Jee Le Zara 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv’s mother and Isha asking Ankita to leave now. Isha asks Ankita how dare she is to get her husband arrested. She says it is good Dhruv is not married to Ankita. Ankita asks Dhruv to forgive her as she cannot see him hating her. Dhruv asks her to leave. Even Anvay asks her to leave. Ankita says she has done mistake and does not deserve anyone’s love or affection. She was afraid of seeing Dhruv hating her and saw it today. Suparna asks her to stop crying and go from there. Ankita turns back, sees everyone and goes from there. Dhruv’s mom asks sorry to Saanchi for doubting her. Dhruv asks why did not see tell when she was innocent. Saanchi says she did not know Ankita would do that. Arvind thanks Dhruv for saving him. Dhruv says he just did paper formalities. Isha

asks permission from her mom to go with Arvind now and mom agrees. She thanks Saanchi for helping her and her family. Saanchi says it was her duty and they are family.

Anvays says Suparna Ankita crossed her limits and says she is your sister and always stays with you. Suparana says she is my sister, not duplicate and says if he wants to scold Ankita, to do it to Ankita and not scold her indirectly. She comes out of the room and sees Saanchi. Saanchi says she knows Suparna asked Ankita to call police and says she did not show her portion of video purposefully and warns if she does something like that, she will not keep quiet. Suparna asks if she is warning her. Saanchi says yes and says if she can betray her sister, she can betray anybody. Saanchi goes from there. Suparana thinks she will take revenge of her sister.

Everybody comes for breakfast. Anvay congrats Saanchi that her family is also part of Prithvi Enterprises. Saanchi says she did not understand. Anvay says Sunil got a contract in their company and she would have asked Dhruv to do that. Anvay says they should change their company’s name to Ganga as everybody wants to wash their hands in flowing water/Ganga. Saanchi says she did not get contract to Sunil. Anvay says she would have requested Dhruv. Dhruv says Saanchi did not tell him, but he saw potentiality in Sunil, so he gave him contract. Anvay says Sunil is in trouble, so he would have bailed him out. Dhruv says they needed a good contractor, so he gave contract to Sunil. Anvay says Saanchi he knows her family is in financial trouble and he ready to help her other relatives. Saanchi gets sad hearing that. She asks Dhruv why did he gave contract to Suni and says he would have informed other family members. Dhruv says Sunil deserves it, so he gave him contract and leaves from there. Dilshad says Dhruv just helped Sunil. Mom says Dhruv did right thing.

Saanchi chats with Dhruv and asks sorry to him. Dhruv gets happy. She says he is not boring like her and says I love you. Dhruv says I love you too. She says she has made presentation and mailed it. Dhruv checks presentation and likes it and mails it to Mehta. Anvay comes to Dhruv’s office and asks if he sent presentation to Mehta. Dhruv says he sent it and Saanchi did that presentation. Anvay says he always believes on Saanchi and says he would have showed him before. Dhruv says he checked it and it was good. Secretary comes and informs Mehta called and liked the presentation. Dhruv says he will inform the good news to Saanchi.

Pradeep shows passport to Deepali and says they will leave from here. He says he does not like her working hard, so he is thinking of taking her out. She asks where will they go. He shows Dubai’s ticket. She asks where did he get money from. He says he got it from client. She says what about these people, we cannot break their trust. What will she tell to Saanchi. He says he is elder son of this house and has taken just small portion of his right. He asks her to come with him, else stay here as Saanchi’s servant. She asks if he will mend his ways when they go there. She says these people made him thief, he asks her to believe him and says they will return their money soon. He thinks good bye Saanchi.

Precap: Pradeep asks Deepali not to bring bags as they are eloping from there. Saanchi, Dhruv and Dilshad come there and Pradeep is shocked to see them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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