Rang Rasiya 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro hugs the doll and recalls rudra saying that its only sweet,pure memory of his childhood, his friend for sometime but you will not understand, paro says i will understand because i am that girl, your friend, thats why i have seen you in my dream for many years, she recalls how she prayed that wish my husband would have name of Lord, she says its rudra, it had to happen, my wish got fulfilled you are my rudra, you are savior, you are fate how i can be away from you, she says i have to tell you all this, she comes out running, mohini stops her and says you cant marry sumer, paro says i will not marry him because i am going to meet my fate, she ask mohini to step aside, she takes side, paro starts running towards rudra’s room ( teri deewani by kailash kher plays), she strikes with

maithili and red color from thali falls, par sees her footsteps in red color on ground, sh smiles.

Scene 2
sumer calls rudra and says all is fine when you will give me money, rudra ask did paro say yes, sumer says she is happy inside dont worry about her, she is shy and who will say no to beautiful person like me, rudra says shut up donkey and ends calls. he recalls how he stopped sumer from wiping paro’s tears, he sees a cloth strip and recalls how paro tied it on his hand, he recalls all their rituals together, how she burned her hand showing her stubborn nature, he recalls laila’s words that you have become her savior you care for her, you have given right to her, she has made place in your heart. rudra gets angry and says no she doesnt affect me, i dont care whom she is marrying. he gets call that award ceremony is about to start, he goes.

Scene 3
paro comes to head quarter to meet rudra, she ask where is he? soldier says he went to award ceremony, she is about to go there and sees rudra’s name written outside his office, she caresses it lovingly ( teri deewani by kailash kher plays).
maithili is washing clothes and finds another dupatta of paro’s bridal dress, she shows other dupatta to samrat and says how there can be two dupattas, she says one is torn which paro had worn, paro stitched it herself, she shows other which is not torn, samrat says mean it was worn by someone else.

Scene 4
in award ceremony, major singh says that from years gun smuggling was done here but rudra took responsibility and caught a fake baraties, rudra remembers pointing at paro, paro is running towards hall, major says that rudra pratap ranawat exposed that barat, eh ask him to come, rudra is lost so aman wakes him up, rudra comes on stage and gets medal, major ask rudra to say some words, rudra says some time back i was being questioned on this mission, i was confused to what to do but there was one man who said that he is with me and he is proud of that, i am thankful to that friend, aman smiles and nods, rudra says thanks all the soldiers who are not with us, rudra says i will fulfill my duty, this medal is not mine its of all officers, all Indians, this medal is of … my father, jai hind. paro comes there in hall and screams major sahab, rudra is pleasantly surprised, he comes down from stage (Rangrasiya plays). paro recalls thakurain saying that he is coming to make you his, she recalls throwing doll towards rudra, how he filled her Forehead(maang) unknowingly, they look at each other, rudra ask what are you doing here? paro says i am here to tell you that it matters to me, rudra says you have to be in way of jaipur now, what are you doing here, paro says i am not going anywhere, paro says i have learned alot from you and learned that one should never run from his problems and tensions and you are not my tension so why should i go away from you, rudra says what are you saying, paro shows her doll to rudra , he is stunned and says i told you to not touch it, paro says strange what is mine you have made it yours and what should be yours you are fighting from her running from her, have you ever thought why that girl gave you this doll, rudra says why you want to know, paro says i dont wanna know i wanna tell you, she says it was very hot that day and in that sunshine there was tears in that boy’s eyes was like rain, that tears gave her message that she is not alone suffering, having pain someone else is also in pain, she had to tell him to have patience and bear pain but she had nothing, she only had her doll so gave it to that boy, she says that meeting 15 years i remember it like you major sahab, rudra is stunned, paro says it is strange that you were calling this doll as yours and was not allowing me to touch it but it was mine, it became yours like i became yours, rudra gets emotional and points that this is your doll, paro says it was connected to show me that you are not my enemy but my savior, like we were together when we didnt want it, it was in our fate to be together so i will not go anywhere because i am standing where i should be, with you. she says finish this fight its not good, I.. she looks around that everyone is seeing. she says i am from conservative family, we dont say heart talks in front of everyone, we dont ask our soul mate to accept us but i had to come infront, i have to say that parvati can be of rudra only in whole world, parvati was of rudra and will always be. paro shows sindoor box and says to rudra to accept her its time to make me yours i am not born to be with sumer or anyone, it will wrong with our relation, accept me major. she says its time that rudra should accept his paro because parvati cannot be of anyone, make me yours. rudra holds her hand, she smiles. he throws sindoor upward some falls on paro’s head, she is shocked, rudra holds paro’s hand and takes her away from there.

Scene 5
sumer gets ready and ask mohini where is paro, he shows small taj mehel to mohini and says its fro paro, she says you became shah jahan, she talks like his servant and says your paro ran away, she herself said that she doesnt want to marry you and ran away, she says i am feeling sad for you now sell this taj mehel and bring kulfi(ice-cream) for yourself.
rudra takes paro in isolated room, he says you wanna marry me, paro says you dont know what i am feeling for you, she says remember in childhood when bus was going you looked at me and i felt you came closer to me, rudra says it was childhood thing, i am not that rudra, paro says i know many things changed but not all because if all changes then you wouldnt have this doll with you, she says its all fate that we met again, we came closer, rudra says i only fulfilled my duty, stop this rubbish you have lost your mind, paro says i lost my heart too, rudra looks shocked, paro says i know its not good that a girl say these things but i wanna tell you my heart talk to you, rudra says stop it, paro says for world you were fulfilling your duty but for me you were making our bond stronger, making our relation, rudra says what relation of madness, foolishness. paro says no its of love, trust. rudra looks in her eyes. soldier comes and says major has called you, rudra says to paro to stop it now if you want to be here or not its your decision, he goes out, paro says how to tell you its a new begining.

Scene 6
sumer’s mood is off, sunehri tries to make him eat, he eats, sunehri says i cant believe that you agreed to marry that paro just for money, if she put in fire like tau then what, thank god we got rid of her, we will get booutiful bride for you, maithili comes there and says sunehri i wanna ask something.
paro looks in mirror and sees sindoor on her forehead, she recalls hoe rudra said in mela to hold his hand.
maithili ask sunehri did you saw parvati’s face that day. maybe she was not parvati, someone else did that, mohini says i was there, i dressed up like paro and put fire, she says to samrat that hold your wife, you have become servant of your wife, you agree to her every talk, samrat says sorry it was my mistake we will not talk about it now.
mohini ask sumer to give me money of rudra, we cant take it, she holds his hairs tight and takes money from him, bag gets open, car comes, sumer says it must be rudra with my paro.
rudra says to danveer that she made em embarrassed infront of my seniors, danveer says b.k sir is right, he doesnt want media to think that you played with paro’s feelings for this mission and all know after jhanki ceremony that you both were going to get married, paro comes and says major sahab, rudra says you came back again i told you this is not your house, paro says what about my feelings my happiness, i will not go, rudra says i will throw you out, paro says you wont be able to send me away, i was with you all these in my doll’s face, she says when we after 15 years my dress got stained of your blood because there should be some hint of you on me, she says today.. rudra says today you wished infront of all that you wanna marry me, i said nooooo, paro says you never said no, rudra says i threw sindoor, paro says but you never said no, paro says your answer was in throwing sindoor, when you threw it, it came in my fore head, rudra says you have gone mad, it was by mistake, paro says its not 1st time that filled my maang, remember you filled it by blood and said i am your wife, i will not go anywhere, how can i wife go leaving her husband, rudra gets angry and drags her out of house.

PRECAP-danveer says to rudra its not easy for her to accept heart feeling infron of all without thinking about her shame so she poured her heart out, rudra says heart doesnt change in night it takes time, danveer says you need only one moment to realize truth

Update Credit to: Atiba

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