Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Suresh looking at Bulbul shockingly that she called him jiju. He sees Pragya dorning him engagement ring. He remembers telling I love you to Pragya in inebriated state. Suresh forcefully dorns ring on Pragya’s finger. Everyone gets happy after engagement. He goes from there sadly and looks at his ring. Arvind asks Suresh what is happened, he told his engagemnt is with Bulbul, but then. Suresh says it is not right, he wil have to speak. He calls Pragya. Madhavi asks him to talk to her later. He says Bulbul that he wants to talk to her. Bulbul jokes if he want to talk to Pragya.

Daadi says Suresh that Pragya is very simple girl and she knows he will not betray her. Bulbul comes and says she is going to Delhi with her boss and wants to dance with her didi and jijaji. She starts dancing on song Poora London Thumakda…. Suresh sadly watches herr dancing. Pragya drags her to dance and the whole family dance happy except Suresh. Aa tuhjme bitaoon ratiya…. song plays in the background. Bulbul says Pragya that she has to leave now. She says Rachna that she has to go now, but will stay in her marriage till the end.

Pragya thanks Suresh for giving her happiness and says she does not believe even now. She thougth she would have to stay alone after the engagement broke, she knows she is not beautiful and mom used to hide Bulbul when guy’s family used to visit them. She is very happy that he chose her and says not to feel bad that Bulbul taunts her, but she helped us engaged. Bulbul is dreaming about a prince and hope she gets him soon. Suresh sadly hears her conversation.

Bulbul is traveling with Purab in his car. She thinks he is looking at her like he will eat her. He says we will eat something. She thinks thank god I will be away from him for sometime at least. She tries to get out of car, but car door is locked. Purab tries to open, she asks him to open it from outside and thinks he always tries to touch her. She gets out of car and stumbles on stone. He catcheds her. She thinks he just waits for a change to touch her.

Arvind asks Suresh why did not he resist when the forcefully got him engaged to Pragya. Suresh says it was his sister’s engagement also and he did not want it to be broken. Arvind says he can go and tell Pragya now as she is his best friend and will understand her. Suresh says he will go and tell Pragya the truth.

Purab switches on FM. She asks him to switch off the song as she wants to sleep. He thinks she is very arrogant. She thinks he is imagining him by closing his eyes.

Suresh comes to Pragya’s house and thinks he will tell Pragya that he loves Bulbul and not her.

Daadi calls Bulbul and asks her how is she and then asks how is her boss and if he is giving attention to her. She says boss is not that handsome. She hears him fighting with receptionist. Bulbul says what about her room. He says there is only 1 room available. Bulbul says she cannot share room with him. He says even he does not want to stay with her and says she can stay in hotel lobby. She asks him to stay in bathroom and snatches key from him. She goes to the room and sees it is a honeymoon suite. She thinks pervert must have planned this beforehand. Purab says receptionsit to arrange a room as he cannot stay with this girl. Bulbul thinks she will not let him succeed in his plan.

Sarla hugs Pragya and cries that her engagement happened peacefully. Suresh comes there. Sarla says engagement happened because of him and cries hugging him, she says Pragya’s happiness is because of him and says he shold be happy always. Suresh pushes her and says Pragya that she wants to speak to her. Rachna and other family members ask him to speak in front of everyone. Suresh asks them to stop and says he does not love Pragya and loves Bulbul, they have mistaken him. Pragya and her whole family is shocked to hear that. He says Pragya that she is just her best friend and nothing else, he does not love her and loves Bulbul. He says he does not believe in this engagement and gives back her ring. He says he breaks the engagement now. Madhavi slaps Suresh and asks him if he has gone mad.

Precap: Pragya asks Suresh if he does not love her, then why did he give her rose and ring and got engaged with her..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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