Complicated life (Episode 45)

Gauri comes running to the Singh house and gets very much shocked to see,Dev asking police to arrest Dadi for insulting him,he turns and gets very much shocked to see Gauri,he smiles on seeing her and asks her to enter the house without any confusion. She comes inside and asks Dev the matter and says to the inspector “Sir,it is pur family problem,we will manage it “.The inspector leaves the place asking them to behave well with Dev. Dadi sits in the sofa and begins to shout “Ho matarani,our family respect have left “.Gauri sees the ladies of household staring at her and Dev and turns to confront him.

Dev asks her not to interfere in his business and not to disturb him.Gauri asks him to understand the family bonding and asks him the matter.Dev shows a copy of the court order to her,she takes it from his hand and drops the paper by shock.

Anoop andPramod discuss about the new supplier and talks among themselves about starting their dealing afresh and to win the battle the with Dev.Devesh doesn’t lisywbs to their conversation and sees Dev’s photo in his Wallet with a smile.Anoop asks his uncle to tell something about the matter.Devesh smiles continues and says “Do anything but he will manage “.Anoop angrily tries to say something when he hears call from House and picks the call with happiness to tell about getting new contract.Karuna asks them to come soon to home as soon as possible and tells about Dev’s court order.Anoop shouts “What the hell is that,we’ll return “.he hit the seat with anger.

Gauri asks Dev about the court order and asks him the reason to do like that.he asks her to shut up and stand along with her without any more question because he is her husband.she asks him to behave well because they are elders and his relatives .Dev laughs ,says “Come on Gauri,just chill baby “.She angrily takes out the paper from the floor and reads states,
My client Mr.Rudradev ,son of Prakash jha has filed a suit against Mr. praasath Singh and His family for cheatingbhim and not giving his mother his share of ancedtiral property ,so my client has the right to file the case against Mr.Prasath and his sons for their wrong found with Sharada prakash jha.

She reads for many times and sits in the sofa.Dev asks Arachaba and Ganga to continue their work because it takes some time for Mr.Anoop to come back home and reads the magazine kept in the table.Manish signs Karuna to com’s to their room and leaves from there.Karuna asks him the matter,he asks her to think well before supporting anyone because Dev’s side as truth .Karuna gets so confused and sits in the bed.She sees their family picture and remembers her condition for marriage that she won’t go to her sasural because she cannot lead her parents and cousins.She gets tears.Manish consoles her.

Anoop and others enters the house with very much anger andAnoop holds Dev’s shirt. Dev remains calm and asks him to shut up and think using his brain .Anoop slaps Dev continuously. Gauri tries to stop but Dev shows his hand and asks her not to interfere.Pramod asks them to stop and pulls Anoop away from him.Dev corrects his shirt and asks Gauri to bring him water from the kitcjenvevause her jiju is very much angry,let him calm.Pramod asks Gauri about the happenings. She sees Dev and remains silent.

Lilu seesSri in the corridor and walks towards him with a file.he asks her the matter and reads the fils,he asks her to check it properly before doing the work and asks her about her lunch plan.she smiles and tells about her lunch box.Sri asks her to join him in lunch do that they can talk something important.She sees him with millions question,he notes her eyes and says “About the company “.She accepts with a dilemma. They both leaves to a nearby 5 star restaurant and sits in a corner table booked by Sri.Lilu remembers about some incident and lowers her eyes to hide her pain.Sri gives her a tissue paper .

Praomd reads the court paper and says “now you can leave,we will meet in the court “,Dev smiles broadly and says “Sorry uncle,I eibt leave the house,I think you can turn and read the next paper “,He reads and finds about Dev’s properly laid plan and stands puzzled. Gauri comes near Dev and asks him in a whispering voice “Don’t you have heart “.He says in a similar tone,”I have it but a romantic heart alone “.She sees him with disbelief,She goes inside on hearing some noise .Ganga sees Anoop very much angry and gives him water to drink,He throws it away and raises his gabd to slap her.Gauri comes in between and hold his hand.She asks him to respect women.He angrily walks from there and shouts at Gauri about her betrayal for her family.She bittetly says “My family is my husband,Anoop you must understand things and try to live in present “.He tries to say something but sees Dadaji coming.

precap:Dadaji pleads Dev to keep his family resoect while Gauri sees things with years rolling from her eyes.Dev hold his hand and asks him not to lye in front of a small boy and hugs Dadaji.

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