. soumya sarkar

    seriously today episode is very beautiful.thanks sashi-sumeet production and all tu mera hero cast and crew.l loved titu or panchi’s speech and titu’s mother and father acting.

  2. soumya sarkar

    iss serial se maine kuch sikha hey jo aaj tak koyi tv series mein nehi sikh paya.l pray this production are made many serial of tv industry.

  3. soumya sarkar

    titu or panchiji ki jodi all time hit hoga.titu -panchi rock.

    1. u r ryt..soumya…kuch toh sikh lia is se..baki serial toh love stry ,chaos,unbielivable thoughts,murder..etc ye sab rehti he..bt this serial is unique/.////d best serial ever ..esi understndng romantic n filmy husbnd n sweet behen sabko mile

  4. I love titu & Panchi..!!! Really vry nice couple..!!!

  5. my fav serial..ya///..love you…titu….evn i gt my dream boy i ll cl him titu….as per u r my fav hero….ever…highly appreciated by this serial…thnk u…..producer n director

  6. bas titu ko kam mil jaye bas….ufff

  7. my luv luks lyk titu acts lyk titu bt is nt lazy

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