Paanch 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The epi begins with Roshni executing her plan of giving low voltage shocks to Yudi just like he did to Neha she places a live wire in the pool carefully but just well she is abt to connect it to the main board someone comes there , its a girl with wavy hair while Roshni’s busy explaining her whereabouts the girl snatches her hair and hurts her asking abt her relationship with Gauti ROSHNI’S shocked to hear Gauti’s name ,just then the servant calls Pariva and says its time to go to bed ,Rosh drops the idea of the plan and leaves on reaching her room Gauti comes from behind and blindfolds her she jokingly guesses him to be Nihaal and when Gauti tries to cozy up she confronts him abt Pariva, he tells her that she is Yudi’s psychotic sister who used to blackmail him, she loved him while he never reciprocated

the feeling so she started to blackmail him that she’d commit suicide if he doesnt love her back,she’s the kind of girl who just wants what she plan to have he says he genuinely loves her and he came here only coz Rosh insisted ,when Rosh asks if the gang or Kharbanda’s know abt it he says they dont,plus YuRi were in a relationship and he didn’t want them to break it because of him so he kept quiet infact he insists that they leave tomorrow morning itself coz on seeing them together Pariva may try to harm her again and Rosh’s already been through a lot Roshni says she’s too exhausted to leave the very next day she tells him she trusts him so he needn’t worry abt anything, Gauti tries getting close to her again but she feels awkward and Gauti gives her her space and leaves,just before he’s leaving Rosh hugs him and all this is witnessed by Pariva.

Next morning Villagers come upto MP Kharbanda complaining that animals are coming into their areas eating people and even children they need his Help , Kharbanda says its time for hunting and looking towards Rosh who had just arrived says u wud finally see Kharbana hunt.

Mr. and Mrs. Kharbanda invite Rosh to join in for Breakfast and Rosh offers to make tea for them, while Mrs Kharbanda praises Rosh and disapproves of Gauri,and Kharbanda compares Yudi to a Lion and tells Rosh that Power is everything and if Yudi did make some people’s life hell what wrong did he do? , just then Nihaal-Zaara join in and they inquire abt Kharbanda’s hunt, Kharbanda tells them that since elections are nearing he wudn’t risk killing animals as the media have an eye on him,instead he’d use an air gun that wud not kill the animal badly but will injure him real bad, Mrs. Kharbanda asks abt YuRi’s whereabts and Zaara says they’re still sleeping, Mrs. Kharbanda gets shocked and asks Together? Rosh covers it up for them and says she’d go call them just then she gets a call from Nikhil, coming out where noone’s around she tells Nikhil of her plan , to attack Yudi, she says what if MP Kharbanda himself punishes his son, Nikhil likes the idea and says how? she tells him that MP Kharbanda will shoot his own son when he goes hunting for animals at the night, Nikhil finds the idea really dangerous and asks her to take care of herself she says she will and cuts the phone, Nikhil thanks Shivani for accompanying him and says this is his new residence and it will be safer if she leaves to hostel now Shivani agrees aand asks Nikhil not to be tensed abt Rosh, Gauti ‘s there for her, Nikhil says he doesn’t trust him not because he’s jealous of him or something but just that he’s Gauri’s real brother afterall, they depart and Shivani has a strange feeling of being followed she rechecks the corners she just passed and goes ahead, hidden from her is Roy who says, Shivani u’re the dumbest friend of Rosh and I m gonna use u to prove Rosh being the real culprit

precap :
the gang have loads of fun in the pool with “Sunny Sunny” from Yaariyan in the BG
Pariva takes Rosh to her room and shows Gautis cards,gifts and roses for her and asks Rosh if she still doesn’t believe her, Rosh looks shocked

Update Credit to: Seredipity

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