Swaragini (life full of love) Intro

Hey guys ,I am new writer ..plz encourage me in my ff ..first let me introduce the characters . My story will revolve mainly on the lead ..as I give more importance to them ..so let’s introduce
Ashvar shergil : a very big business man in Delhi ..a very rich business love his daughter a lot ..he is really kind hearted ..can do anything for her daughter
Rithika shergil : a business women ..a very heart minded person ,a very caring person too loves her daughter .
Swara shergil : a smart and very attitudeous girl ..almost spoiled brat becoz of her parents care and love ..popular student in the school ..she is very close friend of laksh …can do anything for him ..

Now the maheshwari family
Durga prasad maheshwari : a very big business man in Kolkata ..a very caring person ..father of laksh and adharsh ..best friend of ashvar ..
Annapurna maheswari : a house wife ..a very caring person ..mother of laksh and ad harsh
Laksh maheshwari (lucky) : a very cool dashing handsome guy of school a very popular student ..topper and smart ..a very overacting showoff boy ..loves hi bro adharsh and swara …there are really besties
Adharsh : a simple guy well mannered helps his father in business

Now sharma family

Ram sharma : a very big business man in Hyderabad ..loves his family ..best friend s of both do and ar ..father of Shankar and uttara
Sujatha sharma : a house wife a caring person ..a over understanding person ..love his daughter and son.. best of rithika and ap
Sanskar sharma : a very attitudeous person but has a soft corner for family and his best friend ragini ..the heartthrob of the school handsome dashing and all
Uttara sharma : a simple girl with good heart ..her studious girl too ..loves her bro too much …

Last godadia family
Shekhar godadia : a very big business man in Gujarat .. best friend of do ..rp and ar ..loves his. Family and his daughter and son ..he is also rich
Sharmisthta godadia : a business women loves his daughter and son ..best friend of ap ,rt,sujatha ..a very caring women
Ragini gadodia : a very well mannered traditional girl wears only traditional outfits ..respectful girl loves her family and small bro ..her best friend is sanskar ..
Avinesh gadodia : well mannered boy loves his sister and family and very studious boy …

So frnds they are my lead characters …Tania and laksh are totally spoiled brats …
All are in different states how they all will meet ?
All the four families are best friends but that doesn’t means their children should be also ?
Let’s see what destiny plays with them ….

How was it guys ? Plz post comments whether u like or not …plz

  1. is it swara and laksh who are spoiltbrats or tania and laksh

  2. Hey…nyc intro..bt whoz tania…???? but what are the pairs

  3. Plzz make it Swasan and nice inteo

  4. Superb yaar plz pair ragsan

  5. Sry guys typing mistake there is no tania character it’s swara and laksh who r spoiled ….thanks for ur comments supreme ,diya ,bresh and illa

  6. Hmm nice plot go for it….

  7. Thanks renu for our comment ……

  8. Thanks renu for ur comment ……

  9. sol nyc… plz make it swasan

  10. make it swasan raglak

  11. make it ragsan n swalak…?

  12. swasan please. . only swasan are real pairs don’t make siblings as pairs.. swasan is the best

  13. Plzzz swasan…

  14. nice yaar ….waitingg 4 the 1st ep

  15. nice Dr swasan plz….yarrr

  16. I have updated episode 1 ..do read it and comment plzz …thanks jwala , Liya, maya ,nithya and kajal ….I will take ur request ..there are more twists in it …so read it guys ..

  17. I have updated episode 1 ..do read it and comment plzz …thanks jwala , Liya, maya ,nithya and kajal ….I will take ur request ..there are more twists in it …guys ..

  18. please make it swalak…many less ff’s on swalak

  19. Nice plzz make it swalak its gud to see too best frnds as couple

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