Shagun and Adi shake Raman’s trust on Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Adi acts stubborn and asks Raman to get Ishita to apologize to Shagun first and only then he will come back to him. Raman asks Ishita to become Adi’s Ishi Maa as she is for Ruhi, and how much he tries to bring them closer, he fails.

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  1. Adi u r a devilllllllm..i hate like anythg…i dnt belive ur a child..bcoz u hv all the supid qualities to becme a movie villan…..idiot….sugun u r such a……witch……..ramam and toshi u both worlds best bewakoofs…and idiotssss….u hate u both…..

  2. Shame on raman nd toshi character.hw tht bloody shout on ishita who sacrifies everthing.just coz of adi.even my opion ishita shud go from the house along with ruhi.when shagun il create issue in their they il realise abt ishita.plz writer let stop al bloody nonsense.

  3. just read written updates n im glad i already stopped watching YHM….shagun n adi both big devils..shame on raman….enuf of goody goody ishita, cant see anymore..

  4. I dont want to watch this serial anymore too much heart ache.. ups and downs look good to much of downs drains the viewers

  5. I think Ishita should take Ruhi (legal mother) and go away (vacation etc) for few days, then maybe the Balla household will be reminded of her value lol especially Toshi who keep blaming Ishita for Adi mistakes. Wallahoo I wouldnt let another woman stay in my house, Shagun drama away from the house was more than enough, she doesnt need to go back to Balla house to continue with drama she had already created.

  6. Ishita don’t want to apologise adi. Adi character is soo rude and boring to see the nonsense of adi

  7. Hi guyz , I m Rohit

  8. No ishu u dnt apologize to adi….

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