Manmarziyan 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manmarziyan 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika saying he is mad. Sam says completely. Radhika says he wanted to buy gift and asked me to hold it, and went from there. She says I don’t understand what do you see in him. Sam says even I don’t know. They call him rude, fool. Sam asks did Neil not go to buy gift. Radhika says no, Arjun. Sam says Arjun is not mad. She gets Neil’s message and says he is mad. She reads congrats and replies for what, I did not do anything. She asks Radhika to have pastry and she takes it happily. Neil asks why. She says because of you, come soon. Neil sits upset. Dosti, yaariyaan, manmarziyan………plays…………

He asks his mum what if train is not missed. She says then you should not miss it. He says I need energy to run after train and have to eat something. She laughs. He eats some food and laves. Radhika says I think Arjun is really mad, be away from him. Sam says I can’t do that and smiles. She says he made plan to make everything fine and Neil spoiled it, let him come, I will not leave him. Arjun comes to meet Sam. Radhika gets irked seeing him.

Arjun says I can’t stay away from you, and flirts. He says I thought to do work today itself, Maybelline ad presentation. The team follows. Sam is stunned. They all sit to work. She tells Arjun that if Sam does not come out of the room, then its no use coming here. Arjun messages Sam and she sees blank message. She replies hello. He sends blank message again. She comes out of her room. Bonnie bumps into Radhika. She tries to go to room. Radhika goes in room and shuts the door. Sam gets busy talking to Arjun.

Arjun asks her not to take much time to recall him. He says let me do my work now. He asks where is Radhika, its her presentation first, does she think sleeping is imp. Sam says I will call her and knocks the door. Radhika comes changing and says sorry haldi fell. Arjun talks to the staff. Arjun makes juice fall on Bonnie and she goes to the room to clean it. She looks for Radhika’s bag. She gets it in the cupboard and checks it. She replaces the orange bag. Sam asks the meaning of Arjun’s lines. Radhika jokes.

Sam says he sends blank massages and Radhika says he does not know message costs, content does not. Neil comes there. Sam asks why did Neil leave that time. Radhika says Dada ji says intelligent one ignores, and foolish one stops, Neil is intelligent. Sam says friends does not stop each other. Bonnie changes her clothes and comes out. She signs Arjun. Arjun says we will meet in morning, for the presentation. Radhika is glad he is going. Sam rushes to meet Arjun. Bonnie smiles.

Neil comes there and Sam stops Arjun. She asks why is he going. He says you did not give me reason to stop, tell me Sam, what are you waiting for. He gets close to Sam and says its you and me. She hears a sound and turns to see Neil. Neil is shocked. Manmarziyan…………plays…………….. Neil says I m so sorry, and leaves. Sam says Neil, one min Arjun and goes after Neil. Neil leaves outside the gate. Sam stops him and asks whats his problem. She takes his bike’s keys. He says nothing, give me the keys. She says I won’t give, tell me why are you behaving such.

He asks for keys, She asks the problem. She says I know you don’t like Arjun, but I like Arjun, I did not ask you to propose him, did I do anything. He says its not always about you, its about me, I m big idiot, I did not do. She asks him to tell her. She says I want to help you, please tell me, I won’t let you go till you say the problem. Neil says I love you Sam. He shouts I love you, I m hurt, I can’t bear seeing you with anyone else, I love you a lot. Sam is stunned. Aansuon me bighaati…………..plays……………… Neil asks does she like to hear anything else. He takes the keys from her hand and leaves. Sam recalls Neil’s confession.

Sam comes to Arjun and he asks shall I leave. She nods and he leaves. Neil cries sitting on the road and Sam recalls Neil’s words. Manmarziyan…………plays……………Neil hugs his mum and cries. Sam sits silent while Radhika does her work. Sam messages Neil and he does not take her call. Radhika sleeps and Sam stays awake thinking about Neil. She checks for his call.

Everyone sit for the presentation. Piyali asks how did our content pass to Samudra. Bonnie says she has to say something and shows Radhika’s bag with the money. Sam is shocked and looks at Radhika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. only neil’s confession was the highlight of today’s epi 🙂

  2. Thank god.finally my idiot neil proposed me.sorry psycho,u cannt trap busy with your revenge and psycho plans.i really want 2 slap u wit my dare u 2 hurt me.go to hell

  3. Something different 2day.i m nt an indian,devga.

  4. neil,i lve u somuch.u r so cute.i want a friend lke my frd

  5. I won’t be able 2 come here 4 a long days.if the epi would be updated soon,then we could make a discussion.but it’s too late

  6. Aham,you r a brilliant actor.i lke arjun,neil and sam

  7. you are right ireena…discussions take time….today it was too late…

  8. today apart from neils confession and he totally rocked with his performance..and atlast finally story is moving forward…and tomorrow radhika has to prove her…lets see what she is upto…and personally i feel the episodes are too slow…

    trps are the same and in general every serial had their trps low apart from sns and yhm and nach baliye…and also in other channels the trps are down..

    the story has to move forward..Please cvs dont drag the episoded…

  9. Woww… Nyc epi… Neils acting s really suuupperbbb…… Hope sam realises it….

  10. Waiting fr 2mrws epi… Trust-the main theme where chasni has to prove herself….

  11. Nice epi …. But hope radhu is not blamed …. Radhu should trust her trust and make others trust her …

    Sam at least now u think abt neil na…
    But don’t ever b away from him …. Plz accept Neil …..


  12. Ya amena ji u update other shows so fast …. Plz update manmarziyan also sooner coz to discuss abt show it Is too late ….

  13. OMG, shravan’s acting was superb… We could feel his pain through his eyes itself. What an expressive eyes he got. I love the character neil very much.

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