Jee Le Zara 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 30th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Suparna telling Saanchi’s aaji and naani that Neena is upset as Saanchi cannot become mother. They both get sad that Saanchi cannot get pregnant. Suparna says fate cannot be changed. Neena comes and asks Suparna why did she tell them that. Suparna says she thought Saanchi would have told them already and thought of informing them again as they are inmportant part of Saanchi’s life. She asks Saanchi if she did not inform them yet. Saanchi asks her aaji and naani to forgive her ash she could not fulfill their dreams. She saw aaji’s diary where she wrote about her marriage and her children’s name. She did not have courage to tell them and asks again to forgive her. Aaji says it is not her mistake, it is god’s wish and says she is a responsible daughter and understanding bahu. Naani says she does not have any issues with her and does not believe woman as a child-bearing machine. She asks her not to cry and to accept the fact smilingly. She says science has made a vast advancement and asks not to leave hope. Aaji also asks her not to worry and says many treatments have come, she asks Neena if she is right. Neena says she is right. Aaji says they can adopt kid as a last resort and adopting kid is a very good thing. She asks if DV or any other family is angry on her. Saanchi says DV and mom are very supportive. Mom is always behind her supporting. Neena says I will leave now and asks them to sit for some more time. Naani says they will leave as they have to reach Panchgani. Naani goes from there. Suparna thinks once Saanchi goes to their house forever, they will realize their mistakes.

Suparna waits for Neena. Once Neena comes, she asks about the function. Neena says function was good and she wants to talk to her about something. She says since she cannot expect anything from Saanchi now, she wants Suparna and Anvay to have kids now. Suparna thinks about Raman and Shruti and gets tensed, but says Neena that she will fulfill her desire. Neena gets happy and hugs her. Suparna thinks Neena is thinking about a kid and she is thinking about getting Saanchi out of the house, difference she knows how to fulfill her dreams.

Neena thinks she cannot get Saanchi out of her house as Saanchi is very well cultured. She did not tell DV about it, though she knows he will fight to the whole world for her. She even handled the situation in front of her family. She thinks if she is making mistake.

Saanchi and DV meet Anvay in a restaurant. Anvay asks if they caught Suparna red-handed. They say no. Anvay says we will go on a long drive with Suparna, she cannot do any mistakes outside.

Neena calls Yash and asks her when is he coming. Yash says he will come soon and asks what happened. She says she cannot handle the situation here and asks him to come soon again. She says she cannot get Saanchi out of the house. Yash says she ruined DV’s life last time, but should not make mistake this time again. Neena says she feels she is not making any mistake by allowing Saanchi in DV’s life. Yash says just 1 day is left, he will come there soon.

Anvay comes and hugs Suparna calling her sweetheart. He asks her to come for a long drive with him. She says she is not interested as she has a lot of work at home, since mom is not depending on Saanchi anymore. Anvay says we will go to our favourite restaurant and DV/Sanchi are also coming. He says if she does not want to come, he will bring her parcel. She says I will come with you as I cannot live you alone. She thinks Anvay made my work easy.

Precap: Suparna drives the car rashly. Car door opens and Saanchi is about to fall down from the car..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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