Rang Rasiya 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 30th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
mohini is stunned, paro comes in and sees mohini there, she says kaki? mohini hides injection, she says why were you blabbering I got afraid, paro says I came for rudra’s medicine but what you are doing here in night, mohini says I came to see rudra, paro puts blanket on rudra’s feet and ask in darkness, mohini says I didn’t want to disturb you so I didn’t turn off light, she says I am worried for rudra,l she says I will sit here, she ask paro to go and sleep, paro says you may have dual relation with rudra but I have strongest relation with rudra, I am his wife, I will stand by his side till he is here, I don’t need rest, mohini sees water and thinks paro will turn to get water and I will put injection to rudra, she coughs and ask paro for water, paro turns, mohini bows down to get needle from ground, paro looks back at her, mohini gets straight saying it was mosquito, paro goes to get water but keep looking at mohini, she gives her water. mohini says okay now I will go, take care of him, she leaves. sumer says to mohini that you didn’t do your work, mohini says watchman was there on rudra, he is fighting for life and she was taunting me, they leave from there.

Scene 2
Maithili calls paro and tells paro that i got iron powder but i will investigate more then tell you who was having it, paro says rudra only ate half laddo and half he took to room, you go there and check, Maithili goes in room to check, she looks around and doesn’t find it but then maithili finds laddo and says i will check it with magnet then will call you. she ends call. Maithili is going in room when she sees mohini and sumer coming in house, she hides laddo, mohini says have you bought new slippers that you are roaming this time, Maithili ask where were you? mohini says are you policeman, sumer says we went to hospital, rudra is still unconscious, mohini says why were you roaming, she says I am going, she goes. mohini says her body language is not good, sumer says you doubts idols too, he goes to sleep.

Scene 3
its morning but rudra doesn’t get consciousness, paro is tensed, she ask him to get up, I will not allow you to sleep more, I will keep blabbering if you doesn’t get up and you get irritated of it, please say something, I have many questions like after returning from Jaipur, why were you asking for forgiveness, or when in Jaipur I came to you being afraid of darkness then why didn’t you scold me? she says you don’t like these questions but I will keep asking, tell me how we get up in morning together, is my earring with you? paro says looks how red is my face and to see that you have to open your eyes, I am angry on you, I will not talk to you if you doesn’t get up, she sits and says please get up, okay I will sing that song which you hate then you will get up, she sings, rudra doesn’t budge, she sees sun going away and ask rudra to forgive her, I will never sing but please get up, she holds his hand and cries.

SCene 4
mohini says to maithli where are you going with this bag? she says I made parathas it is in kitchen, mohini says I asked you what is in this bag, Maithili shows lunchbox and says its lunch for paro, she says whats else is inside, she is about to check but samrat comes and says lets go Maithili they leave. sumer says I think she has doubt on us.
aman and chacha comes to see rudra, aman says we will investigate, chacha says 1st we have to see rudra, doc said that if rudra doesn’t get up then.. paro says I have to go somewhere you both stay here, chacha ask where wre you going, paro says to whom who can take and give life to rudr, even if I have to beg or fight, I will not return empty handed, she leaves.

Scene 5
sumer says we should attack him once more then he will be finished, mohini says we cant do anything, I think Maithili have doubt on us, she is asking questions, I asked her whats inside bag but she got afraid like she killed someone, sumer sees iron powder lying there, she says it fell from my hand, he says this milk? she says Maithili brought it, she says this means Maithili knows something.
Maithili comes in hospital but gets to know that paro left for mandir, doc says I will check rudra again, Maithili gives him iron powder which she collected and also laddo and ask him to check if there is iron in both of it, he says I will check but I have to tell this to bsd, he leaves.

Scene 6
paro is running towards mandir without slippers, her feet bleeds and she comes to mandir. doc in hospital checks rudra and says he is not recovering, if this keeps on then he can go to coma, we have to see his every move, if his heart rate goes down then its not good for him.
paro says to lord to save her husband, I am pleading, pundit says I will bring water for you, paro says my thrist hunger everything is gone, my husband is in danger, he says today is aarti and people ask for their most important thing from lord but remember you have to give your precious thing to lord, paro says I can give everything but please ask him to make my husband right.

PRECAP- paro prays to lord as aarti is going on, otherisde rudra is given shocks, paro prays that when rudra gets fully right then I will leave him that moment..

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What paro will leave him soon

  2. the precap is like jab thak hai jaan…

  3. When paro left him,he will realize what r he loosing ……!

  4. But how can she leqve him??? Ds shud not happen yaar…. not fare…. dere chemistry is sooo gud

  5. Iske ghar ka kharcha kaise chalta hai .. he is susapended from BSD .. now he is in the hospotal … who will take care of these expenses?????????

    His Father was in coma ..who took car eof those expenses???????

  6. Absent y r u so worried

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