RashDeep forever (chapter 2- the first meeting) Part 1

RashDeep arrive in Shimla. Rashmi takes a deep breath and thinks to start her new journey. Randeep (still in guilt) thinks to just have his duties here nothing else. Rashmi calls her new school to enquire about the residence alloted to her.

Official: Ma’am teachers’ quarters are full so we have arranged a two room set for you.
Rashmi: Ok that’s fine. Please send me the address.
Official: (gives the address) ma’am we have talked to the owner. You have to just register yourself and give your id proof, rest is done by us. The rent will be rebated to you and you will be alloted school bus for coming and going.
Rashmi: Thankyou

She hires a taxi and reaches the building. She registers herself and goes to her room.
reaches his department and introduces himself to an inspector. He welcomes him and introduces him to others. Then he takes randeep for registration.
After that they tell him his new address and ask him to join from tomorrow.

  1. hey dia , thank god you are continuing , i thought you won’t , by the way episode is superb

  2. Priya….exams are killing me….so i’ll update after looongg

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