Ek Boond Ishq 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra throws aathiyan on cliff, nandu rudra leaves. man stands from mud, his body and face is covered with mud. tara looks at aathiyan broken and says now i cannot bear it anymore, she says to God that you are seeing all this , all injustice then why you are silent, if you exits then show some signs. rain starts mud starts coming off from that man and he is none other our hero mrityunjay, he folds his fist. guru says to his men that here is our leader, mj is sitting on tree and is playing flute. he has rudrakash in his hand, guru says to his men to meet your leader, mj gets up and looks at them, guru says he will supervise our war with kalavati, one person says i wished to meet you and after seeing you we have new passion, mj says you must have sense with passion, we have to do something through which kalavati do some mistake and we will take advantage of it, guru says we got to know that kala is going to celebrate but dont know where, mj says dont worry she will tell us herself, he says remember be clever along with passion.

Scene 2
aradhna gets yug’s call, he wishes her happy birthday, she thanks him and ask about weather in gowalare, he says its fine, he ask your daughters are celebrating your birthday? she says daughters? he says i am not talking about nandu, i amtalking about tara and meethi, she says yes they are celebrating, tara was vey excited, she ends calls, adi is standing there and ask why did you lie to him, aradhna i dont wanna disturb him, adi says atleast we got to know that its your birthday, adi brings small cake, all wishes her birthday, nimmo feeds her cake, jairaj ask you are missing your daughters, aradhna says not missing them but cursing myself that i got daughters like them who took happiness from your family, jairaj says dont think like that for us now meethi is your daughter.Jairaj says I want all the misunderstandings to vanish between adi and meethi. Aradhna says it will happen for sure. They all sit down. Faheem sings to cheer them up. Nirmala says you sang so well. Jairaj says have you seen my spectacles case ? She says yeah let me bring it. He says no I will take it. He goes in and while looking for the case he see the divorce papers of Adi and Meethi. The papers fall on the ground and he faints. Everyone bring him to the hospital.

Scene 3
Tara goes to the stable and has brought sweet dish for aradhna. Its her birthday today. She finds no one there and calls Faheem. tara asks Faheem where are they all ? He says why should we tell you ? Os you can come here and ruin our lives more. Tara says please tell me where is baba and everyone ? He says don’t say baba he is fightintf for his life because of you. Tara asks what happened to him? He says he suffered cardiac arrest. We are here since last night and this is all because of you and your sister.
Meethi says to aradhna this is all because of me. I should have trusted Ai and tore those papers. Aradhna says don’t blame yourself. It had to happen. Tara comes there, Ardahna asks what are you here for ? To see how we are copping up with all this ? Nandu brought papers because of you Tara says I don’t know what papers are you talking about. Aradhna says don’t lie. Just go. Doctor comes out he says Jairaj is still in critical condition. I have told adi the amount ? It’d take 2.5 lac. Youb should submit the payment we can’t operate with the clearance. Nirmala says where will we arrange them from ? Tara says I will bring the money. All I have is baba’s.
There Mj is making tara’s sketch in jungle. Guru ji comes to him and says why don’t you tell her that you are alive ? What kind of vow is that ? Whu don’t you think that she is so alone. She should know that she is not fighting alone. Why don’t you speak up. Mj says its important. Whats more difficult than being without her ? When she is alone she gets more strength. I don’t want to make her any mistake that make kala realize that I am alive. SHe might do that being overwhelmed about me. its not the right time. Its just time to ruin kala’s every plan.
Kala is talking on some call. She says everything is going according to the plan. Our guests say that there should be no mess they don’t care about the venue. They just want the party to be big. Surraiya you understand that there should be no mess. She shows her a tank toy and says I will kill you all with it. Half of your body will fall in Pakistan and half in China. Surraiya says I found a trumpet here don’t know who brought it. Kala plays it and suddenly everyone shouts. Surraiya sasy something came out of it. Kala checks it. Its a letter. Kala says its just a paper. Kala reads it, it says don;t think I haven’t seen you. I will snatch everything you have and all your black business will be mine. Kala says I am the only queen here. No one can take anything from me.

Scene 4
Nirmala is calling adi. He isn’t receiving the call. Aradhna says he must be busy. Aradhna says I have some money in mu bank I will get in when the banks open. Everything will be all right.
Tara is going out. Nandu asks where are you going ? Looks like there is some dog after you or there is some dead. Rudra says we are after her and she won’t escape someone would have died. Nandu says because of you baba is in hospital. He saw those divorce papers. Its mom’s birthday today. Because of you she is so down. Nandu says this is all because of me. You know I did all that for adi. I neevr wanted to hurt the family. Please forgive me. Tara says ask for the pardon of adi and meethi.
Tell this rudra that you are not as bad as him. Suddenly she holds tara’s feet and tara falls on the floor. SHe says what you thought ? I am emotional like you ? I did that all fro myself. What can I do if jairaj had a cardiac arrest. Rudra takes all the money from her bag and says you were taking this for his treatment. You thought you will go there and make history. Why you do this over and over again ? WHy you make me angry. Now see what will happen.
Nandu and Rudra take Tara in the car he says you are free go and give this money to them. You will be responsible for what happens to them later. Tara says he will either be in difficult condition. Rudra says here you help jairaj and some other family member will die. go and take this money. Aradha comes out of the hospital. Rudra says yes she is the one. Its her birthday today. How about making it her death day ? A car starts moving towards aradhna. Tara is shouting. The car is about ti hit her.

Precap- Tara says to rudra what you want me to do ? To save baba. I will do everything except signing the papers. Rudra says just a little mae over.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Welcome back mj. Missed u a lot
    This drama was nothing w/out
    Good to see you again :). I am gonna watch this serial again …….

  2. me too going to watch it again, hope mj will be able to take revenge otherwise ,,,,,,,,

  3. Finish this kalavati asap

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