Rate Doli Armaanon Ki’s upcoming drama?

There are new entries in the show post the six year leap. Samrat has got a new look in the show, but he is still the evil man and seeking revenge from Ishaan and Urmi. He gets a makeover and wears jackets and jeans, and he will have a cool dude image, inorder to catch any rich girl in his love trap. Ishaan reveals to his mother and Urmi that there is a girl in his life whom he is deeply in love with. What the two of them do not realize is that Ishaan is referring to Urmi. When asked about the girl, Ishaan does not give any information. However, Urmi takes it upon herself to find out who this mysterious girl is. Urmi discusses the matter with Gaurav and Shaurya. Shaurya gives her an idea to check Ishaan’s phone and claims the person whom Ishaan had called the maximum times must definitely be his girlfriend. Urmi checks his phone but finds only her name on the dial list. She thinks Ishaan might have deleted the girl’s name from the dialled list and does not think its her whom Ishaan loves.

Samrat goes to a painting exhibition in order to be along with the elite class of the society. He decides to try his luck there so that he can return to his old lifestyle. This will make Samrat bump into Bani, Ishaan’s sister and he will woo her with his attitude to trap her in his love. Samrat will marry Bani and will get into her house as the ‘ghar jamai’. There will be a big drama with him coming face to face with his old friend, Ishaan. Ishaan’s second sister will also be introduced in the show, whose name will be Rati. She will always support her brother and it will be a positive character. Whereas Ishaan’s family will ask him to marry other girl as they will never accept Urmi because she is a divorcee. But Rati will always support Ishaan and will always want him to marry Urmi. What do you think about this track and twists in the show? Let us know.

  1. So, ishaan’s family is okay with the sister marrying samrat…a wife abuser, child killer and overall loser. But ishaan can’t marry urmi. Def represents Indian culture, it’s always so idiotic and backwards.

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