Who looks best opposite Yuvraaj in Suhani Si Ek Ladki?

Yuvraaj Birla, the man who never saw anything above beauty, is now in love with his wife Suhani, but his first love Soumya got after him clearly. Yuvraaj is tensed as he can’t break Suhani’s trust and asked Soumya to leave his house. While Dadi believes Soumya suits best for Yuvraaj, and Suhani does not deserve him. The average looking, though witty and caring Suhani faces an uphill task now to win her husband’s love, and to be accepted in her marital home by Dadi. Soumya acts as the lady of the house in front of the family members. Suhani is shocked to learn that Dadi gave the ancestral bangles to Soumya. Later, Suhani confronts Soumya about the reason for sending divorce papers to Krishna. The ancestral pair of bangles fit Suhani’s hands better than Soumya’s.

Later, when Soumya confronts Yuvraaj, he warns her and asks her to leave the house immediately. Soumya keeps a condition for him, to tell everything to Suhani and only then she will leave the house. She is sure that Dadi won’t let her leave the house, and will make Suhani leave from Yuvraaj’s life. Suhani decides to cheer Soumya up by going to a movie with her and Yuvraaj. Soumya agrees to come with them, and has a hope that Yuvraaj will accept her love. As he does not have guts to speak the truth to Suhani. Yuvraaj is in dilemma over Suhani and Soumya. What do you think about this track? Who suits Yuvraaj the best by all virtues and goodness of a life partner? Let us know in this poll.

  1. It’s One and Only SUHANI

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  4. Obbiously its suhaani… no doubt about it….

  5. Obviously its suhaani… no doubt about it….

  6. Obviously suhaani yaar..

  7. suhaniisthe main character so its obvious everyone will love to see suhani and yuvraj togerther

  8. Suhani only,she is so sweet character

  9. Suhani obviously

  10. Ofcourse Suhani!!! Yuvani is the best!!

  11. Suhani only

  12. Sowmya is behaving very selfishly. Instead of stand on marital relationship, she breaks up with krishna, even after he realises his mistake and want to spend with his wife. She also trying to breakup the yuvraj and suhaani relationship. Suhaaani also not realising her friends dual shade and stupidly beliving her. Good hona chaahiye but not idiot.

  13. Suhani it can be her only!

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