Pavitra Rishta 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 4th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sunanda asking Naren why he has brought clothes. Naren says he is thinking of experimenting on Ahana as she does not remember her pizza and dressing style, so he brought clothes for her. Archana checks Pia’s laptop and sees Ovi’s and Pia’s pic together. Archana remembers Pia’s words and remembers her calling Aaji. She checks her suitcase and finds Ovi and her pic. She checks her passport and finds Arjun’s name as her father. She gets happy that she is Pia, Ovi’s daughter. Archana gets emotional and tears roll down her eyes. She thinks why she didn’t inform me.

Pia gives Pari’s laptop and says to complete her presentation. She says she has deleted Aman’s pics from laptop. Pari says she does not want to talk about Aman. She thanks her.

Pia says, try to search him. Pari says, I don’t want to talk about him. I hate him. I get annoyed hearing his name. I don’t want to search him. Pia says, what did you say? You hate him then why you kept his photo in your book. I will tear it. Pari asks,are you mad and stops Pia from tearing the photo. Pia says, you still loves him. You didn’t get your answers about why he left you. You have to sort this out. Your family wants to see you happy. Pia leaves. Pari looks at Naren’s photo.

Pari recalls the time spent with Aman. She asks Naren/ Aman to dance with her. Naren refuses to dance and says it is boring. Pari convinces him. Pari and Naren dance on the song Tumhi Din Chade……….At the other end, Naren is dancing on the same song. He asks Ankita to dance with her. Ankita refuses. Naren says, you said that we shall dance for our happiness. Naren and Ankita dance on the song. Ankita smiles looking at him. Pia gives vada pav to Aaji. Savitra praises her cooking skills. She asks Manav to start eating. Pushti says, Aazuba will not eat without Aaji. Sulochana says, they eat together. Neena says, their romance didn’t end till now. Archana comes. Pia says, Manav is waiting for you. She asks her to eat Vada Pav. Archana looks tensed. She says, I got to know about Ovi. Everyone stand up with surprised faces.

Manav asks, where is Ovi? Archana says, she is with Arjun. Pia says, there might be some misunderstanding. Arjun sir should be with Purvi. Archana says, once again she ditched us. Agency have reported that Ovi is with Arjun all these years. Manav says, when we went to India, we talked to Arjun. He said Ovi is not there. Purvi and Arjun are going to married. Archana says, Purvi lied to us as she doesn’t want to hurt us. She says, Ovi is selfish. She didn’t think about us. She cries and says I want to wipe Ovi from my life. Pia is hurt.

Archana says, we got hurt because of her. Neena says, I knew it. Ovi knows only snatching. She ruined her sister’s life. Archana says, I don’t want to hear Ovi’s name in this house. From today, I don’t have any relations with Ovi. She is dead for me. I want to throw her every memory out of this house. Pia cries and takes Ovi’s photo in her hands. She says, my Aayi didn’t do anything. Everyone are shocked.

Pia says, she is staying with me since 20 years and Dad is in India. My mom brought me up and gave me values. She loves you a lot. She told me everything about you all. She can’t ruin anyone’s house. She folds her hands and asks Archana to forgive Ovi. She says, my Aayi misses everyone. Savita asks, Ovi is your Aayi? Archana says, yes. She is Pia Arjun Kirloskar. Archana says, I know that your Aayi didn’t do anything. I did this so that you tell us the truth. I don’t know if Ovi missed us but we all miss her.

Archana introduces her to Savita and Sulochana and says they used to pray for you. She tells that Teju also missed Ovi a lot. Pia is crying continuously. Archana says, I am your Aaji. We were upset with Ovi but we were not upset with you. Now we forgot everything and wanted to forgive Ovi. She asks, why you didn’t tell us about your identity. Savita says, she wanted to see what is in our heart about Ovi. Pia says sorry to Archana and hugs her. She says, my intentions were never wrong. I was scared to lose you. I wanted to unite this house and unite my aayi with you all. I wanted to give you a surprise. Archana asks Pia to meet everyone. She hugs everyone. Pavitra Rishta song plays……………..

Ovi is in the hospital. She thanks Prashant. She says, you got good values. Prashant says, no need of thanks. Soham is looking at her from the window. Ovi sees him. Soham hides.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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