Rajat and Anu to separate again in Shastri Sisters

While Rajat was showing the Mangalsutra he made by trust and was making Anu wear it, they stop hearing the major tiff between Shastri ji and Minty. Minty taunts Shastri ji to the core, making him angry.

Click for full spoiler here

  1. Wat the hell.. U minty idiot.. Don’t u have a heart how could u do this .. After all u r too a woman.. U selfish Woman.. I’m very dissatisfied with sareen uncle.. He should have at least slap tat minty. But he don’t do it.. Minty deserves 10 to 20 slaps.. Just hate her.. How can a women be so cruel tat she can spoil a girl name tat to a this extent..

  2. plzzzz don’t separate anu rajat..plzzz we want anu rajat together forever…plzzzzz want old naughty rajat.. not ad rajat ..plzzz

  3. arey yaar again problem for rajat anu.oh ho wtever problem come they r target to get rajat anu separate.even they have right to happy naa.y these writers hurting rajat anu and their fans by separating them.we r really fed up with is drama.plz make the show back on track.and make our fav rajat anu live together.

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