Rang Rasiya 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 4th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
mohini says to rudra that you said that she is your fiancee, she is being relvealed in village as your faincee and you guys still have something between you both thats why you keep holding her hand, rudra leaves pro’s hands, she says all have seen paro putting haldi of your name, she puts sindoor of your name, she was sitting with doll outside our house, people see this and what will they think, i have daughter and son too,its not good that people talk ill about our house, you know i love you alot but this girl has to be in our house, danveer says so its decided that she will live in our house, mohini smiles and leaves, sumer says my mom have heart of gold otherwise you and your father had brought embarrassment to this house 15years back and now this gilr, rudra is about to hit

him but paro stands inbetween and stops rudra, she says no major sahab, sumer is about put paro aside but rudra takes her aside and says dont you dare, now dont say a word else i will throw you out, he leaves. paro says sorry you get angry because of and a bulk sorry that i didnt listen to you, he says you are not sorry that you came in house? she says no because its not mistake and why i should be sorry for that, rudra says to paro that you took kaki’s help and came in house but that doesnt mean this house is yours, i can throw you out right now, paro says i know but you also know that i will come again and again because coming in this house, winning your trust is not wrong for me, i have pure feelings for you then how it can be wrong, rudra says okay be here in some corner but dont show your face to me, i dont wanna see face of a liar girl like you, paro is hurt. he leaves. paro says okay major sahab i will do what you say, i will not show my face to you but i will prove my innocence, she takes ghee box, maithili comes and takes her in room, she shows her other dupatta which she got, sunehri is in room too, maithili says one dupatta is torn which is yours and other is absoultely right, paro shows ghee box to maithili, sunehri says i remember i didnt see her face who put fire, when i called her she didnt turn to me but ran away from there. she says i did a big mistake, please forgive me, i doubted you, paro says no you had no fault, paro hugs her, maithili says go and tell rudra all this, paro says no he doesnt trust me, his belief on me is very weak now so he will think that i hava made fake story and also he doesnt wanna see my face, maithili is being called by mohini she leaves,.

Scene 2
sumer ask mohini why did give off to workers today, mohini says if we all go from house then only smoke(paro) and camel(rudra) will remain in house and smoke will camel cough and he will get angry. she comes to danveer, who says you did good thing by deciding to go to mandir, we all will go, sunehri says i will call paro too, mohini taunts her and says that she should be in house as somebody should be on house to take care of dilsher, she says i accept paro didnt put fire, it must be some accident. all leaves.

Scene 3
rudra comes back from outside, he is knocking gate, paro comes and thinks that it must be major sahab, she opens gate and hides behind gate, rudra closes gate, paro turns before he could see her face and goes from there. paro comes in kitchen and says he must be hungry, she says what if comes here, i cant show my face to him, she tries to take veil on her head but her dori of blouse gets open, she tries to close it but couldnt reach, rudra comes there, he sees her dori open and turns his face to other side, paro is shy, rudra sees her having difficulty tying dori so he comes to her, both look at each other little, rudra doesnt see her back and set her blouse, he ties dori, paro feels shy, she is tensed, rudra goes from there, paro looks on.

Scene 4
paro comes with food in rudra’s room. she have veil on her face, rudra comes there, wind blows, paro’s veil comes off, she runs and bumps into rudra, she hides her face in his jacket and says now i am not showing my face please dont be angry, he pushes her away and says are you nmad, paro hides her face with curtain, paro says you get angry seeing my face so i hide it, rudra says is it a joke, he says i am tired listening to your shit, he ask where are all, she says all have gone to mandir, he says did you send them? she ask why? he says some days back i hate you alot like you use to hate me but i had respect for you that you have shame, you keep in limits but noe i get to know that you are not only fool bu a shameless girl, what you are doing by hugging me, taking off your dupatta and that dori you must have opened it, you want to come closer to me, paro says enough, beleive me, rudra says its like slang from women’s mouth, rudra takes off curtain and says behind this beautiful face you have impure plans, i feel suffocated around you, paro says you hate me, you think i am shameless, rudra says yes, if you have little shame then go from here, i hate you, paro says you never seen love, rudra ask what you want, paro says your pardon, rudra says you want my forgiveness then i am forgiving you for you calling me devil, for going with tejawat, for hitting me. he drgs her to porch and says i am forgeting that you put fire now you will go, paro says no, i want to make you see my lo.. rudra says enough, dont say a word, paro says i dint say it and you listened it because you listened my heart as always, paro says i will not go, rudra says i will never be yours, paro says shivji said same to parvati ji that he will never love her but he loved her. rudra says it was story only, paro says our life is story too, you meeting me 15 years back, then meeting me after 15years saving me, it was all story, rudra says its ended, paro says no our story is started now and i will never allow it to end, rudra is speechless.

PRECAP- rudra says to paro you think you can do what parvati ji did then do me favor dont see your fece and keep standing here, paro says if you say then i will stand on one feet, rudra says dont come inside till i call you, he leaves, paro says now i will do what you say, she stands on one feet.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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