Rang Rasiya 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Rudra tells Paro that the whole story began with the gudiya? Keep it..! He throws the gudiya on Paros face..! He says its been here coz i forgot to throw it away and i dun remember the girl who gave this gudiya and dun remember the boy too..! Left him behind long back.. ! Got the gudiya now leave..! No more bonds.. no more ties.. everything is over..! He closes the door on Paro..! He is emotional but acts touf..! He tells everyone that the show is over.. go ..! Danveer tries to explain Rudra..! Rudra says.. earlier i was jallad.. now muktidata and now am her pasand? Danveer says the poison in Paro’s heart against BSD is gone and now u r her choice…! The past days of ur fake wedding are now pleasant memories for her..! Ur a soldier..but she is a woman.. ur name is on her hand and for a girl like her who is brought up in tradition ..she cant forget all this..! He says.. u think from ur head and she from her heart..! Its not easy to forget all and propose u in front of everyone..so whatever she said..was from the heart! Rudra says.. feelings of heart dont change overnite! Danveer says.. a moment is enouf! Rudra says.. love is not meant for me..and even if it did.. cant think of spending my life with her! Mohini comes and Rudra taunts and says.. spill ..!

Mohini says.. came to give u … these 3 lacs u gave to my son to buy him ..today i bought him back from u ..! Rudra takes and walks off..!

Rudra keeps looking at the door and recollects Paros words..of wanting Rudra to marry her..! Rudra opens the door and cant find Paro and turns to go back but then sees her sleeping at the stairs holdin the gudiya..! BG- Rang Rasiya..! Wind is blowing and Rudra walks to Paro ..! He watches her with pained expression ..!
He bends and suddenly spots sindoor on her forehead..! He freezes..! He walks back..!

Part 2

Paro wakes up from the sound of door slamming ..! She asks her gudiya if Rudra had come to see her? She smiles..! Sumer fumes on Mohini that she is not letting him go to Jaipur..! Mohini says will let u go ..and make Taj Mahal .. ! Sumer says dun irritate me! Mohini says.. need ur help to kick Rudra-Dilsher out of this house! Sumer says.. lets put Rudra in coma too and throw them out of here! Mohini says will tell u later what to do .but from now whatever will be done to the son-dad .. we both will do together..! Mohini walks away from there!

Paro talks to gudiya and says.. wont leave.. he said story is over.. how ? Our story is not even half done.. just now i have started to understand him .. ! I know it feels as if i lost. .today he broke my heart twice.. but i m not depressed.. rather hopeful and also confident to fight..! Paro says happened first time… everything feels new..! Paro tells gudiya.. did what all told me to till now but for first time today .. i wanna do something … ‘manmani’ ..! Wanna do what i want.. even if they think i m stubborn .. i wanna stay with Rudra.. i like staying with him .. it gives me happiness.. and i will get my happiness.. and will teach him how to smile..! Paro says.. there is still a child in him and i will bring it out.. be it by bribing it or scolding it… will teach him to live once more.. but for this have to stay inside the house..! Will fight..! Mohini says.. if talking to toys can get things done.. folks wont need weapons ..! Mohini asks Paro to intro her to the toy ..! Mohini introes herself…and teases Paro about being mother in law of Paro ..! Mohini tells Paro to come with her .. inside the house! Paro says Rudra wont like! Mohini says.. as if he will like u sitting outside in the open .. am here as ur shield.. come with me and Rudra wont be able to say anything! Paro asks what u want in return?Mohini says nothing.. and if i need.. will tell u later ..! Mohini says.. had offered to help u when u wanted to run away .. u din take.. wanna help u now when u wanna go close to Rudra.. but still u dun agree..! Paro says.. i dun trust Mohini but i need to convince Rudra am innocent and for that need to take her help ..! Mohini self thot.. u r so foolish .. Rudra hates u .. n cant stay where u stay .. am sure.. he will walk out seeing u here!

Paro comes in the kitchen and says thank u to Maithli … for trusting her and says need to convince Rudra..! Maithli says i found something .. u can use it..! Mohini calls Maithli and she leaves! Paro asks if she cleaned Dilshers room after accident and Maithli says no! Paro decides she needs to check the room for proof ..!

Part 3

Paro comes in Dilsher’s room ..! She wonders how the room caught fire? She checks for evidence and finds Dilshers inhaler! She then feels her hand being sticky and finds jar which keeps ghee..! She decides to ask Maithli what she found! Paro is rushing out of Dilshers room and trips on a brick and the jar hits Rudra who is working out! Paro rushes to check on him! Rudra asks what she is doing there? Paro says.. the ghee jar slipped and hit u ..so checking ..! Rudra grabs her hand and fumes and is dragging her out but Mohini comes and says.. she din dare.. i supported her and brought her back .. do u have any problem? Rudra asks who are u? Sumer says how dare u ..! Mohini says.. relax..! She says.. i brought her here and she will stay here ..else u .. and ur dad have to go out of here..!

Precap — Rudra fumes on Paro and says just coz u came here with Mohinis help doesnt mean i cant throw u out! Paro says i know. .but i will keep coming back! Rudra says fine.. stay in a corner.. i dun care.. but dun show ur face to me ..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

  1. Thanx.. Keep going

  2. I wonder how long this fight will go on. Fed up of Rudra not believing Paro. He is always throwing her out as if he is dumb

  3. finally paro do something for proof their innocence i hope rudra and paro come close soon…. he trust her….

  4. Was today hour long episode?

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